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The Shining was one of the many films I watched with my family as a kid, and I can very clearly remember my first introduction to the film: I remember being terrified of Jack Nicholson, of the naked saggy old lady in the bathtub, of the Grady twins holding hands in the hallway.

I remember being terrified of Jack Nicholson — thinking, why would you ever trust that guy, he looks and acts like a psychopath from the start of the movie — and then reading the book and seeing a completely different — sympathetic — side of the unfortunate Jack Torrance.

To me, this is the heart of the difference between the two versions: the raw emotional resonance of the book, versus the cool detachment yet undeniably magnetic style of the film. The Jack in the book is a struggling writer and a family man whose career is in shambles and whose marriage dangles by a frayed, worn thread.

For the Torrances, the Overlook is their last hope at staying together as a family. He loves his wife, Wendy, and he loves his son, Danny, very much.

This is to say nothing of the other important difference between the film and book: that is, the focus on the supernatural. The hotel is spooky no denying that! But I will say that a hedge maze is infinitely more scary than topiary lions that come to life. To answer the question of whether or not The Shining stands the test of time? Danny can not only do a bit of mind-reading, he can also see things that other people cannot.

And for a little guy he has a huge talent. He also has an invisible friend named Tony with whom only he can communicate.

It is difficult to think about the book without finding our mental screens flickering with the images of Jack Nicholson in full cartoonish psycho rage, the very effective sound of a Big Wheel followed by a steadicam coursing through the long halls of the hotel, and the best casting decision ever in choosing Scatman Crothers to play Dick Halloran. The differences do require a bit of attention here. First, and foremost, the book of The Shining is about the disintegration of a family due to alcoholism and anger issues.

How a child survives in a troubled family is key. The film is pretty much pure spook house, well-done spook house, but solely spook house, nonetheless, IMHO. There is considerable back-story to Jack and Wendy that gets no screen time.

The Shining

You have to read the book to get that. Jack is a victim, as much as Wendy and Danny. You would never get that from the slobbering Jack of the film.

The maze in the book was pretty cool, right?

I liked it too, but it does not exist in the book. I believe it was put in to replace the talented topiary, which is the definition of a bad trade.

There are a few lesser elements.

Stephen King - The Shining

Jack wielded a roque mallet, not an axe. Danny is not interrupted in his travels through the corridors by Arbus-like twin sisters. And the sisters in question are not even twins.

There are plenty more, but you get the idea. An interesting film, for sure, but not really the most faithful interpretation of the book. King saw that a film that more closely reflected what he had written reached TV screens in , with a six-hour mini-series version.

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I can report, though, on a bit This shot was found on Wikimedia of kitsch. And yes, I did.

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Sadly, or luckily, the shot did not come out well, so you will be spared. He is afflicted with seeing more than anyone his age should have to see, but on the other hand, he has a tool he can use to try to save them all.

Whether he can or not is a core tension element here. King is fond of placing his stories in literary context. He peppers the text with references to various relevant books and authors.

I expect these are meant to let us know his influences. A family saga rich with death and destruction, Cashelmara is mentioned as are some more contemporary items, like The Walton Family, the idealized antithesis to the Torrance Family, Where the Wild Things Are and novelist Frank Norris. And toss in nods to Treasure Island and Bluebeard for good measure.

King often includes writers in his work, avatars for himself. I write about writers because I know the territory. Also, you know it's a great job for a protagonist in a book.That had been a week ago and for a few days things had been better, but since the weekend things had been working back to normal--excuse me, abnormal.

When will my book be dispatched from your warehouse?

But in spite of these things, it was a gay and magnificent revel. Rated 4 out of 5 by Michele from Thrilling This book is absolutely thrilling and has the reader on the edge of their seat. Now ole Archer's driving a Chrysler. A helicopter from the Parks Rescue Service could get up here in three hours. In grief and loss for the past, and terror of the future.

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