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True Grit is a novel by Charles Portis that was first published as a serial in The Saturday Evening Post. The novel is told from the perspective of a. True Grit book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the s, young Mattie Ross learns that her beloved father was gun.. . True Grit is his most famous novel--first published in , and the basis for the movie of the same name starring John Wayne. It tells the story of Mattie Ross.

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Charles Portis has long been acclaimed as one of America's foremost comic writers. True Grit is his most famous novel--first published in , and the basis for. Fifty years ago today, the first installment of Charles Portis's True Grit was published in the Saturday Evening Post. It was reprinted in book form. Charles Portis's novel ''True Grit'' is so popular that it has been made into a movie - twice! Read on in this lesson for a short summary of main.

Mattie travels from her home in Arkansas and through the Oklahoma wilderness to find her father's murderer with a United States Marshal, Rooster Cogburn, and a Texas Ranger not a baseball player, but an actual member of law enforcement named LaBoeuf. In order to help her on her search for Chaney, Mattie finds a U. Mattie is strong-willed and single-minded, so she leaves her family's affairs in the hands of her lawyer and rides to Fort Smith in Arkansas to find someone to help her track Chaney down and deliver him to justice.

While staying in Fort Smith, she hires a U.

True Grit, Odd Wit: And Fame? No, Thanks

Marshal named Rooster Cogburn. Rooster is reluctant to bring her along, but she proves that she can take care of herself, and Rooster agrees that she can help find Chaney. Before Mattie and Rooster can leave to find Chaney, a Texas Ranger named LaBoeuf arrives in town and announces that he is also trying to find Chaney for a separate crime.

Eventually, they find that Chaney is traveling with a notorious gang member named Lucky Ned Pepper. After some traveling, Mattie and the men arrive at a cabin where Moon and Quincy, two members of Lucky Ned's gang are waiting.

True Grit: Book Summary & Analysis

Moon is badly wounded by a gunshot and by Quincy, but he tells Rooster everything he knows about Lucky Ned before he also dies.

Rooster is sure that he can pick up Lucky Ned's track, and they travel a long way before camping for the night.

Mattie's Sacrifice The next day, Mattie leaves camp to get water. At the lake, she meets Chaney, who is also getting water for Lucky Ned's nearby camp. Chaney is amused to see Mattie, but Mattie tries to arrest him and shoots him with her father's gun in the process.

The meanest one is Rooster Cogburn. He is a pitiless man, double-tough, and fear don't enter into his thinking.

He loves to pull a cork. Now L. Quinn, he brings his prisoners in alive.

He may let one get by now and then but he believes even the worst of men is entitled to a fair shake. Also the court does not pay any fees for dead men. Quinn is a good peace officer and a lay preacher to boot.

He will not plant evidence or abuse a prisoner. He is straight as a string.

Mattie and Rooster - The Story of True Grit

Yes, I will say Quinn is about the best they have. Though I would not call this a comedy, it is a well rounded and brilliant masterpiece that contains comic elements.Not only does Mattie hammer at Rooster until he agrees to go catch the killer, he is unable to dissuade her from coming with him, even into the wilds of Indian Territory, where they are joined in their search by a Texas Ranger, La Boeuf Matt Damon.

D: Because he likes her. I felt like I was thirteen years old again reading that novel. After some traveling, Mattie and the men arrive at a cabin where Moon and Quincy, two members of Lucky Ned's gang are waiting.

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D: You laughed out loud at that scene. Elvis was even offered the role of La Boeuf.

Wodehouse, say, or Ring Lardner — are fairly transparent: they unabashedly try to be funny and let the reader in on the joke. The story of True Grit is mainly a study of loyalty.

The Coen movie is shot in settings more typical of the novel. L: You would like that.

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