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In the late nineteenth century, Alonzo Reed and Brainerd Kellogg de veloped a method for diagramming sentences in the belief that students would understand. All sentences consist of at least one subject and one verb. The two-word sentence below is an example of a “simple” sentence. The diagram shows the subject. subjects and verbs, see Chapter 1. Sentence. Diagramming. The Sentence Diagram. A sentence diagram is a picture of how the parts of a sentence fit together.

Sentence Diagramming Pdf

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I hope that you enjoy this guide and that it inspires you to learn more about grammar and sentence diagramming. Welcome to the Grammar Revolution!. Look at this example that shows how to diagram a simple sentence. First you draw a horizontal line. Then you draw a vertical line. The noun that makes up the . Students have not had the opportunity to diagram sentences in classrooms for to diagram simple sentences with just a subject and a verb.

To determine whether a verb is transitive, remember to ask whom or what? I ate the sandwich. I ate what?

In this sentence, ate is a transitive verb. I ate quickly. Does quickly tell whom or what? No, it tells how. In this sentence, ate is an intransitive verb. Directions: In the sentences below, underline the simple subject once and the verb twice. Write DO above the direct object. DO Example: Tyler left the company.

The waiter carried the heavy tray. The tycoon owns several companies. Brianna spent her entire paycheck on food. Good judgment creates positive outcomes. The gifted actress won her first Academy Award. Examples: She left the hat in the car. Shesubject Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. Everyone kissed her on the forehead. Everyonesubject herdirect object 1. They sent him away.

Each received a new computer. Some found the answer quickly.

Everything upsets him. We excused them early. Notice that the line dividing the subject and the verb crosses through the horizontal base line to separate the words belonging to the subject from the words belonging to the predicate.

However, to indicate that the direct object is part of the predicate, the line separating the verb from the direct object stops at the horizontal line rather than crossing through it.

Draw the diagrams on a sepa- rate sheet of paper. Example: George ate too much candy. George ate candy 1. Annie sang a lullaby. Honesty provides its own rewards. The jury made a hasty decision. Sophie happily completed the difficult assignment for her science teacher.

Everyone needs a friend. Nobody won the lottery in March. I highlight verbs in red. Write it on the story line to the right of the divider. The predicate can also include a predicate noun or pronoun which refers back to the subject. These are usually words that mean the same thing as the subject word. They are placed after the verb, separated by a backslash to point back toward the subject.

I highlight these in a generic colour, purple. This story line is finished.

A diagrammed story line should always be a grammatically-complete sentence, also known as an independent clause. The story line is the backbone of the sentence.

Everything else is just additional detail.

sentence diagramming

When you read a story line out loud, it may sound clumsy, but it should contain the essence of the story the whole sentence is meant to convey. A diagram shows you where a sentence needs editing. In this case the statement, drivers were leadership is grammatically incorrect. The two broad types of modifier are adjectives and adverbs.

Adjectives modify describe or give additional information about nouns and pronouns. Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.

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I highlight modifiers in orange. Write these on slanted lines below the words they modify. This illustrates the great power of diagramming. Because the diagram for all modifiers is the same, it focuses your mind on where the words fit into the architecture of the sentence, rather than on arcane labels like adjective or past participle.

Prepositional phrases are also used as modifiers. Prepositions are words that describe relationships in space and time. A preposition usually has an object, to which it refers.

Diagramming Sentences Worksheets

The prepositional phrase includes the preposition, its object and any modifiers. Write the prepositions on slanted lines to indicate that they and their phrases are acting as modifiers.

Write the object of the preposition on a horizontal line, separated from the preposition by a short vertical line. Modifiers are diagrammed below the objects just as you diagrammed the modifiers of the story-line words. Second, see how the two objects of a prepositional phrase are stacked one on top of the other, with their joining word conjunction on a dotted line between.

This is how all compound elements are diagrammed. The student can SEE that the possessive noun functions as an adjective, therefore its article must function as an adverb. Diagrams shift the emphasis from terminology and rules to pictures and structures.

Anyway, this diagram makes it clear that something is amiss with our sample sentence. However, the diagram also shows us where the other one is hidden.

This is what I mean when I say that editing is usually much more profound that just reducing the word count.

Sadly this attempt at dignity failed on structural grounds. Now you can see what a huge difference this little edit makes to the structure of the sentence.Senator Adams will have retired. Example Although land on Earth looks solid, the continents are actually moving.

Sometimes the subject you is not included in a sentence but is understood. To diagram a sentence with a predicate nominative, place the noun or pronoun on the baseline to the right of the linking verb. Each lesson teaches a part of a sentence and then illustrates a way to diagram it. Such an adverb clause is usually introduced by the subordinating conjunction than.

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These red tulips are opening. Looking over his shoulder, Jacob spotted a large dog. As a writer, you will be surprised at the additional confidence you gain by mastering these visual renderings of sentence patterns.

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