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Spring Framework Cookbook ii. Contents. 1 Spring Framework Best Practices. 1. Define singleton beans with names same as their class or interface names. - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read book online. Premium eBook free for Geeks. Contribute to arpitjindal97/technology_books development by creating an account on GitHub.

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We first need to start the broker. SomeTask 4. To use JmsTemplate. ConnectionFactory bean is configured and JmsTemplate refers to the configured connection factory bean. ByteSequence d7b JMS Destination is the queue the message will be sent to. The first parameter to the send method is the name of the JMS Destination that the message will be sent to and the second parameter is an implementation of MessageCreator which contains the callback method createMessage that JmsTe mplate will use to construct the message that will be sent.

Both consumer and produce beans need JmsTemplate bean and the destination.

It in turn calls JmsTemplate. One can also call just the receive method without any destination in which case the default destination will be used. Its a good practice to specify a receive timeout instead so that receive call returns back after the specified time out. We will see in our next section how one can configure a default destination.

JmsTemplate will make use of the connection factory to obtain the connection and session object. With no destination specified. JmsTemplate will assume that you want the message sent to the default destination. This form of the send method only takes a MessageCreator object. On the receiving the message. If we have to do this at multiple points in your application.

Session session. JmsTempl ate interacts with this message converter. Spring supports message conversion through its MessageConverter interface: Session session throws JMSException. The following XML will handle that: Sending person Person: JSTL 1. It really eases life of Java developers by providing tons of features. Apache Tomcat 8. Maven-archetype-webapp only create minimum number of files and directories required to run the web application in a Servlet Container.

It is added by webapp archetype by default. We only change its version to a newer value. Figure 5. Service and DAO Classes 5. Repository annotation causes a singleton scope bean to be created in Spring Container. Person findById Long id. Service annotation causes a singleton scope bean to be created in Spring Container. We create a separate Controller class and a corresponding JSP file for each persistence operation that will be available to our users.

Before creating following JSP file. RequestMapping annotation over the meth- ods maps methods with request URIs to be handled by those controller beans. Autowire annotation injects a service bean of type PersonService available in the container.

Person id: ComponentScan annotation causes Spring to scan base packages given as attribute value. EnableTransactionManagement annotation enables annotation based declarative transaction support in the container. Repository and Component on top of them.

Following page will be displayed listing persons in the application. Starting ProtocolHandler [http-nio] Nov Launch your favourite browser and type https: Starting ProtocolHandler [ajp-nio] Nov After several hunderd lines of log output. Catalina start INFO: Server startup in ms This indicates that your webapp has been deployed into the server successfully and is available. After creation of necessary classes. The source directory of the project should be as below.

On the other hand. Spring is designed to be non-intrusive. We show here how to integrate the spring easily with Angularjs in presentation layer. The server side can serve content. Angularjs becomes popular for the single page applications in the client side. AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps.

And it all happens within the browser. In this tutorial. Spring has been always one of the popular server sides framework in java world.

The project developed based on jdk 1. Every application requires a server side backend framework besides the client side frontend framework. Spring is modular and allows you to use only those parts that you need. The Spring Framework is a lightweight solution for enterprise applications. WebJars is simply taking the concept of a JAR and applying it to client-side libraries or resources. A complete list is available at webjars. Most JavaScript developers are likely familiar with npm and bower and make use of those in their projects.

In fact. JavaScript package management is not a new concept.

Spring Recipes.pdf

Web application directory 6. It is as opposed to the mvc-dispatcher. To configure the resources and viewResolver. Here is the equivalent DispatcherServlet registration logic in form of a java class. As we configure the web app in java file in this tutorial. Another plugin that is used is tomcat7-mabven-plugin. To use ngRoute and inject it into our application. We use angular. Every time the current route changes.. To handle a request to e. A scope can be seen as the glue which allows the template.

Any changes made to the model are reflected in the view. AngularJS comes with a dependency injection container built in to it. To do so. Unit Angular uses scopes.

The concept of a scope in Angular is crucial. Angularjs and Spring integration tutorial. Angularjs and Spring integration web app 6. Figure 6. Open Eclipse and create a simple Maven project and check the skip archetype selection checkbox on the dialogue box that appears.

Replace the content of the existing pom. We shall leave out Encryption as it is beyond the scope of this write-up. In this example we will demonstrate how we can implement Spring-Security to secure our web-application.

If the user enters his username as XYZ. Spring Security provides authentication and authorization in a very flexible manner and is also easy to configure and interpret. We can now start with the actual Spring-Security implementation. We need to declare the SpringSecurityFilterC hain.

Session Fixation. This filter guards the web-application from a host of malicious attacks like CSRF. The DelegatingF ilterProxy is a proxy for actual spring bean object which implements the javax.

XSS etc. We pass the location of spring security config file. Filter interface.

Javascript and CSS files. Authentication object. Not doing so may lead to infinite redirects to the same login page.

Spring extracts the username and password from the request using the names provided and provides them in the org. The sec: It acts as a container for all HTTP-related security settings.

The username-parameter and password-parameter are the names of the username and the password fields that the login page has. If we do not provide a login form. The user may also use hasRole expression to authenticate based in the user-roles.

It is wise to rename to hide underlying technology. This specifies the roles authorized to access the resource mapped by this filter-pattern. The login-processing-url is the actual url which holds the resource to authenticate the user. We will look in to this class in detail in the next section. The user may also choose to waive authentication process for certain resources from all security check like the login page.

The developer may define multiple sec: If the role matches the access rights for the user is allowed to access the resource. UsernamePassword AuthenticationToken authentication object. The interface provides us with simple method which will help simplify the process of user- authentication for us. In this example we have implemented the org.

Authentic ationProvider interface. This object contains the username and password the user entered in the login page.

Upon successful authentication the users roles are populated in a new org. If not. This method takes the authentication request object as a pa- rameter. Remember to pass this xml file-name in the init- param of the DispatcherServlet in web. Once the user is successfully authenticated and authorized. The resource requested by the user is then checked against the role in this authentication object.

There is also a hidden field which stores a random token to be submitted with the request. This helps to guard against the https: Login Page Upon successful authentication. Your login was successful.

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If the user is authenticated but his role does not allow him to access the resource.. Figure 7. Welcome Page In case the user enters wrong password he is redirected back to the login page with the message that is thrown from the Custo mAuthenticationProvider authenticate method.. Access Denied 7. Download You can download the source code of this example here: View and Con- troller. MVC framework provides separa- tion between input logic. Spring MVC framework comprised of three logical sections of Model.

Spring provides MVC framework with ready components that can be used to develop flexible and loosely coupled web applications. For this example. DispatcherServlet will send the model data to display rendered page in browser 8. We will have few options to show the database data on webpage. Our model for this example will be based on Employee and Company. In eclipse. Dynamic Web Project. This is required for Maven project. This is how the final pom. This will create a POM dependencies xml file in the project.

You can delete the WebContent folder. We will update pom. Select the default option of WAR for packaging.

A Problem-Solution Approach

Directory Structure On next screen. The code will look like below HibernateConfiguration. Along with creating entity class. This file will be application. This is the object we will use to modify through our sample web application. Driver jdbc. Controller of MVC invokes this layer.

This layer will provide a cohesive and high-level logic to application. List findAllEmployees. String ssn. That we will see in next section. Service objects invoke this layer. This is a generic base class for DAO implementation.

For our application. Employee findEmployeeBySsn String ssn.

We will also be adding ways to handle our error messages through messages. Please fill in different value. This is a Spring based controller with annotation based handling of requests. DispatcherServlet will handle our request. Autowired MessageSource messageSource. BindingResult result. ModelMap model. We will need a registration page. Inside views. If you face the error saying can not find symbol: You might run into the below error Figure 8.

Now we can go to browser and access our web application. Listing of all employees.

Table of contents

Now access the webapplication https: This will start our webserver. Add new employee 8. When using the said class the user has to only provide the URL. The RestTemplate inherits from the Restoperations interface and as such.The properties are provided like the datasource.

HttpSession object. Controller annotation signals to DispatcherServlet that. You'll also get solutions to common problems with persistence, integrating Spring Boot with batch processing, algorithmic programming via Spring Batch, and much more.

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The size of the chunk is specified by the commit-interval attribute as shown in the snippet below. On the other hand. Spring Framework Cookbook viii.

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