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Absorbiendo Mangas‖Descarga MANGAS PDF: Ao Haru Ride MANGA PDF 12/ 12 MEGA. komik ao haru ride volume,Download komik ao haru ride pdf, Download manga ao haru ride volume, Download manga ao haru ride volume. Also known as AoHaRaido or Youth RideBy Sakisaka IoSummaryYoshioka Futaba has a few reasons why she wants to reset her image and.

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Ao Haru Ride - Tomo 11 - Absorbiendo Uploaded by Virura Daniela Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Ao Haru Ride, Vol. 1 by Io Sakisaka - The popular shojo manga series that was adapted into the Blue Spring Ride anime!In high school, Futaba gets a second. Komik Manga Ao Haru Ride - Bagi Yoshioka Futaba kehidupan semasa SMP- nya tidak begitu menyenangkan. Karena sifatnya yang feminim.

This second volume kept the same rhythm as the first, but we finally get to see more of the side characters, though not enough of their stories. Futaba is trying to mingle with her classmates and the group ends up in a camp where If you haven't read the first volume yet, this is the story of Futaba, who meets her first love some years after never getting to fulfill her feelings for him.

Futaba is trying to mingle with her classmates and the group ends up in a camp where they have to take part in activities.

Kou is one of them, of course. We're also hinted about something Kou is hiding, though it's not revealed yet. This is a lovely story. I'd recommend it to those who liked Parfait Tic, though there's no triangle or at least there isn't one?

PT was quite disappointing in the end for me, lol. It also reminds me a little of KareKano before they got together for real. The downside? Up to now, there hasn't been anything much. It's a nice manga, you fall in love with Futaba and I, at least, could easily relate to her predicament.

The themes of how to make friends while being yourself, peer pressure and all also bring the story very close to us readers, makes us think what the best choice would be.

But I still don't see why it's such a success. I do have a guess—you get to love so much all these characters, you just can't let go.

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It's not a slow story, so I don't mind keeping reading until I get to that point. And I don't think it will take long. I really can't wait for the couple to get together Honest review based on an ARC provided by Edelweiss. Many thanks to the publisher for this opportunity. May 22, IzamaRi H.

Fabela rated it it was amazing. Apr 07, Sen rated it really liked it Shelves: Volume 2 has chapters Kou and Futaba volunteered to be class representatives. Adorned with sweetness: Also, another thing is.. Aug 26, Leanne Crabtree rated it really liked it Shelves: This manga is really growing on me!

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I liked how the five of them went from hardly knowing each other to being quite good friends simply from going on a "bonding" trip through a school program. It was nice reading them become friends and how getting lost in the woods made them closer.

I'm still holding out for our main guy and gal getting together, they've certainly grown closer. Though that last page had me almost swearing.

I wish I had time This manga is really growing on me! I wish I had time to start 3 but I have to go to work in the half hour so it will have to wait till later or tomorrow. I love the art and the slow arcing storyline.

Bring on book 3. Fortunatamente Futaba rinsavisce! Dec 13, Flor C. Retomamos esta relectura. Genera un poco de envidia y te maravilla al mismo tiempo contemplar el talento de otros. Y en tomos como estos lo puedo notar tan claro. Oct 14, Mariana Rivera rated it it was amazing. Kou Kou juegas con mis emociones!! Nov 04, Apatricia rated it it was amazing. It's so cute!!! Recomendo para toda gente que gostar de mangas de romance: Sigue la misma linea que el anterior tomo y de nuevo he disfrutado mucho de la historia.

De momento recomiendo bastante esta serie de mangas. Conocemos nuevos personajes y poco a poco el amor entre Futaba y kou parece resurgir. Feb 10, Ady Weasley rated it it was amazing. Sin embargo Yuuri le dice algo a Futaba que mueve su mundo.

Aug 17, Regina rated it really liked it Shelves: Now we're getting somewhere. I'm really beginning to see all these characters' individual personalities come through. Still don't know what the exact plot is but I'm enjoying so far.

Keen to continue. Once again, I continue to adore this series. The art style is lovely, and I really enjoy these characters. They have flaws, and I love them for it!

I'm excited to read the next volume. Mar 10, Heba Bookaholic Throne rated it it was amazing.

Wooow Love this more than the vol. Nov 26, Kristy Mauna rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love Kou so much. Like SO much.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Returning from the summer vacation, Futaba hears that Kou transferred to another school without explanation. Futaba realizes how much she liked Kou and regrets not telling him how she felt. In high school, Futaba's character is drastically different. No longer feminine or cute, she makes herself as unattractive as possible. Futaba was an outcast in middle school because the girls were jealous of her popularity with boys.

Determined to have friends in high school, she sacrifices her true, girly self for her classmates' approval but in the middle of the first year she decides to be true to herself. Futaba is strong-willed, stubborn and passionate. She eventually falls in love with Kou again they also share some kisses during a school festival.

However, she constantly worries that he has no feelings for her and believes that she's clinging to the past. After confessing and being rejected by Kou Chapter 28 , she decides to move on and dates Toma. By chapter 45, she decides to reconcile with Kou and they start dating afterwards. Futaba is portrayed by Tsubasa Honda in the film. He became very fond of her throughout their experiences together but seemingly disappeared during a summer break. Making an appearance in Futaba's high school, it is revealed that he was unable to attend the summer festival because of familial issues.

No longer "Kou Tanaka", he is now referred to as "Kou Mabuchi". His personality has also taken a turn, for he is now more masculine, sarcastic, and crude. In addition, he has extremely pessimistic views about his brother and himself.

Despite these changes, Kou remains a kind person. When Kominato visited his house and found his secret box full of things from middle school, Kou confessed to Kominato that he still likes Futaba. To him, Futaba seems to be a remainder of his happier days — the days before his family experiences turmoil.

He is trapped between his sympathy for Narumi, his old junior high school mate from Nagasaki, and his feelings for Futaba. When he settled things up, Futaba is already Kikuchi's girlfriend. I guess because both of them Ren and Ninako already kind of suspected that the other like them.

Except for when Ninako turned down Ren and then he found her sitting at his desk and then he cornered her in the classroom!

I That made me fangirly!

It made me really sad because like you I also liked him a lot. I was actually rooting for him since he started getting feelings for her. But early on I could tell it was probably not going to happen. I just hoped he didn't end up hurt. But he did. I like how we saw feelings develop and what drove everyone to be how they were. When Ren broke up with his girlfriend, I thought it was sad and so clever how the manga-ka expressed their feelings.

She was my first love.I wish Kou were more open to Futaba, but I understand why he is acting this way. This is mainly due to the constant trend in currently-airing romances of misunderstandings between the hero and heroine, and there is always another girl or guy that creates even more tension between the two characters.

This led her to hate boys, except for one guy named Kou. Rating details.

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When you break up with a person, even if you know you didn't like them as much as before, it still hurts because you think about the things you had in the pass and feel a loss regardless. But early on I could tell it was probably not going to happen. It's a nice manga, you fall in love with Futaba and I, at least, could easily relate to her predicament. Futaba meldet sich hier als Klassensprecherin und Kou als zweiter.

Bring on book 3. His personality has also taken a turn, for he is now more masculine, sarcastic, and crude.

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