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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, DUNGEON MASTER, FORGOTTEN REALMS, d20, d20 System, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Sons of Gruumsh, Player's. Jul 23, Sons of Gruumsh () - This adventure showcases the classic high fantasy for The PDF is missing the maps from the inside of the covers. Apr 18, Sons of Gruumsh, an adventure for 4th-level characters set in the Moonsea area of the Forgotten Realms Campaign (mb PDF/ZIP).

Sons Of Gruumsh Pdf

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Forgotten Realms - Sons of - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Adventure - Sons of - Views. 6 years ago. Orcs, · Melee, · Masterwork, · Characters, · Thrull, · Gruumsh, · Armor, · Init, · Ranged. From publisher blurb: This adventure showcases the classic high fantasy for which the Forgotten Realms setting is known. “Sons of Gruumsh” features an epic .

That was the biggest hurdle for me in this project. This thing crashed constantly. I rebooted. I reinstalled. I eventually amused myself by saving recovered copies of files that ended up with titles like: "Castle of Corellon recovered recovered recovered recovered.

So I downloaded Libreoffice and my life was transformed. Libreoffice is free.

It's a lot like Word. You can save files as if they are Word files. You can export files as a. With Libreoffice, I was on fire and it didn't crash once.

Word is so weird. They literally designed a whole system to recover documents after a crash rather than fixing it so it doesn't crash. Obviously I'm not a tech guy, I can only speak from the layman's perspective. Maybe there's more to it than I think. With this project, I was able to make an adventure the way that I claim to want.

I made it linear. I put shorthand statblocks right in each encounter. I put a metric ton of handbook page number references throughout the whole thing. I'm not sure if it works. Right now I am too familiar with the thing and I have no perspective. I learned that writing an adventure is tricky, because you have to write for people other than yourself. I made some encounters that are non-standard - rooms where statues have effects going off every round, a fountain that comes to life, a magic gem that need to be dismantled like a timebomb, that kind of thing.

I am worried that I wasn't able to get out of my own brain enough to make things clear to the reader. Old editions are so locked in to my brain that I kept finding the phrase "reflex save" in my text! And I kept forgetting to write checks like this: Strength athletics. For me, making stat blocks is annoying.

I hate going through and typing in inconsequential things like what the monster's strength score is. In my games, I don't bother with that stuff. It slows everything down. But I am not writing this for me.

I am writing this for other people who might really want to know the strength score. Encounters: Balancing encounters is really a pain. There is a site you should definitely use: Kobold Fight Club. It does the encounter math for you and is a very good guideline. It saved me a lot of time. Another Thing I Learned: Don't bother putting page number references in until the very end.

Use the classic "page xx" as a placeholder because adding text shifts everything around and it is really annoying. Magic Items: I know I put too many magic items in this level one adventure. Heck, I put an artifact in there! But the other items were there partly because there is just so much cool stuff out there to use.

Sons of Gruumsh (Forgotten Realms)

I feel really funny using him, but I just tell myself this adventure doesn't "count" so it's no big deal. I do dread statting him out, but I plan on doing it piece-by-piece. I put a billion references to other products in this adventure, sort of like easter eggs.

If you've read my blog a lot, you're going to recognize a ton of stuff. The default setting of 3e was Greyhawk, which is not currently allowed in the DMs Guild. I don't know if those two NPCs appeared in non-greyhawk products.

I'm pretty sure at the very least their art was used in generic 3e products.

I think both of them were in the Player's Handbook. But do they count as Greyhawk? I don't know. It seems like there's plenty of leeway for things like this. The DMs Guild seems flexible, as long as you don't just literally write a blatant Greyhawk adventure in the City of Greyhawk dealing with Castle Greyhawk - that kind of thing.

So I had to sort all of my ideas. I have an outline of an entire second path for a specific setting which is currently not allowed.

I am hoping by the time I am done with this path, that setting will be available. Fonts: I had no idea fonts are such a thing.

It is illegal to use most fonts without purchasing them. There's a select few that you can use on the DMs Guild. I decided just to primarily use one font: Cambria. Maybe someday I'll try to get more font-savvy, but using all those different fonts seems like a waste of time. I don't really care about fonts, they don't add much to a book to me. Uploading: Once you've made your file, you have to make it a.

I found this site useful. It converts word files to. Making Your. I guess you can use whatever pdf editor you want. The DMs Guild wants you to do certain things to your.

I had a very hard time finding out what needed to be done. What you need is this document. It will walk you through the process. Basically, it goes like this: Number the Pages: Your page numbering should start on page 1, not the cover. Preflight: This only takes a second. I had it crash once or twice during this process, so make a backup before you do this.

Optimize: You'll need to go through this and check all sorts of boxes.

The nice thing is that once you do this a single time, those settings can be saved and you never have to click those things again. Bookmarks: Don't set bookmarks until after you've done preflight and optimization, otherwise it will mess it up. Bookmarks are very easy to set.

There's just a few buttons and the whole process, to me, is very intuitive. Posting It: OK. Note that these changes only apply to a shield that is wielded, and not to bonus provided by a spell Like the Shield spell 1.

Shield AC bonus now applies to touch AC. This includes the base bonus and any magical enhancements to the shield 2. Shield AC bonus is now added to reflex saves. This includes the base bonus and any magical enhancements to the shield 3. Shield Cover: A player may take a standard action to use a tower shield to gain total cover.

A player may also do this with smaller shields as well. Shield AC bonus is now added to checks or rolls to resist bull rush, disarm, grapple, overrun, or trip attempts against you.

This includes the base bonus and any magical enhancements to the shield 5. Psionic and Magic transparency rules are in effect, with a few exceptions. A brief explanation of psionics in the realms can be found here.

Sons of Gruumsh

To put it simply, psionics is a form a rare magic that does not rely on the weave, but relies on tapping into the energies of the mind. Psionic abilities work normally in areas of dead or wild magic because they do not rely on the weave. Additionally, there may be items or areas that block psionic abilities without blocking magic.

Psionic items fail to register as magic items for magical divination such as Detect Magic or Identify. In addition, psionic items have a much greater chance of being intelligent than regular magic items. Many of these changes have be shamelessly copied from other DMs, thank you for your good ideas.

Class Changes: May use this homebrew version. At 2nd level, a favored soul gains the Divine Grace ability from the paladin class.

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This grants a bonus equal to her Charisma bonus if any on all saving throws. Fighter: At first level, a fighter may choose to trade Tower Shield proficiency for an Exotic Weapon proficiency of their choice. Other times, we learn things that look fine don't actually work in play. Armored mages fall into the first category.

Them seem really powerful, but in the long run they aren't. Spells and magic items allow an unarmored mage to build great defenses. The spell mage armor is as good as medium armor, and its duration allows most mages to keep it active at all times.

If you compare the hexblade to the duskblade from PH 2, you can see how the thinking has changed. He gains an additional use of this power at levels 8, 11, 14, and The key to the hexblade is his curse ability, but it's a little un-fun to have it so limited in use. Replace the owlbear with the following creature. Replace the final sentence of the flavor text with the following. A dead horse, half shrouded in the mist, lies amid the dead orcs.

Some large, scaly creature is rooting around near it. Day 4: Add one extra orc sergeant, for a total of two. Add two more orc warriors, for a total of ten.

Adventure - Sons of Gruumsh.pdf -

Add one additional dire boar, for a total of two. Double the treasure given for the orc sergeant to account for the extra one present. Increase the treasure noted for each orc warrior to 3d8 gp and 4d10 sp.When I made my Guide to Nightmares a little over a year ago, I had a bunch of adventure ideas. Psionic items fail to register as magic items for magical divination such as Detect Magic or Identify. Bookmarks: Don't set bookmarks until after you've done preflight and optimization, otherwise it will mess it up.

Web Enhancements. I don't know that much about it.

I posted a bunch of guides on there and learned the basics of how everything worked. Core Rulebooks. At the beginning the of the module, the PCs are hired to find a group of missing noble kids pretending at being adventurers.

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