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Feb 15, So, I'd really encourage you to go for one. I'm not trying to coax you to buy though , it's your choice but I need to guide you on the right track to. Jun 4, People who are looking for UNIUYO Past Question and Answers also search for: UNIUYO screening past questions, UNIUYO post utme past. University of Uyo, UNIUYO Post UTME and Direct Entry screening exercise past questions and answers are available. Get UNIUYO Post UTME Screening Past.

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Jun 22, Uniuyo Post Utme Past Questions | Did you receive the news that the federal Government has lifted up its band on aptitude test and which to. Mar 23, To download the Uniuyo Post UTME Past Questions and Answers, Kindly follow the links below for each of the subjects. This package is a. The best-selling past questions and answers for POST-UTME students of UNIUYO.

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Uniuyo Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Have a nice day …. Be cool Ufot Emmanuel July 17, Please sir the passport I used for the registration slip is a little bit different from the one am bringing its just the clothes that I changed but it is still the same red background Reply.

TONY July 9, Editoro Dennis July 10, Patience Bestman July 4, Editoro Dennis July 5, Editoro Dennis May 9, Igoni Desmond Doutimiye April 14, I want to know the course combination for architecture in the upcoming post utme Reply.

Editoro Dennis April 15, Victory Micah okon February 3, Thanks Reply. Editoro Dennis February 5, What is the esistively of the materials of the wire? Three resistors with resistance and 1k are connected in series.

A 6V battery is connected to either end of the combination. Calculate the potential difference between the ends of the resistor a 0. In a sound wave in air, If the adjacent refractions and compressions are separate by a distance of 17cm.

Which if the following is a set of vectors? The magnitude of the resultant of two mutually perpendicular forces, F1 and F2 is 13N. The magnitude of F1 is 5N, what is the magnitude of F2? Two points on a velocity have co-ordinates 95s, 10ms-1 and 10s.. Calculate the mean acceleration between two points a 0. A block and tackle system is sued to lift a load of 20N through a vertical height of 10m. The saturated vapour pressure of a liquid increases as the a Volume of the liquid increases b volume of the liquid decreases c temperature of the liquid increases d temperature of the liquid decrease.

The absolute temperature of a perfect gas proportional to the average a potential energy of the molecules b separation between the molecules c kinetic energy of the molecule d velocity of the molecules 3.

A room is heated by means of charcoal fire. All occupants of the room standing away from the fires is warmed mainly by a convection b radiation c conduction d reflection 4. A boy timed 30 oscillations of a certain pendulum thrics and obtained 1 min. The mean period of the pendulum is a 0.

Which of the following is TUE of light and sound waves? COM 6. The image in a pin-hole camera is a erect and formed by refraction through a lens a erect and formed by refraction through means b virtual and formed by dispersion c erect and gets sharper as the hole becomes larger d inverted and formed by the light from each point traveling in a straight line.

By how much would a coin at the bottom of the trough appear to be displaced when viewed vertically from above the water surface?

In a ray diagram for a thin converging lens, a ray that is not parallel to the optic axis but passes through the optic centre will a Pass through un deviated b pass through the centre of curvature after refraction c0 emerge parallel to the principal axis d pass through the principal focus after refraction. Which of the following correctly describes the image of an object , 4cm from a diverging lens of focal length 12cm? Two tuning forks of frequencies HZare sounded close to each other.

What is the frequency of the beats produced? A man hears his echo from a nearby hill 2s after he shouted, if the frequency of his voice is HZ and the wavelength is 1.

UNIUYO POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers For Sciences

When the bottom tip of vibrating tuning fork is held in contact with a wooden box, a louder sound is heard. This phenomenon is known as a beats b echoing c resonance d reverberation.

An insulated rod when rubbed with a material acquires a negative charge if it is made of glass and rubbed with silk b no charge if its is made of glass and rubbed with fur c no charge if it is made of copper and rubbed with the silk d a positive charge if it is made of cooper and rubbed with fur.

Which of the following is Obeys Ohms Law? Am equipment whose power is w and resistance is ohms would draw a current of a 0. To convert an alternating current dynamo into a direct current dynamo, the a0 number of turns in the coil is increased b strength of the field magnet is increased c slip rings are replaced with a split commuter d coil is wound on a soft iron armature.

UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions and Answers - Education - Nairaland

If current carrying coil is mounted on a metal frame, the back e. The electrochemical equivalent of platinum is 5. Which of the following statements are TUE of isotopes? When an atom loss or gains a charge it becomes a an electron b an ion c a neutron d a proton How long would it take to disintegrate 3.

Which of the following are TUE for decay I. Which of the following materials is a conductor? The charge carries in gases are a ions only b electrons and holes c electrons only d electrons and ions 3.

The amount of energy released when 0. The current in a reverse-biased junctions due to a electrons b majority carriers c hots d Minority carriers. If two inductors of inductance 1 and are arranged in series, the total inductance is: a The north pole of a magnet can never be separated from the south pole because of a property known as a magnetic dipole b magnetic octopole c magnetic mone pole d magnetic quadrupole 8.

A face of n acts between two objects at a certain distance apart. The value of the force when the distance is halved is a N b N c N. A min convering lens has a power of 4. Determine its focal length a 0. The process whereby a liquid turns spontaneously into vapour is called a evaporation b repelation c boiling d sublimation A stone of mass m kg is held h metals above the floor for 50s.

An inclined plane which makes an angle of with the horizontal has a velocity ratio of: a 0 b 1 c 0. A wave disturbance traveling in and enters a medium in which its velocity is less than that in air. Which of the following statements is true about the wave in the medium? Shadows and eclipse result from the a refraction of light b rectilinear propagation of light c defraction of light d reflection of light.

When light is incident on an object which is magenta in colour, which of the following colours would be absorbed? A motor vehicle is brought to rest from a speed of 15ms-2 in 20seconds.

Calculate the retardation.

Which of the following is TUE of a particle moving in a horizontal circle with constant angular velocity? A the energy is constant but the linear momentum varies b the linear momentum is constant but the energy varies c both energy and linear momentum are constant d the speed and the linear velocity are both constant.

The melting point Naphtalene is C. In a room saturated with water vapour.

The temperature of the room must be a at 00C b above the dew point c at C. The fundamental frequency of vibration of a sonometer wire may be halved by a doubling the length of the wire b doubling the mass of the wire c educing the tension by half d reducing the absolute temperature by half If the Nigerian flag green, white green is viewed in pure yellow light, which of the following colours would be observed on the flag a Green, yellow, green b red, yellow, red c black, yellow, black d green white, green When a biro pen rubbed on a dry silk cloth is moved very close to a pieces of paper.

This is because both the and the cloth are magnetized b the pen is magnetized but the cloth is not c the pen is charged when the cloth is magnetized d both the pen and the cloth are charged.

UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions And Answers For Free

A girl warming water in a kettle by means of charcoal fire receives the warm of the fire by A. Convection b absorption c conduction d radiation 2. A thermometer has it stem marked in millimeter instead of degree Celsius.

If the lower fixed point is 5mm and the upper fixed point is 85mm, what the temperature, in Celsius when the thermometer reads 25mm?

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Which of the following is a good absorber of heart a white glass b Black cloth c white roofing sheet d silver coated cup 5.

The distance between two successive create called a amplitude b node c wavelength d phases difference 6. The magnification of a lens is 4.

If the height of an object what is the height of image? The critical angle in a medium is This is why people keep writing the test year after year. Mind you, most of these screening test questions often repeat in subsequent years.

Yes, I mean it. Irrespective of your subject combination, we have all the past question papers in stock for all the candidates. The cost of the newly updated Past Questions and Answers is 1, We will send you the Past questions and information book to your email immediately. You can text or call him on: Or mail infowakaweb gmail. Make sure you text him to be sure that you are buying from the right source.TONY July 9, Using infowaka.

The radiator of a motor car is cooled by A. A block and tackle system is sued to lift a load of 20N through a vertical height of 10m. Make a Right Decision.. Please note that all post utme processes can be done at Uniuyo portal Did you Know?

A your favorite Email Address to our Agent on or Please you can call or text him to verify you are paying to the right source and to avoid confusion. Thermostats are used to control temperature of A.

If the height of an object what is the height of image? Walking down the street,

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