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National Sunday Law. Author: Jan Marcussen. Chapter 1: The Two Horned Beast . The nation trembles. Passenger jets explode into buildings. Mountains of fire. A national Sunday law is a question of national interest. While it is true that the Sunday-rest bill did not become a law, the legislation having died with the. National Sunday Law Crisis by the Editor of Harvestime Books. Published by Harvestime Books. Altamont, TN USA. Printed in the United.

The National Sunday Law Pdf

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National Sunday Law. Facebook · twitter · google_plus · reddit · pinterest · linkedin · mail. Audiobook Cover. All chapters. ZIP · PDF · EPUB · MOBI. 1, On this page you will find the latest news relating to the national and international Sunday law, which is the mark of the beast. If you come across any Sunday. National Sunday law. byMarcussen, A. Jan. Publication Topics Bible, Sunday legislation Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

November "Climate scientist Dr Nick Earl, from the University's School of Earth Sciences, found fires around the world appear to be strongly influenced by the working week and particularly days of rest associated with religion. Of the more than a billion global fires that burned between the years and , Sunday was the least active day with only million fires Nature doesn't adhere to the weekly cycle, so this really highlights the influence we have on the planet when it comes to fires.

This is part of Satan's plan through the Vatican to get the world to accept the Sunday law. It's coming! And Jesus is also coming soon! Please get yourselves ready by surrendering all to Christ.

Article: Link. UK Government forced to put new Sunday trading law on hold due to alliance between SNP and rebel Tory's November "The Government has put plans to let shops open longer on Sunday on hold after an 'unholy alliance' was formed between the Scottish National Party and Tory rebels Tory MP David Burrowes, who opposes extending Sunday trading, said: There are around 20 colleagues who will vote against relaxing Sunday trading laws and with an unholy alliance with the SNP are likely to defeat the Government.

This is a particular challenge today owing to factors such as insufficient employment opportunities and lack of job security He cited the Scripture account of creation, in which God calls man to rest on the seventh day, concluding that rest, in the language of faith, is therefore at once a human and Divine dimension. But then pushes Sunday, the 1st day of the week as the day for us to rest. So this man of sin is openly saying This is antichrist. October "The call to climate justice is deeply rooted in biblically based Christian convictions.

The scriptures provide a wealth of reasons why Christ followers simply cannot ignore this crisis. The following points are drawn from the Evangelical Climate Initiative, a group of senior evangelical leaders in the United States who are convinced it is time to seriously address the problem of global warming It could be the most radical thing a church can do for environmental stewardship-to commit to keeping the Sabbath.

National Sunday law

And who also is pushing the link between combating 'climate change' and Sunday rest? The pope! It's coming friends. Bill put forward again to Propose making Sunday a day of rest in Israel September "Jewish Home party MK Yinon Magal has tabled a bill that would make Sunday an official day off in Israel, in a move that is likely to reignite debate over the somewhat controversial topic.

There might be some opposition to it now. But Satan will find a way to quiet that opposition. The Sunday law is coming friends! Pope Francis pushing the 'importance of Sunday rest' and speaks against being a 'slave to work' August "A day of rest and prayer each week are sacred Pope Francis has said in his weekly meeting at the Vatican noting that Sunday is a day the family can enjoy one another and not be slaves to work Moments of rest, especially on Sunday, are sacred because in them we find God, said the Pope, noting that the Sunday Eucharist brings to celebrations Jesus' grace.

If this happens, and it is a big IF.

National Sunday Law

Don't be surprised to see Satan causing worse things to happen in these countries to make it appear as if working on Sundays is the cause of the trouble. Then the pope will be able to say 'I told you so', and persuade the governments to enforce a Sunday law Churches, Trade Unions and Retailers unite to OPPOSE extending Sunday trading laws August "Overhauling Sunday trading laws will damage the 'fabric of our society' and threaten family life for no economic gain, churches, trade unions and retailers insist today.

The Church of England has joined forces with Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers Usdaw and small businesses in a combined attack on ministers' plans to overhaul Sunday trading laws. Remember Ellen White spoke of how the 'labor unions' would be used in bringing about the time of trouble Sunday law?

A Secular Sabbath rest now being Pushed! Even God, after all, rested on the seventh day In Silicon Valley, more and more techies observe what they call an 'Internet Sabbath,'' going completely off-line every week from Friday evening to Monday morning. Do you think it will be a problem to convince unbelievers to take a day off once a week Sunday?

I don't think it will, as more and more people are embracing 'some kind' of sabbath rest. Cyprus Government approves law to restrict Sunday shopping May "The House of Representatives has approved, by majority vote, legislation restricting opening hours for shops on Sundays. The changes, which have been blasted by pro-business groups, means that shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets will be forbidden from opening on Sundays.

Catholic Bishops in Uraguay push for 'Workers Rights' Sunday, day of rest to be dedicated to God and family This accelerated time and agitated, that often get room for meeting and deteriorates the quality of our relationships with others, with us, with the creation and with God, emphasising the importance of Sunday rest as time of praise to the creator, family time, encounter and quiet, stress the prelates in the note.

In order to fully appreciate Sunday as a mark of Christian unity we must expand our definition of unity. The Sunday law is coming friends.

Protest march Organized by Business and Trade Unions on the Streets of Athens, against Sunday trade April "Protesters gathered at Ermou Street and marched through the streets of Athens passing in front of open shops to condemn Sunday trade He also said that the new legislation is the result of joint and coordinated between representatives of workers and employers in commerce and supermarkets and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, in order to develop proposals that go in improving the system of work and Sunday rest, as well as productivity and organization of the working day of the sector.

March "Senator Sylvia Allen, while discussing a gun bill, proposed the idea of mandating church attendance on Sundays to 'bring back the soul of the country'. So could Rome's ploy with regards to the first stage of the Sunday law be to say to true sabbath keepers We know there are already some Seventh-day Adventist churches holding Sunday services now.

Please stay alert and stay true to your God! We are all called to commit ourselves as part of the revision of the Working Time Directive for Sunday as the weekly day of rest common in the EU The work-free Sunday as a common day of rest is essential manifestation of the European social model and should therefore also be anchored in the Working Time Directive, says Bishop Ludwig Schwarz.

Church leaders remind workers and employers that the free Sunday is essential to deepen their faith, family life and human health.

Authorities representing the right to call so its protection, noting that forcing believers to work on Sunday violates the right to freedom of religion. But it's nice also to see it confirmed. The trade unions are uniting all over the world in support of the Sunday law.

Government enforces Sunday rest law for Businesses in Santa Fe, Argentina December "On Tuesday santafe government enacted the law that restores the mandatory Sunday rest for clerks. You must have the support of municipal councils Prophecy is being fulfilled friends.

German unions and churches win Sunday shopping fight to tighten rules December "While neighbouring France rolled out plans this week to loosen restrictions on Sunday work hours, Germany is tightening rules on the few businesses that had been allowed to open. The country's ban on stores trading on Sundays, which stretches back to , was enshrined in the West German constitution after World War 2. Unions and churches oppose any effort to relax regulations Last month, Germany's top court ordered the state of Hesse to stop letting libraries, video stores and lottery sellers operate on Sundays.

Hungary Christian Democrats submit bill on mandatory Sunday rest day November "Hungarian lawmakers to vote on Sunday shopping ban as gov't backs bill If the bill submitted by the ruling Fidesz party's minor ally is passed by Hungarian lawmakers, the general rule for businesses from 15 March will be the following: - opening hours on working days are from 6 A.

In the coming days, the management of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange will present a plan to members that would have the exchange close on Sunday, and the current Friday day off would become a regular work day The directors of the TASE support the plan, and reports in the media quote stock exchange officials as saying that the idea has strong support among members.

Yes, in Israel too! As the LDA finds its voice in a society that is hungry for its message it can best do this in alliance with others And, there are almost endless possibilities of engagement with the Labor Sabbath movement and Marketplace Ministries And more recently, Pope Francis called on the faithful to fight for social benefits, a dignified retirement, holidays, rest and freedom for trade unions.

So, please take a few minutes to consider this profound topic because this prophecy will be fulfilled very soon. The story begins about A. Using his authority as King of England and Supreme Head of the Church of England, the king "persuaded" church leaders in England that it was in their best interests to annul his marriage to Catherine so he could marry Anne.

Anne Boleyn became pregnant and Princess Elizabeth was born in December He remained a devout Catholic and during his reign, the Church of England mirrored the theology and practices of the Roman Catholic Church — the most notable difference was that the Supreme Head of the Church lived in England instead of Rome.

To win the approval of Protestants, King Edward permitted some reforms to take place within the Church of England. A new book of Common Prayer was created in The Protestants were delighted because it appeared that the Church of England was finally separating itself from Catholic heresy and tradition, but their joy was short lived because King Edward soon died.

Since he died without an heir, his half-sister, Queen Mary I also known as Bloody Mary , ascended to the throne.

She was a devout Catholic and she used her authority as the Supreme Head of the Church of England to cancel the reforms that King Edward had permitted. She abruptly returned the Church of England to pure Catholicism. Many people were burned at the stake during her reign because they would not embrace Catholicism and renounce the reformed faith.

Queen Mary also died without an heir and her half-sister, Queen Elizabeth I, came to the throne. Queen Elizabeth I is credited with establishing the Church of England as we know it today. She negotiated many thorny issues that existed between Protestants and Catholics. During her reign, a grass-roots movement formed within the church.

These conservative radicals called for a complete separation from the Church in Rome, b the abandonment of Catholic rituals, and c complete devotion to perfection and piety.

For the most part, the people calling for these reforms were considered rabble uneducated and they were given the derogatory name, "puritans. King James I succeeded Queen Elizabeth in He favored some of the theology of the Protestant Reformation, but he did not like the Puritans. To his credit, King James believed that common people should be able to read the Bible in English and as the Supreme Head of the Church of England, he permitted the Bible to be translated into English.

The first edition of the King James Version of the Bible was produced in After King James died, his son, Charles I, came to the throne. King Charles openly detested the Puritans because he wanted the Church of England to return to its Catholic roots and rituals. When King Charles married a zealous Catholic woman, the Puritans became outraged. Deadly persecution followed and thousands of Puritans fled England to escape death.

Bodin was appalled at the abuses of the Catholic Church in general, and the pope in particular. His investigation into the question of human authority led to the conclusion that kings were not subservient to the Church. Of course, the Catholic Church condemned his conclusion. See Romans Therefore, a monarch rules over church and state. Petrine Succession exalts the authority of the head of the Church over heads of state. Catholics believe the doctrine of Petrine Succession is based on Matthew where Jesus gave Peter the keys of the kingdom of Heaven.

At that time, the Catholic Church held anyone rejecting the doctrine of Petrine Succession was a heretic and subject to excommunication, and where possible, death. Hopefully, this brief history on the formation of the Church of England helps you understand who the Puritans were and why they left England.

Even though their exodus to the colonies of New England began during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the Puritans fled England in large numbers when King Charles began to vigorously pursue and kill them. One could say that the Puritans lost their homeland when they concluded the king of England and the Church of England would no longer tolerate their beliefs.

So, the Puritans arrived on the shores of North America having a strong resentment against Catholics and a rigid devotion to purity and perfection, and an eagerness for freedom to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience. Life in colonial America for the Puritans was harsh.

Illness was rampant, food supplies were inadequate, and the Indians were often hostile.

These challenges forced the Puritans into a stark way of thinking and living. The Puritans viewed life in terms of black and white, and the laws by which they lived were simple: Right was right and wrong was wrong. They regarded themselves as "godly" and everyone else, especially Catholics, as "ungodly.

The Puritans established Sunday laws in their colonies because they wanted to protect the holiness of Sunday from worldly compromise. Their Sunday laws varied somewhat from colony to colony, but the result was the same. Puritans could not work in the fields, make a bed, cook, sew, or even kiss their own child on Sunday. All business activities for example, discussing business, buying, or selling and various forms of casual pleasure were outlawed.

Consider the severity of the Sunday law that Lord De La Warr, the first governor of Virginia, enacted in "Every man and woman shall repair in the morning to the divine service and sermons preached upon the Sabbath day, and in the afternoon to the divine service, and catechizing, upon pain for the first fault to lose their provision and the allowance for the whole week following; for the second, to lose the said allowance and also be whipped; and for the third to suffer death.

Ironically, the Puritans came to North America searching for religious freedom, yet they were the first to enact and enforce laws limiting that freedom. Blue Laws Sunday laws are sometimes called "blue laws. For example, when a person dies, the body loses oxygen, cools, and then turns blue.

When a person enters cold water, his limbs and lips will turn blue. The Puritans may have been delighted with their stringent regard for the holiness of Sunday, but their rigid ways and legalistic regard for Sunday observance left observers cold.

After the Civil War , several southern states in the "Bible belt" enacted Sunday laws.

The National Sunday Law – Revisited

Legislators claimed that a day of rest would be beneficial for the well being of society. Keep in mind that even though the war was over, attitudes towards slaves and slavery remained largely unchanged in the South.

Many former slaves were forced to work seven days a week to survive. Lawmakers argued that Sunday laws were good for everyone because every human being should enjoy the benefits of a common day of rest.

Most Protestant pastors agreed. Church leaders also favored Sunday laws because business interests would not compete with attendance at worship services; therefore, most religious and non-religious people alike considered the "blue laws" a win-win situation. There seems to be a truism that says, "Every time a new law is created, unintended consequences occur.

During the late eighteenth century, non-religious people were arrested for playing games on Sunday, working in their own fields, or for doing menial work around the farm, such as repairing a wagon. During the nineteenth century, blue laws changed focus by becoming more business oriented.

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Illness was rampant, food supplies were inadequate, and the Indians were often hostile. The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Most Protestants living in the United States were gratified by news that the pope had been imprisoned and no longer had papal authority over Europe Bang, Marcussen's entire hypothesis is disproved by simple observation. And that is to convince the world that we need urgent action to 'save the planet'.

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