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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

This travel guide is for your general information only and is not intended as Bangkok is the thriving capital city of Thailand and where most tourists begin their . Thailand Destination Guide. Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia and the center of the universe for most first-time backpackers. With its lush jungles. YOUR FREE BANGKOK GUIDE FROM THE ASIA TRAVEL SPECIALISTS Experience all the things – a tuk-tuk ride, a ladyboy show, Muay Thai (kickboxing) .

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to return to the UK or Thailand were inevitably shelved. In October and Most people find travel in Thailand to be relatively easy and economical. Of course, a. Explore Thailand holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Friendly and fun-loving, cultured and historic, Thailand radiates a golden hue, from its. Central. Thailand p p Province p Chiang Mai. Northeastern. Thailand p .. Food Spotters Guide.. RAILAY P SURVIVAL. GUIDE.

If you dive the Similan Islands, be sure to see Elephant Head Rock, and the reef houses plenty of fish, snappers, rays, and turtles. Explore the Khmer temples in Isaan There are many temples built throughout the region , all along the ancient roads connecting Angkor to the other villages. The largest of these is Phimai, located at the end of the ancient highway. In the Buriram province are two other magnificent Khmer temples only a few kilometers apart.

Phanom Rung built on top of a hill and Muang Tum which is at the base of the hill. Get off the trail in Isaan One of the most under visited areas of the country, Isaan is mostly a land of farms and villages. This is a great place to escape the frantic tourist atmosphere of the rest of the country. It is not overrun by tourists, and you get a chance to experience Thai culture in a different, more personal way.

Take the day train Taking the day train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is not only cheaper but a much better way to see the countryside than the night train.

The day trip remains one of my favorite experiences in Thailand. Just make sure you have a good book! The Elephant Nature Park Sure you can come to Thailand and ride an elephant, but so many of them in this country suffer from abuse. An even better way to get up-close-and-personal to the animals is to volunteer at the Elephant Conservation Center near Chiang Mai.

A tram or a trek up steps will take you to the summit of Doi Suthep, where the glittering gold temple spire awaits you. The temple dates back to the 14th century and holds rare relics of Buddha. Admission is 30 THB 0. You can take a boat and head to the Golden Triangle Park, or check out some of the many Buddha statues and markets. Ko Phi Phi This is one of the most popular tourist islands in Thailand.

From the famous of Maya Bay made famous in The Beach to the monkeys on the aptly named Monkey Beach to the diving and nightlife, there are reasons people flock here. Destroyed by the tsunami in , the island has been rebuilt and developed to an even greater extent than before. Ko Lipe Located in southern Thailand, this semi-off the map island is one of my favorite places in the world. Here on Ko Lipe , the super friendly locals bring in the daily catch for amazing seafood. The beaches are beautiful, the water warm, and the island cheap.

I came for three days and then lived here for a month. Shop at the floating markets Thailand is full of markets. Perhaps the most whimsical of these are the floating markets, which can be found throughout the country. This is also where you will find the Bridge on the River Kwai, built using POW labor and the subject of a both a film and a book. Many people rent bikes and tour the scenery. You can take a day trip, or you can take a couple of days — whatever suits your schedule.

Relax in Pai Pai has grown as a tourist destination in more recent years, but it is still a great place to escape some of the craziness of your larger cities.

Close to some islands, parks and beaches so there are things to do and see. We were unsure of the area, but are really glad we gave it a shot! Hey Marek, thanks for the info. Next year in April I will make my first solo trip to southeast Asia.

After 3 weeks in Bali I want to travel about 10 days to Thailand or Vietnam. Which destination would you choose for that short time? Hoi Marcel. Hi Marek. I think I have to visit both countries once. As you wrote in your reviews Thailand will be probably the first one to visit for someone who has never been in Asia before. I will definitely buy the expert guide to get the most of my trip.

Thanks for your advice man! However, I just want to add something. I went to many blogs about guide to Thailand. None of them talks about the festivals in Thailand. For me, some of the festivals itself can be the main reason you want to visit Thailand. I mean sometimes people just went to Spain just for the La Tomatina. Anyways, I have written down some the festivals in my blog. I hope maybe this can be a factor when you plan to visit next time. Fabulous blog.

I just booked my Thailand trip for November.

I plan to chill, shop and a bit of partying. Some of my hotel bookings are non-refundable. What do you suggest I do? Thanks in advance. Some more info here. The mood may be more subdued but tourists are still welcome. Hey Marek, We love your blog and wanted to share an app that food lovers might find helpful on their next trip to Thailand. It is packed full of local dish options to swipe through, and you can even apply your personal preferences to ingredients and flavor choices.

Anyway, check it out. Hi Marek Just was reviewing your blog. Anyways, feel free to check out my blog and leave a link to yours as well. Keep up the great work! October is apparently a bit of a lucky draw with the weather. I was in Thailand in October and while there were a few rainy days, it was mostly very sunny and nice.

This was in the north though and I hear the weather on the coasts can be pretty average in Oct. If you have enough time on your trip you can take your chances though. Read a book on a rainy day, then enjoy some beach time when things clear up. BTW elephant riding is typically not recommended from an animal welfare point of view — might want to read something about this before deciding to do this activity. If you are traveling as an independent traveler, the North East of Thailand is the most authentic area.

Much cheaper than other areas and truly beautiful. Last question…how much money would you recommend for a week stay? I really just want to see as many temples as I can and then obviously bake on the beach, and take a few souvenirs back for my family. Thanks so much! Transporation is easily arranged ad hoc and most hostels can help you with this. There are also lots of little agencies around where you can buy bus tickets.

Hugely dependent on your travel style though. Congrats for all the info you posted here! My friends and I are planning to go to Thai on August, so we were a bit scared mainly about the weather…. Looking to travel out of the country for the first time and will be going solo. Im a 23 year old female and some family and friends have their opinions on me traveling solo. Was wondering if you had any thoughts on this?

Do you see many young woman traveling solo? And do you feel its just as safe as it is for the men traveling to Thailand? Would love to konw what you think! Thanks for all the great tips on here! Good luck and have a blast! Come 2 days to teach English to novices at a temple, Monday and Tuesday, as a volunteer, in our city Nakhon Si Thammarat.

We provide free breakfast, lunch and transportation. Like this you can experience real Thailand. Respond to this comment if you are interested. Hey Dan! I am interested!! Can we connect? I will be in Chiang Mai soon and can go after that.

Can you give me some details? Hey, I am interested in teaching the kids too, I will be in Thailand from 20th June to 27th June Could we connect please?

Thanks for this good blog about Thailand. My girlfriend and I are planning to visit Thailand as our friends who already visited recommended us to go there, and it came on a short notice as she got unexpected vacation for few weeks, so we decided to give it a go and to travel this Sunday. We would appreciate very much if you could give us some advice where would be best to go in that region concerning prices and named above?

Thank you Marek, or anybody else who could give us good advice here! Thank you for such a wonderful guide! Much appreciated! Hi I want to visit Thailand for 15 days. Can you suggest a good itinerary which includes: Wow this is such a great comprehensive list. It definitely gives Fodor a run for their money is that the saying? And yes to the food part!! I always include eating at street carts as part of the tips I give my family and friends. Is that enough time to, comfortably, enjoy Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia?

We need to start our journey and end our journey in Bangkok, so how do you recommend laying out our path?

Thailand Travel Guide

Maybe from there get a cheap flight with Airasia to and from Myanmar to save you some travel time. Then spend the last part of your trip on the Thai beaches in the south a nice and lazy end to your trip.

Also this year we will definitely be using her services, which are very much cheaper than tourist offices provide. Contact info: Rainy mobile: Just noticed you linked to my Full Moon Party article… glad you liked it!

Hi Marek, Im planning a 19 day trip to Thailand and I want to fully know the country… what places do you recommend? Especially in the less touristy places? Many people understand some basic English words, especially ones used for ordering food or finding accommodation.

If you are in a really non-touristy or rural place, you might experience a little bit more difficulty. Hi Marek, Great tips and information. I am a first time solo traveller planning a month travel to Thailand in about two weeks from today. Would a month be too much or what? Any tips on how should I be planning my tour. A month is actually a great amount of time to spend in Thailand. Ask people you meet what they liked most in Thailand and consider going to places by recommendation.

Thanks Marek. Getting into hostel accommodation in Chiang Mai, Kho Tao, can they be booked in a day advance or I should be looking into further ahead of time. Also how are the train bookings? Unless there is some special holiday then booking a day in advance is always fine in my experience. Same with trains. I plan to go thailand by the end of january and early february I will flight from Singapore straight to Phuket.

Thank you! Your posts are truly informative.

Backpacking Thailand Travel Guide for 2019

Which island would you suggest for a peaceful getaway? We were thinking either Krabi or Koh Samui. Please suggest itinerary. Koh Samui is a very glossy and upmarket island and suitable for more of a luxury holiday. If you want something more backpackery then Krabi is worth looking into.

The nearby island Koh Lanta is peaceful but still has a lot to do. In your post I read about rice fields and bamboo huts. Are these basic ones or luxury accommodation? We would prefer being away from the hustle bustle so I guess John Samuel is kinds out? What about Phi Phi or Paint? Finally, should I be taking flights from BKK any of the locations or there are ferries or trains or taxis as well? Trains in Thailand are pretty good so if you want to take the scenic route you can do that from BKK down to Krabi region.

Another easy option is to fly: AirAsia sells combination tickets that fly out from BKK and get you a connecting ferry too. Hi, I have read all of your post about southeast asia, and they are really good. I was wondering where you have made your orientation map? Hope you can help me. Huge fan of yo blog. Finding clean maps can definitely be difficult.

I create the maps myself using a vector image editor and map outlines provided by FreeVectorMaps. Hope that helps! I will go to Thailand in Dec Can anybody help me to get a idea of a short trip of 4 days how much I shall bring?

I love to visit provinces in the northeast Isarn like Khonkaen and Sisaket. People are nice and friendly. Hey man, thanks for the information.

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I plan on going to Thailand for the second half of February. I want to try and do this itinerary: How many days do you think I need excluding days for international travel? Hi Pat. Transportation is another factor. Going from Bangkok to Chiang Mai will take about 15 hours by train — taking a sleeper train is a good idea if you want to cover this part of your itinerary overland without eating too much into your travel time. Good luck on your trip!

I loved Chiang Mai and Pai! Pai was my favorite. Those are awesome. Yep, another newsletter Sign up and get my travel tips starter kit and best travel inspiration:. Got travel insurance?

Travel Advice. Get insurance for Thailand. Suneta Hostel Khaosan I love this hostel! The Yard Hostel Chilled out garden and in a local neighborhood. It's a bit far from the center, but my fave! Green Teak House Lovely private rooms but with a hostel-like atmosphere. Good for couples.

Chiang Mai: Siriwan House Chilled out family-owned hostel for good vibes in a relaxing garden. Bodega Chiang Mai Hostel with party atmosphere - for the young and young at heart. Rainforest Boutique Hotel Traditional lanna-style hotel with swimming pool - amazing value. Chiang Rai Province: Koh Kood: How Hostels Work: Plan your trip to Thailand Destinations. Travel Blog. The ultimate guide to Planning an epic adventure Do you wish you could travel more — but can never find the time or money?

Read the first chapter. My name is Marek. Thai city guides. Dig deeper into Thailand Sawasdee! See all articles in Thailand. Cancel reply. Dear Marek, I am a Czech girl from Prague who will travel alone. In Chiang Mai I have not booked that flight yet as I keep my options opened , I will stay for one week to explore all the highlights and must sees in that area leaving Chiang Mai on November 3rd and might possibly consider to stay until Sunday November 5th to witness that amazing parade of that famous festival on the evening and leaving Chiang Mai on Monday November 6th instead do not know if that is not too long though 2 Take a flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi and do the following in 7 to 10 days: Any specific advice,suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your help. Klara PS: Hi marek! I always struggle to answer this question!

I usually have the luxury of more time available. You have some excellent tips.

Take this information with you!

Again, this guide is the bomb, thanks! I like the new menu system you have at the top. A good improvement! Hey Marek, Fabulous blog. Hi Marek, Thanks for this good blog about Thailand. Thanks once again! Thank you, thank you, and thank you for this! Hope this helps! Love this post, it has almost every tip that a first- timer would be looking for.I always include eating at street carts as part of the tips I give my family and friends.

Though many tourists visit, it just seems as such a beautiful country!: Hi marek! Hi, I have read all of your post about southeast asia, and they are really good. Thank you for such a wonderful guide! Would you add something or leave something out?

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