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From your edited question, it seems like PHP is unable to find the file. Try using an absolute path to the file like so: "c:\blah\de\blah\" or. Assuming the file exists on the file server and there is a path to access it, if we try to open the file in today's modern browsers, most of them. In this tutorial you'll learn how to download files like images, word or PDF documents, EXE or ZIP files etc., to the user's hard drive using PHP.

Php Force File Pdf

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Because most modern browsers display PDF and media files inline, use the PHP programming language — which allows you to change the. readfile() will not present any memory issues, even when sending large files, on its own. If you encounter .. Some browsers have troubles with force-download. A force-download script can give you more control over a file download than you would have Learn how to force a download using PHP, a BluDice article. You can successfully open up the desired word doc or pdf.

An important point to remember is that the server will automatically send back a set of headers for this intermediate file. Your intermediate file must send all the headers appropriate to the type of file you want users to download. It then opens the file, sends the content to the browser and closes the file. You may notice that the file name we read is different from the file name suggested to the user for the file.

That was done only to illustrate that they need not be the same. They can, in fact, be the same. It makes no difference. Normally, if you link to a.

Using the above, the browser will display the desired dialog asking the user what to do with the file. Now the above is fine if you have only one specific file you want users to download, you know the file will always be available, you know the size of that file and you know none of that will change. Suppose you don't meet all of that criteria. Let's not reinvent the wheel every time we want the user to be able to download a file. Let's write a script that's a bit more versatile.

Let's have a PHP script that accepts a parameter that tells it which file to send to the user. Let's begin by saying that there are hazards inherent with this type of script.

You have to have some error checking in place to prevent someone from gaining access to a file they should not get. The script first defines a variable to hold the path where the files are stored. Then fills an array with the file names of those files in that directory. Next, it creates an array of file extensions and their corresponding content types. Next, it checks to see if it got a parameter telling it what file to download. If not, it generates an error.

Next, it checks to see of a received parameter matches any of the files in that directory. If everything is okay so far, it gets the file extension of the requested file and then checks to see if it has a content type to match it. If everything is still alright, it get the file size, opens the file. If that's successful, it sends the needed headers of Content-Type, Content-Length and Content-Disposition, then uses the PHP fpassthru function to send the file to the browser.

If I renamed the downloaded file to its correct name, it would open just fine.

This, however, was a terrible inconvenience. A bit of testing revealed the culprit. Most of the scripts had a line similar to this:.

But the correct way to specify the filename requires that you put double quotes around the filename attribute:. Many of the scripts I found included header calls to tell the browser not to use a cached version of the file.

Caching wasn't an issue with any of the browsers I tested, but if it becomes problematic, add the following lines to the script above the call to readfile. The above lines are from the PHP Manual and are expected to work in most browsers. Certain versions of Internet Explorer will generate the following error message when downloads are forced using this technique:. To get around this, whenever you are forcing a download over HTTPS append the following two lines of code to the force download script above the call to readfile.

New Hampshirite building web apps in Florida. Again, in some cases it is appropriate to force a download, in others it is not. The Force Download Script After rigorous browser testing and code tweaking, here is the script I ended up with. CSS gradients are another step in that direction. The hover sheen effect is simple but awesome. When I started my blog redesign, I really wanted to use a sheen effect with my logo. Using two HTML elements and It's a bit jarring when you're lazy loading images and they just Ever since I got my iPhone, I've been more agreeable in going places that my fiancee wants to go.

It's not because I have any interest in checking out women's shoes, looking at flowers, or that type of stuff -- it's because my iPhone lets Hey there! I have a problem with the force-download script.

How to force download your file using php or plugin – WordPress.

When I click the link to download the file, the file DOES download, but i cant navigate on any of the other pages of my site, while the download is in progress. I am having the exact same issue as Ben. I was hoping if he figured it out you or he could share the knowledge. Odd problem Ben. This sounds more like a browser problem than a problem with the script.

I have a problem. The problem is I can download the file, but its file size is 0. The real one is about bytes. I found the solution by myself.

How to force download pdf files in PHP

This file is not Secure attacker may exploit this like: You know that this script was made as an example usage only? Obviously you would have to implement your own security to it.

A perhaps dull comment: I have a force download script that looks exactly like yours but does not work properly — the only thing that works is a plain text file. The files documents are stored in mysql as mediumblobs. PHP mysqli query to pull them out….

You can successfully open up the desired word doc or pdf. However when you try to force download with the same query and the same file without writing to a temp file it does not work.

Is this an encoding issue?

Googling is how I landed on this page…. I think no, due to the header already present, that will not allow that, but maybe there is a workaround…. How do I implement this script. I am a newbie to php and need to provide some download buttons on a website for artwork without zipping them.

I have a php file that has a text link to the file i want users to download already, but I am unsure how to relate this link tot he code above. Any help would be great.

PHP download file script

Hi David, I would like to know why you written so many types of headers in your code? Your code could had been simply shortened to —. The headers apart from content-type and content-disposition as in this case are just like those Handle With Care messages for browsers over a carrier.

But if I am wrong please rectify me and also let me know the various uses of the different headers you have used. David says: Anonymice you are wrong, headers says to browser many usable things not to cache,length of file to calculate time elapse, and may other , many browsers can connect mime type of downloaded file with default action for that type for ex:This, however, was a terrible inconvenience.

To Force, Or Not To Force?

Test especially for strings like ".. Be sure to include this! Most if not all browsers will simply download files with that type. Internet Explorer cannot download file from server. True to download the file from remote server location. Thanks David.

If file is readable or present then only we can download that file.

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