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Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian Excerpt - Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Natalie Sterling wants to be in control. Siobhan Vivian is the author of the young adult novel The List, as well as Not That Kind of Girl, Same Difference, and A Little Friendly Advice, and the Burn for. Not That Kind of Girl book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Natalie Sterling wants to be in control. She wants her frien.

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Get Free Read & Download Files Not That Kind Of Girl Siobhan Vivian PDF. NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL SIOBHAN VIVIAN. Download: Not That Kind Of Girl. From acclaimed author Siobhan Vivian, a novel about the ways sex and love can change a myavr.infoe Sterling wants to be in control. She wants her. Life is about making choices, and Natalie Sterling prides herself on always making the right ones. She's avoided boys, always topped her class and is poised.

I cringed my way though watching the things she said and did to people Connor, however. Siobhan Viviaan has a talent for writing swoony guys and steamy scenes. View all 8 comments. I had always known what kind of girl I was So, the idea of writing this review makes me laugh.

I think it's because I finished it almost a week ago or maybe because I'm not quite sure what to say-and not because I finished it Friday. There were so many things I disliked about this story It was well-written, witty at times , and had a really cute male lead that made me smile quite a bit-he's gone hand in hand with the books I had always known what kind of girl I was It was well-written, witty at times , and had a really cute male lead that made me smile quite a bit-he's gone hand in hand with the books I've been reading lately.

But the female lead drug his character down. In fact, she brought a whole 4 story down to a 3. And, don't get me wrong, I actually liked her. This, for me, was strictly a character driven book. Had the main character been more consistently likable, I bet I would have been just as happy with it as many of the other books I've read recently. But, sadly, she was too much of a consistent bitch , more than anything. Which makes me so sad because this book had a lot of great things going for it.

I'm going to make this quick, because I've had a lot of negative to write about in the last few weeks and I'm just not in the mood to write about it okay, I'm ALWAYS in the mood to write about my thoughts but I'll shorten this to help you suffer less.

So, yeah, I'm guna use my favorite bitch, Karen, to show my dislike for the main character's antics-I'll tell the story from her POV: She's too good for high school parties, naturally. Anyone who dances scantily clad in the hallway at their high school is assumed a whore who will put out.

Who does dances in the hallway to promote things, anyway This guy who's a jock couldn't possibly be a good guy who just wants to be with her Her best friend was tormented freshman year, so now that she wants to start hanging out and going to parties with those people again, she's a naive fool who doesn't realize these people couldn't ever have possibly matured Did I mention the main character is too good for these parties??

Oh, yeah. The kicker. The one that probably annoyed me the most: She starts to fool around with the aforementioned jock and feels the need to hide that she's doing it It's so he can cash in on a booty call I mean, duh. He couldn't possibly just be 'Not that kind of guy' hehe wink wink nudge nudge and someone who really really likes her Soooo, yeah.

This book had it's issues. And no, I wouldn't rec this to my friends-It wasn't good enough. But there were a ton of moments I enjoyed and I obviously sped through it very quickly A story about a girl who thought she was right where she wanted to be in her life when everything started to crumble around her.

Discovering what it means to not always be in control and learning to finally let herself live, a little-Even if it means disappointing some people in the process. I didn't like how she treated her best friend or the guy she was secretly falling for-it was wrong. But, in the end, I liked how it all panned out. I just wish I didn't have to go through half of the bullshit. Oh well. It didn't matter if I was the kind of girl who had sex, or the kind of girl who had her portrait on the wall in the library, or the kind of girl who got into the best college, or the kind of girl who didn't tell her parents everything, or the kind of girl who teachers loved.

I just needed to be okay with all the kinds of girl I was. For more of my reviews, please visit: View all 13 comments. Apr 04, Janina rated it liked it Shelves: I just flew through Not That Kind of Girl in a couple of hours this afternoon. If you are wondering, yes, I actually would have had other, more important things to do. Such as studying, for example. But after exhausting myself pointlessly on a 6x6 matrix for about an hour, I decided to throw in the towel and reward myself with some quality book time.

Which is something the main character here, Natalie, probably would not approve of. Natalie has big goals in life.

She is more intelligent th Well. She is more intelligent than most other people at her school and she knows it. She wants to be someone. Especially not by boys. But with this ambition also comes a certain aloofness and a self-imposed isolation that may be viewed as pride and arrogance.

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Natalie most definitely is not as wise and knowing as she thinks she is, and she has to learn that in a sometimes painful way. I can definitely see people thinking of her as an arrogant and annoying character, but I grew to like her.

She is flawed, and she desperately needs to learn a lesson or two , yet you can see that she is not being a snob on purpose.

She wants to shelter the one person she truly cares for, her friend Autumn even if she is carrying it to excess sometimes , and she wants to meet the expectations of those around her — and especially the expectations she has for herself.

I enjoyed seeing her grow throughout the novel, and see her realise that being with a guy you like does not imply that you are dependent on him. That is does not make you any less strong as a woman. That it does not necessarily mean he is only using you. And that sleeping with him does not automatically make you a slut. I really liked to see the girls' totally different ways of dealing with their problems in this book. Natalie is the one to close up, push people away and snap at them.

Autumn has retreated into the shadow of her friend. And Spencer just tries to hold her head high and live with it. Yet all three of them grow and find their own way. Connor is definitely a swoon-worthy crush, and I appreciated how Siobhan Vivian succeeded in portraying him a bit like the stereotype footballer on the outside, but as a totally different person on the inside as you get to know him better.

I would have wished for the interactions between him and Natalie to have a bit more depth, though. So don't let yourself be fooled by the cover. Although this book clearly features the romance I expected it to, it is also a novel about friendship, about finding out who you want to be and about accepting that being any kind of girl can be totally fine — if it is what you want and what makes you happy. View all 5 comments.

Nov 27, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: I've been dying to read "Not That Kind of Girl" for the longest freaking time. I have no idea why it took me so long to actually BUY the book. I am one of those people who actually likes covers with PDA.

Not the whole bodice-ripper kind with the castles in the background and hiked up dresses, but the simple, straightforward message: But not without a struggle. Natalie's character is the girl I wish I could've been in high school. Determined, self-assured in my schoolwork, "eyes on the prize" kind of chick who is Ivy League-bound. Natalie and I are polar opposites. She tended to grind my gears at times, because she was a little too maternal and overbearing in her friendships.

Her intentions were good, but ultimately, no one wants a friend who hovers like a mother hen. I did love that Natalie wasn't an unrealistic character.

She internally acknowledged her jealousy over her best friend bonding with another girl from school and she knew she was being redonkulous with Connor.

That's just her personality. She's self-aware! I also enjoyed the interaction between Spencer and Natalie. Life-changing lessons, ahoy! And can I also say that I don't think anything that Natalie did qualified her as a "slut? I thought that was a bit ridiculous.

I seriously loved Connor.

I loved the way he talked to Natalie, the way he handled her craziness, even their fights. I only wish the book was longer so we could've gotten a better glimpse at Connor. The romance in this book was delightfully believable. I can picture someone like Natalie playing "who's got more power" games, even though she's head over heels in crush for the guy. We've all done it.

I may have to go back and re-read my favorite parts. And finally Not only do you have an awesome name that is fun to say, but you also know that your characters aren't perfect and you make them learn lessons. I do love epiphanies that result in the bettering of my YA MCs. Gosh, her name is fun. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go hunt down the other novels that Siobhan has written. Jan 24, Kristy rated it liked it Recommends it for: This was a little bit too black and white for me, too "this is good and this is bad".

The lines were drawn. This is what a good girl is, this is what a bad girl is. This is how it's supposed to be. Almost too much "Girl Power", feminism for me. It loses a few points for me because it doesn't seem all that realistic and the characters weren't all that likeable. That being said, I have to give credit to an author who is not promoting teen sex. The bad girl is not the winner. The good girl might no This was a little bit too black and white for me, too "this is good and this is bad".

The good girl might not have ended up being as perfect as she wanted herself to be, but that was what redeemed the book for me. The "Good Girl" actually messing up, making mistakes, doing things the "bad girl" would have done and realizing that just because she did something doesn't always make you "that kind of girl.

Gossip is a killer, especially in high school. If you're into girl power with a touch of romance, you'd probably like this one. If you want extremes on either side though- you're not going to get it.

Feminists will think the main character is a sell out, romance seekers will think she's not nice enough to her guy. Apr 07, Arlene rated it really liked it Shelves: Great choice! I definitely enjoyed it and breezed right through the book in a few short hours. Natalie Sterling is someone I would have probably befriended while I was in high school.

Great MC for this book! Connor was by far my favorite character in this book. He was pure awesomesauce and I found myself looking forward to his scenes.

I felt compassion for Spencer and Autumn, and I feel that they did their best to be a good friend to Sterling. I am glad though that Connor cut ties with him. Soibhan Vivian did a great job of creating loveable, flawed characters that learn from their mistakes and entertain you with their antics. Great quick read that will leave you satisfied and ultimately happy. Nov 19, Flannery rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I definitely knew people like all the characters in the book, for better or worse, but Natalie drove. Listen, if the quarterback of the football team, who is adorable, super nice, and charming is willing to just make out with you for weeks and weeks honestly , you freaking own up to it. If anything, I thought he should be ashamed to be seen with her rather than the other way around.

She has a huge stick up her wazoo. She's pretty much Tracy Flick from the movie Election. Totally driven yet totally clueless. Yeah, so anyway, I liked the book View all 4 comments. Jan 30, Priscilla rated it really liked it. Surprise, surprise, what do we have here? First impressions: A high school experience that's realistic and harsh. Full Surprise, surprise, what do we have here? Full review soon!

View 1 comment. I read it as fast as I could and I definitely recommend it. Jan 27, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: Based on the cover art alone, Not That Kind of Girl isn't typical of the type of book I usually read.

But as the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. If I'd passed this book because of the cover, I might have missed an intriguing character study and a young adult novel that examines some fairly interesting questions.

Natalie is a very driven young woman. She's on top of her class, wants to be student body president and active in making sure that women aren't judged only for their ext Based on the cover art alone, Not That Kind of Girl isn't typical of the type of book I usually read. She's on top of her class, wants to be student body president and active in making sure that women aren't judged only for their external appearance or defined simply by their sexuality.

Natalie believes her best friend agrees with her on this and believes she's found a disciple when she crosses path with a young freshman she used to babysit. Imagine Natalie's horror when she finds her former charge not only allowing herself to be seen as a sexual object by some of the school jocks but also embracing that role and the power that comes with it.

In the midst of all this, Natalie finds herself increasingly attracted to one of the jocks, who she assumes can't be more than meets the eye, despite all evidence to the contrary. And the fact that she can't stop meeting him for late night make-out sessions at a secluded spot in the woods owned by his parents. As the novel progresses, the question of how far is too far comes up time and again--and not just in whether or not the young adults here should or are engaging in sexual relationships.

Through Natalie, Siobhan Vivian also examines how you can go too far into the other extreme and end up losing friends and alienating others. At times, Natalie is a wet blanket to those around her, but she always sees herself as having great reasons why she should be. Even though the novel is told from a first-person perspective and we ultimately feel sympathy for Natalie, it's also easy to see how she alienates those around her and can come off as a bit of a snob.

Or even that word that rhymes with witch. Wisely, Vivian allows readers to come to their own conclusions about Natalie, her friends and her actions. It's one of those rare young adult books that takes the standard formula ackward teenager finds love, redemption and actually stands it on its ear and tries to say something different, interesting and ultimately thought-provoking.

So don't let the cover fool you. This is a gem of a book. Feb 13, Canoe rated it it was ok Shelves: I am apparently not the kind of girl who likes this kind of book. In all seriousness, this book brings up so many messages that I would hate to see young girls picking up.

Feminism is not the feminazi's and it is not being so overtly sexual to be all-powerful. It's about equality and being ok with who you are. I think the end message of this book does agree with me, but it is completely overshadowed by the feminazism of Natalie and Ms Bee and the overtly sexual Spencer and other Rosstitu I am apparently not the kind of girl who likes this kind of book. I think the end message of this book does agree with me, but it is completely overshadowed by the feminazism of Natalie and Ms Bee and the overtly sexual Spencer and other Rosstitutes.

The only character that I really liked was Connor who seemed like a pretty nice guy. Of course I never really understood why he even liked Natalie when she was such a bitch to him through most of the book. Not recommended. Uno de esos libros donde se ven las diferencias entre culturas o , al menos , clases sociales. Probablemente lo segundo. Estoy segura de que si todos los adolescentes disfrutaran Uno de esos libros donde se ven las diferencias entre culturas o , al menos , clases sociales.

Este libro me confunde un poco con que quiere demostrar. La protagonista se siente culpable por desear sexualmente Todo el libro sintiendose culpable por tener sexo. La premisa es esa: De nuevo Pero es castigada llegando al final. Como si toda esa libertad tuviera que ser reprimida humillandola. Sep 13, Rosanne rated it liked it. There was a lot that I liked about this book, it is very readable, well written, characters are well formed and multi dimensional, and the story feels like something we have not read times before.

Her behavior regarding her relationship with Connor is never really explained IMO. Maybe the There was a lot that I liked about this book, it is very readable, well written, characters are well formed and multi dimensional, and the story feels like something we have not read times before.

Maybe the confusion was the point, idk. Her harsh judgment of her peers is probably typical of her age and also reflective of how harshly she judges herself.

Although there were a lot of times that people called her on her nonsense, some of her observations were spot on i. Mike , and I liked that she had strong convictions even if they were not necessarily well-informed, something that I think is pretty typical of this age group as well. If you've ever been the sarcastic, smart girl who knows boyfriends aren't everything, this is the book for you. Natalie Sterling is your typical-but-not-so-typical girl who doesn't care what other girls think. She knows who she is, what she wants, what's right and what's wrong.

At least she thought she did. After a messy election for student council president, she seems to be spending more and more time with Connor Hughes.

You see folks, Connor is the quarterback of the football, and boys are no If you've ever been the sarcastic, smart girl who knows boyfriends aren't everything, this is the book for you. You see folks, Connor is the quarterback of the football, and boys are not exactly high on Natalie's list of priorities. She knows what happened to her best friend freshman year and refuses to let the same thing happen to her. Boys suck, lets throw rocks at them! The more time Natalie spends with Connor, the more she starts to fall for him.

Her grades begin to slip, and she starts questioning her values. What's more important, your reputation or the chance to fall in love? One thing I love about Not That Kind of Girl is the fact that it focuses on a subject most teen girls if not every can relate to.

With a strong minded character like Natalie, you get to witness how difficult high school can be. Boys can be cruel, and Natalie knows this first hand. She's always aware of this, and while it's a good thing, it also makes her a bit of a pessimist. She has a difficult time just enjoying the moment. At the beginning, the protagonist - Natalie - reminds me of the radical feminism that destroyed the US in The Handmaid's Tale.

She believes that when girls wear revealing clothing to get boys' attention they are objectifying themselves, she also notes from experience how boys can ruin a girl's reputation if they become too involved. Natalie also regards another girl's behaviour as slutty when she does a sexy dance routine in the hallway.

This other girl - Spencer - is the complete opposite. She believes slut-shaming is sexist and that girls should be allowed to express their sexuality anyway they want. I'm rather inclined to agree, and yet the moral of this story regarding Spencer's behaviour doesn't seem to be a positive one - view spoiler [a naked photo of her gets sent around the school hide spoiler ].

I feel like I'm back in the land of Ten Things We Did again, where the author seems to be making an important statement about female sexuality and then she just goes and throws a spanner in the works.

One small thing that annoyed me was the sudden rush to forgive Mike Dombitz. Everyone seemed to suddenly believe that he'd been treated unfairly even though he was the one who started all the disgusting, petty crap.

But only for a second, because if I had a piece of spinach in my teeth, or if my zipper was down, Id rather be told than make a complete fool of myself.

Embarrassing moments had a surprisingly long shelf life at our school. One minute you were a normal girl, and the next, youd be known as Ass Flasher for the next four years.

It seemed only right to intervene. I handed my notebook to Autumn. Reread my notes on the Socratic method. Ill be right back.

If you purchased this book without a cover,

I bounded across the hallway, my braid unraveling with every step. A couple of freshman boys had taken notice of the free show and were panting at this girls butt. I stared them down and positioned myself to block their view. Hey, I said to the girl. Can I talk to you for a second? She stared up at me from the floor, her tan face appearing slightly lighter around her eyes, probably from lying out with an oversize pair of sunglasses.

Her voice was both friendly and suspicious. Im Natalie Sterling, I said, feeling like I probably should introduce myself. Whats your name?

Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian Excerpt

She blinked a few times and then stood up. Which, to my great relief, solved the immediate problem of. Hold on youre Natalie Sterling? Yes, I said. And suddenly I turned into the suspicious one.

Her brown eyes were big and expectant, glittering like the eye shadow dusting her lids. She waited, and not exactly patiently, for me to recognize her. You dont know who I am, do you?

She didnt sound angry. If anything, she seemed tickled. My mind cycled through the faces at my SAT summer prep course. But this girl was clearly a freshman, so that didnt make sense.

I shrugged apologetically. Are you sure you dont have me confused with someone else? She closed her eyes and shook her head back and forth a few times, really fast. I cant believe Im about to do this. And then, after a deep breath, she danced a jig, right there in front of her locker. Her toned legs kicked and sliced the air like scissors, and her flats hit the linoleum floor in loud slaps that made everyone take notice.

My own deficiency in dance kept me from knowing if she was good or just trying hard. Either way, she bounced with such fervor that her curls boinged like a thousand tiny springs.

After a final. Except she said it with a terrible Irish brogue, and it sounded more like Reevah Daaaanse! Thats when it hit me. Spencer Biddle? The eight-year-old girl Id babysat for an entire summer when I turned twelve? Spencer Biddle, who wouldnt use the upstairs bathroom without someone standing outside the door, who would eat macaroni and cheese only if the cheese were orange, who put on elaborate Irish step-dancing shows in her living room? Her chest heaved as she caught her breath. Im honestly relieved you didnt recognize me.

Its been like. Almost six years?

Id better look completely different. Dont worry, I said, squinting past her makeup and imagining her shiny curls uncoiling to a frizzy and unkempt little girl fro. You definitely do. Spencer pushed some wet hair off my shoulder. I hardly recognized you, either. I mean, look at how grown up and beautiful you are! It was a weird compliment, like something my Aunt Doreen or Grammy would say. Not someone three years younger than me. Seriously, Natalie? You were the. I remember one time when you threatened to make Eddie Guavera eat rocks when he peed on the flowers wed just planted around the mailbox.

I winced. Did I really? Spencer laughed the same way she used to quiet puffs of air that pulsed out of her nose, rapid-fire. All the neighbor boys were afraid of you.

It was so awesome! Didnt your family move to St. When my mom got remarried. But she divorced my stepdad, so we came back this summer.

I nodded, even though it felt weird to be discussing things like divorce with Spencer. I was pretty sure that our last conversation involved me trying to convince her that Lucky Charms would make a terrible pizza topping. Were renting an apartment across Liberty River. Its not bad, actually. My room has these big mirrored closet doors where I can practice my routines. Youd dance to anything, I recalled. Those wind chimes your mom hung on the front porch.

The sound of the phone ringing. I had a sudden memory of how annoying that actually was, from a babysitters perspective. I could hardly get Spencer to sit still.

Spencers glossy smile gave way to a pucker. If you didnt recognize me, why did you come over here in the first place? I picked some lint off my skirt and suddenly wished that I didnt know the color of Spencers underwear. I leaned in close enough to smell her cotton-candy perfume and whispered, When you bent over before, you could see everything. And a bunch of boys were enjoying the view. Her mouth dropped open so wide I could see all her fillings.

Are you kidding? I shook my head. Despite being embarrassed, Spencer managed to smile. You know, I told her, Ross does offer a pair of uniform pants for the girls, but theyre these horrible pleated slacks the color of cardboard. Really, the best thing to do is to wear something underneath your skirt. I gave her the rundown of options, and even lifted my skirt the tiniest bit to show her the navy spandex shorts I always, always wore.

Even over tights during winter. Spencer nodded, but now she was looking behind me, trying to figure out which of the boys had been staring at her. The warning bell rang. I needed to hurry to class, so I could get settled and focused before the quiz. Im sure. Ill see you around, Spencer. And let me know if you have any questions about school stuff. Believe me, I definitely plan on exploiting that Im friends with a senior! All the other freshman girls are going to die of jealousy. I knew that wouldnt actually be true, but hearing Spencer say it made me feel pretty good as I hustled across the hallway to avoid being trampled by our entire football team.

Connor Hughes, all tall and lean with his wavy brown hair grazing the collar of his white button-up, led the charge of boys down the hall. He held a playbook in his hands and the rest of his teammates orbited him, peering inside.

Autumn closed my notebook and handed it back to me. I dont know where you get your courage, Natalie.

I couldnt say anything like that to a stranger. I lifted my eyebrows. That was no stranger. I told Autumn the story, and she glanced across the hallway.

So wait. Were you too busy catching up with Spencer that you forgot to tell her about her underwear? I turned and saw Spencer bent over again, her butt back on display for everyone. The eyes of the passing football players flitted to the left, as if Spencers ass gave off a high-pitched noise at a. One of the guys, Mike Domski, snatched the binder out from Connors hands and flapped it furiously toward Spencers rear end, trying to make a strong enough breeze so her skirt would flutter up even higher.

The rest of the team fell all over each other in a fit of laughter. A sour feeling rippled across my stomach. Spencer spun around and pressed up against her locker, a look of pretend embarrassment, feigned modesty, painted on her face. The same one Id fallen for a moment ago. Looks like Spencers grown up to be quite a lady, Autumn said. She meant it as a joke, I think. Except neither of us laughed.

The List / Same Difference / Not That Kind Of Girl

It was the first official day of student council elections, and I wanted to get my posters hung up before anyone else, claim the best wall real estate. Across the street, an old lady in a flowered nightgown stared me down from behind her screen door. I mouthed an embarrassed apology. Autumn finally appeared, darting across her lawn in bare feet. Her black flats were perched on top of the books clutched in her hands, a pair of wrinkled creamcolored knee socks slung over her shoulder.

My campaign posters were tucked under her arm. Careful you dont bend them! I called. I could tell Autumn hadnt bothered to shower that morning, preferring instead to sleep an extra twenty. I had always been an early riser, but Autumn loved to sleep, so Id make sure to always have a book underneath my pillow whenever we had sleepovers.

Lately, I only read SAT prep guides, but thats how I devoured the entire Goosebumps series during middle school next to my snoring best friend. Autumn crouched down to the open passenger window and tipped her books forward, causing her shoes to fall onto the seat.

She brightened when she saw the white paper bag. Your reward for getting up early to help me. I dont need a reward, she said, throwing her books in the backseat and then gently laying my posters on top. After all, Im your unofficial campaign manager.

I wish youd be my official vice president, I said under my breath. Autumn sighed as she dropped into the passenger seat and clicked her seat belt into the latch with way more force than necessary. You have to let this go. Id posed the idea countless times during the summer and as recently as this weekend, when wed stayed up until three in the morning painting campaign posters.

Id painted one poster with both of our names on it,. Good ideas are hard to let go, I said. She took a big bite of sandwich and got some ketchup on her face. I handed her a napkin. Look, she said, in between chews. It means a lot to me that you think I could actually do something like this. But its not like I need to be vice president to help with all your projects.

Ill still be at every student council meeting, just like Ive been the last three years. Its not about you showing up to meetings. Its about you living up to your full potential, Autumn. You always say that youre more of a behind-the-scenes person.

But thats not true. Its just a convenient excuse not to be noticed. College admissions counselors dont just want to know that youve participated in extracurricular activities. They want to see leadership skills. That you can take charge of something. Autumn opened her Orangina and chugged down about five huge gulps. A tiny part of me thought she might be considering it.

Then she changed the subject, asking, What were some of those funny slogans we came up with? I was trying to remember them this morning. I couldnt force my best friend to run for student council. I knew she had to want it for herself.

But that didnt make it any less frustrating. For the rest of the ride to school, we tried to remember the corny slogans that made us laugh so hard this weekend.

Except without being sugar-drunk on Dr Pepper and cookie dough, they werent really funny at all. Ours was the first car in the student parking lot.She was never the same girl again. Not when there are freshman girls running around in a pack, trying to get senior guys to sleep with them. Even Chad himself had made light of it for weeks, thinking his friends might ease up if he played along. You're never in control when you start to care about someone, but that doesn't mean that you have to feel bad about it The eyes of the passing football players flitted to the left, as if Spencers ass gave off a high-pitched noise at a 17 frequency that only boys could detect.

If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property.

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