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The blank slate: the modern denial of human nature / Steven Pinker. .. “Blank slate” is a loose translation of the medieval Latin term tabula rasa — literally. basic foundation for his approach, Pinker considers language to be an adaptation of . ge on a new-born tabula rasa, but rather on an individual predisposed to. TABULA RASA - STEVEN PINKER by fabrizio_santos. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Download. save. Related.

Tabula Rasa Steven Pinker Pdf

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Uploaded by: JOSIE Steven Pinker – The Blank Slate The Modern Denial of. Steven Pinker - How the Mind Works - dokument [*.pdf] d I How rHE MrND woRKS Each number representsthe brightnessof one of the millions. STEVEN PINKER is professor in the department of brain and cognitive sciences .. The first is John Locke's doctrine of the tabula rasa, the Blank. Slate: that the.

For example, he argues that political equality does not require sameness, but policies that treat people as individuals with rights; that moral progress doesn't require the human mind to be naturally free of selfish motives, only that it has other motives to counteract them; that responsibility doesn't require behavior to be uncaused, only that it respond to praise and blame; and that meaning in life doesn't require that the process that shaped the brain must have a purpose, only that the brain itself must have purposes.

He also argues that grounding moral values in claims about a blank slate opens them to the possibility of being overturned by future empirical discoveries.

He further argues that a blank slate is in fact inconsistent with opposition to many social evils since a blank slate could be conditioned to enjoy servitude and degradation. Evolutionary and genetic inequality arguments do not necessarily support right-wing policies. Pinker writes that if everyone is equal regarding abilities it can be argued that it is only necessary to give everyone equal opportunity.

On the other hand, if some people have less innate ability, then redistribution policies should favor those with less innate ability. Further, laissez-faire economics is built upon an assumption of a rational actor , while evolutionary psychology suggests that people have many different goals and behaviors that do not fit the rational actor theory.

The Blank Slate PDF Summary

Evolutionary psychology suggests that low status itself, apart from material considerations, is highly psychologically stressful and may cause dangerous and desperate behaviors, which suggests that inequalities should be reduced.

Finally, evolutionary explanations may also help the left create policies with greater public support, suggesting that people's sense of fairness caused by mechanisms such as reciprocal altruism rather than greed is a primary cause of opposition to welfare, if there is not a distinction in the proposals between what is perceived as the deserving and the undeserving poor.

Pinker also gives several examples of harm done by the belief in a blank slate of human nature: Totalitarian social engineering. If the human mind is a blank slate completely formed by the environment, then ruthlessly and totally controlling every aspect of the environment will create perfect minds.

Inappropriate or excessive blame of parents since if their children do not turn out well this is assumed to be entirely environmentally caused and especially due to the behavior of the parents.

Release of dangerous psychopaths who quickly commit new crimes.

Construction of massive and dreary tenement complexes since housing and environmental preferences are assumed to be culturally caused and superficial. For a robot brain--or a human brain-to recog- nize objectsand not bump into them, it must crunch thesenumbers and guesswhat kinds of objectsin the world reflected the light that gaverise to them.

The problem is humblingly difficult. First, a visual systemmust locatewhere an object ends and the back- drop begins. But the world is not a coloring book, with black outlines aroundsolidregions.

The world asit is projectedinto our eyesis a mosaic of tiny shadedpatches. Perhaps,one could guess,the visualbrain looksfor regionswhere a quilt of large numbers a brighter region aburs a quilt of small numbers a darker region. You can discem such a boundary in the squareof numbers; it runs diagonallyfrom the top right to the bottom cen- ter.

Most of the time, unfortunately, you would not havefound the edgeof an object, where it givesway to empty space. The juxtaposition of largeand smallnumberscould havecome from many distinct arrangementsof mat- ter.

The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs vs. Maclean’s Triune Brain

This drawing,devisedby the psychologisrsPawanSinha and Edward Adelson, appearsto show a ring of light grayand dark gay tiles. SnndadEqutpnent I t In fact, it is a rectangularcutout in a black cover through which you are looking at part of a sc'ene.

In the next drawing the cover has been removed, and you can see that each pair of side-by-sidegray squares comesfrom a different arrangementof objects.

Big numbers next to small numbers can. Somehow the brain must solvethe chicken-and-"gg problem of identifying three-dimensional objects from the patches on the retina and determining what each patch is shadowor paint, crease or overlay,clear or opaque from knowledge of what object the patch is part of.

The difficulties have just begun.

3.08 Lab Questions.pdf - Steven Pinker Chalks It Up to the...

Once we have carved the visual world into objects, we need to know what they are made of, say,snow versus coal.I have two dislikes about this book none of them pertain to the actual merits of his arguments which are near flawless in logic and evidence.

Zaloguj Anuluj.

New York: Viking. Not only this most certainly is not the case, but it should also influence not one bit our legal and penitentiary institutions.

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Take this summary with you and read anywhere! In other words, he could only observe the inputs i. Although the amazing hominid brain took billions of years to evolve from the beginnings of life, human narcissism, both religious and secular, has tried to cut it loose, as Mind, from its material origins and treat it as a magical self-sustaining faculty with few predispositions.

New York: Cambridge University Press. Scientists, artists, scholars in the humanities, legal theorists, and thoughtful laypeople have expressed a thirst for the new insights about the mind that have been coming out of the biological and cognitive sciences.

It was both confirmatory on a lot of my world view, but also very eye-opening at the same time.

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