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Title Mining the Social Web: Analyzing Data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBook HTML and PDF; Language: English; ISBN ; ISBN messy social media; if you hope to serve your customers better in social media, you.. As defined Soci Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Examining . Read "Mining the Social Web Analyzing Data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Other Social Media Sites" by Matthew A. Russell available from Rakuten.

Mining The Social Web Ebook

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Mine the rich data tucked away in popular social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. With the third edition of this popular guide, data. With Mining the Social Web, intermediate to advanced programmers will Mining the Social Web · SPECIAL OFFER: Upgrade this ebook with O'Reilly · Preface. Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition is available through O'Reilly Media, Amazon, and other fine book retailers. Purchasing the ebook directly from O'Reilly offers.

The latter partitions that overall amount of time into a schedule that fits onto the calendar and helps you to better understand the ramifications of those opportunity costs. As with software projects, estimating the effort required to write a tech book can be quite difficult. Those detours can really start to add up. Be sure to regularly reassess your original estimates and update them along the way.

Your relationship with your publisher and even more specifically, with your editor is no different. From the standpoint of working with a publisher, that typically translates into staying on schedule and adhering to the agreed upon outline for the content.

A few questions to consider during your initial conversations with a publisher:. Sure, you could do it all yourself, but that would take up even more of your time and translate into even higher opportunity cost.

You could self-publish, but you could also do lots of other things with the time that it would take to produce a truly professional work. Carefully consider your motives and goals for producing the book before deciding that self-publishing is right for you.

One expectation that you should certainly not not misunderstand is that your publisher is not your primary source of sales and marketing. You as the author are your primary source of sales and marketing.

Community Detection and Mining in Social Media

I highly recommend the application of Lean Startup principles, which is a good segue into the next topic. Trick question! A project and a product are two entirely different things. Think carefully about them as your manuscript approaches final form and strongly consider treating your book as a startup. The experiential benefits can be tremendous and of incalculable value regardless of the success of the book itself.

The decision to think of your book as a startup and yourself as the CEO of this tiny little startup is a lot more work compared to performing ad-hoc work whenever you feel like it, but it unlocks an entirely new perspective on life. At the end of the month, it really all boils down a single number: The arithmetic and accounting reports as provided by the publisher or online publishing system are pretty simple.

Mining the Social Web

What is holding you back from selling more books? Is it a flawed product, or is it a marketing issue?

Last but certainly not least is the longevity of your book, regardless of whether you prefer to think of it as a project or a product. As much as you need to understand your addressable market, you need to understand the technology that you are including in your book, the community that backs it, and any roadmaps that may or may not exist.

Take it from someone who has written a book that was affected by fairly major changes to the social web landscape short-notice Twitter API changes, the retirement of Google Buzz and the birthing of Google Plus, OAuth 2. Be as prescient as possible in making the right bets in terms of what you introduce in written form the book versus what you can provide as an online supplement that will be much easier to maintain.

Why should a successful tech book be any different? How does the shelf-life of your book compare to the shelf-life of these Twinkies? Revenue is trust. If your customers trusted you enough to pay for a product with your name on the front of it, you can either take care of them and show yourself worthy of that trust, or you can inevitably tarnish your reputation.

It will require more sacrifice than you think that it will, it will take more time than estimate that it will, things will go wrong, and the whole process will truly test you. Talk is cheap. I hope to share some more book-as-a-startup posts in early The general idea behind Amazon Prime Air is that Amazon may one day deliver relatively lightweight items directly to your doorstep in less than 30 minutes after you order via a fleet of small unmanned aerial vehicles.

A video archive of the entire workshop is now available in case you missed it last week.

The analysis techniques range from basic times-series analysis with pandas to rudimentary natural language processing toward the end, so there should be a little something in there for everyone. Download the slides on SlideShare.

Although it may initially seem like an obnoxious question to ask, some of the answers may intrigue you once you begin to take a closer look at the data. Which two of these three accomplished entrepreneurs are most alike? However, her particular expertise is not quite the same, and she only has about one-fourth as many followers.

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Or so it would initially appear…. Lady Gaga seems as good a choice as any to introduce a bit of unexpected fun into the situation. The Jaccard index measures similarity between sample sets, and is defined as the size of the intersection divided by the size of the union of the sample sets, or, more plainly, the amount of overlap between the sets divided by the total size of the combined set.

This is a simple way to measure and compare the overlap in followers. The full results example code, notes, and the results from executing each cell are available as an IPython Notebook, and you are encouraged to review it in depth. At least one way of answering the question is that there appears to be that there at least 25k common fans who are interested in all three of them. After all, Twitter is an interest graph.

What are they talking about? How often are they talking? This concise and practical book shows you how to answer these questions and more by harvesting and analyzing data using social web APIs, Python, and pragmatic storage technologies such as Redis, CouchDB, and NetworkX.

With Mining the Social Web , intermediate to advanced programmers will learn how to harvest and analyze social data in way that lends itself to hacking as well as more industrial-strength analysis. Algorithms are designed with robustness and efficiency in mind so that the approaches scale well on an ordinary piece of commodity hardware.

The book is highly readable from cover to cover as content progressively grows in complexity, but also lends itself to being read in an ad-hoc fashion. Learn approaches for slicing and dicing social data that's been harvested from social web APIs as well as other common formats such as email and markup formats.

Harvest data from other sources such as Freebase and other sites to enrich your analytic capabilities with additional context. Get a concise and straightforward synopsis of some practical technologies from the semantic web landscape that you can incorporate into your analysis.

This book is still in progress, but you can get going on this technology through our Rough Cuts edition, which lets you read the manuscript as it's being written , either online or via PDF. Choose one, or choose them all. There's no better way to get started than following along with the opening chapter.

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This edition of Mining the Social Web extensively uses IPython Notebook to facilitate the learning and development process. If you're interested in what the example code for any particular chapter does, the best way to preview it is with the links below.

When you're ready to develop, pull the source for this GitHub repository and follow the instructions for installing the virtual machine to get started. A bit. Be sure to bookmark the Mining the Social Web Vimeo Channel to stay up to date with short instructional videos that demonstrate how to use the tools in this repository.

More screencasts are being added all the time, so check back often -- or better yet, subscribe to the channel. View a collection of all available screencasts at http: You might also benefit from the content that is being regularly added to the companion blog at http: You may enjoy this short screencast that demonstrates the step-by-step instructions involved in installing the book's virtual machine.

The code for Mining the Social Web is organized by chapter in an IPython Notebook format to maximize enjoyment of following along with examples as part of an interactive experience. Unfortunately, some of the Python dependencies for the example code can be a little bit tricky to get installed and configured, so providing a completely turn-key virtual machine to make your reading experience as simple and enjoyable as possible is in order.

Even if you are a seasoned developer, you may still find some value in using this virtual machine to get started and save yourself some time. The virtual machine is powered with Vagrant , an amazing development tool that you'll probably want to know about and arguably makes working with virtualization even easier than a native Virtualbox or VMWare image.

The recommended way of getting started with the example code is by taking advantage of the Vagrant-powered virtual machine as illusrated in this short screencast. After all, you're more interested in following along and learning from the examples than installing and managing all of the system dependencies just to get to that point, right? This project takes advantage of its GitHub repository's wiki to act as a point of collaboration for consumers of the source code.

Feel free to use the wiki however you'd like to share your experiences, and create additional pages as needed to curate additional information.

One of the more important wiki pages that you may want to bookmark is the Advisories page, which is an archive of notes about particularly disruptive commits or other changes that may affect you. The source code in this repository is free for your use however you'd like. If you'd like to complete a more rigorous study about social web mining much like you would experience by following along with a textbook in a classroom, however, you should consider picking up a copy of Mining the Social Web and follow along.

Think of the book as offering a form of "premium support" for this open source project. The example code for this data science book is maintained in a public GitHub repository and is designed to be especially accessible through a turn-key virtual machine that facilitates interactive learning with an easy-to-use collection of IPython Notebooks.

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A bit. Matt Cumberlidge.

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