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Downloadable Sniper Log Book Shooting Guns, Shooting Targets, Survival .. Image result for sniper log book pdf Long Range Hunting, Reloading Bench. Description. This sniper data logbook contains over pages that contain blank data sheets for cold-bore, moving targets, zero, and unknown distance. Sniper Logbook Collected - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Logbook for long range rifle shooter build yourself. Print and collect the.

Sniper Log Book

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Welcome to Storm Tactical. Formed in , Storm Tactical was the first Data Book producer to offer custom made pages, and fully customized books. We were . Precision/Sniper Log Book Notes. These sheets are designed to be printed double sided, using the flip up orientation (i.e. flipped along the. Sniper Data Book: Sports & Outdoors. Amazon's Choice for " sniper data book" . Various mission sheets and a barrel log included. For

This page is what I use for the cover. Each data book should only require one of these. As you can see, it has fields for most things you would want to know about the rifle and its components. It also has plenty of data that will help you reloaders out there. Intimate details about the rifle's barrel and chamber as well as several rows to log specific loads that you have developed for this rifle.

I often will have several loads for each rifle for different jobs. For instance, on a typical win I will have a SMK load for long range paper punching and steel, a gr RN subsonic load, and a gr nosler ballistic tip load for hunting. There is a section for your contact info in the case this databook or weapon is lost and found. I figure a reward will bring your thousands of dollars in gear back to you faster than a call to the local PD.


Next up is the barrel log. Not much to be said. You can use this page to keep track of how many shots are fired in the barrel, cleaning cycles, barrel swaps or re-barrels. Logging each round can really start to show you some patterns and get you in tune with what your barrel likes pretty quickly. Now we are getting to the good stuff. Look as though I might, I did not find a suitable page for working up a load. Most were too cluttered. Date, time, location, rifle, elevation, humidity, temp, pressure, mirage, lighting conditions, wind strength and direction.

All the obvious environmental variables that you will need to take into account. Then you can go into detail about each component and its lot number, and the individual measurements that will be of concern. Once you have everything filled out, then you can begin shooting a basic ladder test.

There is room for 10 shots charge weight, and their velocity.

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In the blank space to the right, use your stencil or draw in your target on the right. After each shot, plot its POI in the space on the right.

This will save you a lot of trips down range. After your ladder test is complete, and you think you have a good load, its time to test it. Load up 20rnds of the winning combo from the lader, and fire them through the chrono.

Again, log all your conditions before you begin shooting your string. Generally, I will shoot 5 and then let the barrel cool before firing the next string. This will give you time to go to the target, and mark your holes with one of the 4 different colored markers we talked about earlier.

Each string gets its own color, and you can put a little swipe with the according color in that column to keep them separate.

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Another way is to plot your shots using a dot from the appropriate marker. Keep up the excellent work. We'll be spreading the word about your services with our soldiers. Your Tactical Sling is amazing…It makes carrying a weapon for long distances like wearing a freakin' shirt, and it's always right there when you need it.

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Displaying products 1 - 19 of 19 results Show: Your Price: Black Hills gr. HPBT Match - yd. Item Number: Mark — August 21, Do you recommend a cover to fit this item? I purchased the Write In The Rain book, but am unable to find a cover. Mainly because it opens right-left, opposed to opening top-bottom.

Sniper Data Book

Thanks in advance. A cover is nice, and there are some left to rights out there. But due to the very rugged nature of the tiger paper we use on the weather proof ones, you could just throw in in your bag without issues. We have contemplated switching to a top opening… or maybe doing both.

Cost would be the same. Your email address will not be published. Please solve the "You are not a bot" exercise: Sniper Central Logbook Rated 3.Typical ranges for common battle field cartridges are as follows: Cartridge. We have thought of doing media mail with these, but it takes longer to get there. Trainees typically shoot thousands of rounds over a number of weeks, while learning these core skills.

I was in a transition period of jobs moving into the law enforcement side of the federal government which slowed the process down a few years but I continued to work on this issue in my free time.

The books of that time only offered circles, squares, and silhouette targets.

Simply ask yourself these questions. He developed many of the modern techniques in sniping, including the use of spotting scopes and working in pairs, and using Kim's Game to train observational skills. Do you shoot multiple weapons? Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

This will save you a lot of trips down range.

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