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Disposable Heroes Superhero Statix 1. $ myavr.infoable Heroes Modern Gangs Statix 1. $ Corrupts 3 (M&M Superlink). $ 4. The first edition rules. With moderate conversion effort, accessories designed for 1st edition can be used with 2nd edition. First Edition Graphic Design Sean Glenn. Playtesters D.T. Butchino, Bob in Mutants & Masterminds and the Archetype Archive PDF releases. While most of the.

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Charge of the Freedom, , KB. file, Mutants & Masterminds Action, , KB. file. Re: Mutants and Masterminds - 1st Edition. «Reply #1 on: January 15, , pm». I wander if I still have the first edition PDF some. Mutants & Masterminds 1st edition Character Builder - Simpson's Excel Sheet A PDF re-release of mnm 1e would be awe-some! Hey Kev!!.

Each power level typically grants a character an allotment of points to purchase attribute levels, base attack and defense bonuses, saving throws, feats, skill ranks and super powers, though the game encourages game masters to modify the number of points given per level up or down to reflect the style of game they wish to run.

All aspects of the character, including abilities, feats, skills, powers, and equipment, are purchased from this pool of points. Beyond limiting bonuses, power level does nothing to restrict a character's power; a power level 10 character can have a maximum strength of Instead, characters have a fourth saving throw called the "toughness save" which is based on their Constitution scores, like the fortitude save.

Superheroism 101

Weapons and powers that do lethal and subdual damage do not roll any dice to determine damage. Instead, damaging attacks are ranked based upon their overall power. When a character is struck by an attack, he or she rolls a toughness save against a target number equal to the rank of the attack plus Success allows the character to shrug off the attack with minimal effect, while failure results in injury according to the degree of failure and the type of damage.

Accumulated damage applies a penalty to further saves, increasing the chances of any given attack knocking out the character. This system of damage is meant to model the nature of superhero comics, in which many characters can ignore most damage outright while still being susceptible to a lucky punch or superpowered blast.

The Mastermind's Manual rulebook includes notes for conversion to traditional hit points if desired. As described above, power points are used to purchase powers, feats, skills, abilities, and devices.

In the first edition, when a character accrues 15 pp, they advance a power level, thus raising the caps on power and skill ranks, as well as on power bonus stacking. Under the second edition, power points and power levels are independent, the latter being set by the gamemaster as a function of the campaign.

The 2nd edition version of power level determines only the maximum bonus that any power can give, and does not imply that a character does or does not have the points required to purchase enough levels in any power to reach this limit. A hero point can do several things, like allow the reroll of a failed roll of any sort at a crucial moment, including toughness saves to avoid damage.

On this reroll numbers under 11 have ten added to them, resulting in a range of , and a very slim chance of failing. A player may also use a hero point to ignore fatigue, allowing them to use temporary feats without the negative effects of fatigue that normally occur with such feat usage.

Mutants & Masterminds Basic Hero’s Handbook

Hero points are generally awarded to a player by the gamemaster when something bad befalls the character, such as the villain escaping without them having a chance of stopping him. This is particularly encouraged if the bad thing in question is something related to one of their disadvantages, and many disadvantages provide no other benefit aside from acting as a source of hero points.

Settings published for the game include: Autumn Arbor: This setting, from Arbor Productions purchased by Daring Entertainment in and re-released under the title "Dawn of Legends" with several new rules and character options , details a world where super-beings called "Neos" have existed publicly since World War II.

Autumn Arbor takes place in a world where the laws and legal systems have evolved to handle the often ignored nuances of the comic book genre, and where the characters are depicted as real people beneath the costumes and powers, often with real-life issues such as parenting and addiction. The setting is also supported by a novel line; the first of which, Little Girl Lost, was written by Lee F.

Szczepanik, Jr. The role of the federal government and the legal system in dealing with "Neos" is also given in greater depth. Bedlam is a deeply troubled metropolis, riven by economic hardship, corruption, and dark occult activities. While much of the setting details street-level heroes and villains, more powerful "four-color" characters also exist within the city.

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Player character heroes may choose to play to type as ruthless vigilantes or defy the genre by becoming role-models for Bedlam's downtrodden populace. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Users Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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Mutants & Masterminds 1st edition Character Builder - Simpson's Excel Sheet

Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter stefou Start date Sep 7, Sep 7, I think it was called Simpson's Amazing Character Builder. Does anyone still have a copy they can send me?

I can't find it anywhere If anyone wonders I think 1st edition was the most fun Which is why I never truly upgraded to 2E or 3E. Last edited: Zipped and Uploaded to OneDrive: Thank you so much!

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Also, some of the more granular details incorporated in other RPG systems are gone to speed up gameplay: while this probably won't be an issue given the genres the rules are geared towards, some gamers will feel it lacking and would do best to seek a more in-depth system like GURPS Fourth Edition along with it's superhero supplement.

Brereton, with the assistance of Chris Pramas.

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