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Spanish. Advanced Course. Michel Thomas. Learn another language the way you learnt your own 16pp GENERIC, file, ADVANCED ADVANCED MANDARIN, file, ADVANCED, file, Following the huge success of Total and Perfect Spanish with Michel Thomas, this course is suitable for anyone who has a basic knowledge of Spanish and.

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I d recommend this product and have to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. The method of easily building up sentences is both effective and relatively pain free. Get a Feel for Michel Thomas's Method with these Free Course Booklets to download for free the PDF booklets of the official language courses online. Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Next. Michel thomas spanish pdf books michel thomas free download google plus pin on pinterest tweet reddit this share on tumblr related (michel thomas.

They will give the beginner a practical and functional use of the spoken language. They are also appropriate for anyone who has studied a language before, but has This is a perfect introduction to Spanish for a genuine absolute beginner. He concentrates on the similarities between our languages rather than the diferences, easing you into it with his friendly gentle voice.

I'd recommend this product and have to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. The method of easily building up sentences is both effective and relatively pain free. Michel advises you not to try and remember or study beyond the disks, which naturally limits the overall amount you can learn, but really takes the stress off. Furthermore you really don't need to.

One can also watch French speakers TV, films, videos, etc , and watch and mimic their mouthes, facial expressions and actions when they talk. It is therefore important to add a component of your learning which includes extensive tracts from native speakers. This comes clearly through in his accent.

Michel Thomas speaks French with a Polish accent with possibly some German into the mix - but I don't know. Like his strong personality the Polish accent emerges strongly with his French, and his English.

Would you want this? When most courses out there use native speakers!?

OK, so how do you get around this? What is somewhat disconcerting is that nowhere on the Michel Thomas French CD, nowhere on the packaging, nowhere in the audio course do his publishers make this clear. Nowhere do the publishers state "The teacher speaks French but is not a native speaker. Furthermore, on the course I listened to there was no native speaker to back him up, or to put the students on the right track.

But if you are considering one of these courses I would strongly recommend that you get a native speaker to have a listen to somebody else's copy of the course to give him a rating on his accent. Use his teachings for practical conversation and learning some structure, and some handy hints about conversing in the language, but get a native speaker to teach you how to pronounce words.

Do not use his French course as your only learning material. You can therefore use his German lessons in the full confidence of knowing that he has a native German accent. Michel Thomas Language Learning Techniques The Thomas technique concentrates heavily on cognates, that is using words that are similar in French and in English.

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This is great for giving students a level of confidence, and some useful tricks. He covers the modal verbs heavily, these being very useful for practical everyday situations.

These are the verbs like would, should, could, can etc. Good stuff. Are the Michel Thomas Language courses good for the serious student? For the serious student of modern foreign languages however you will need much more than a Michel Thomas language audio CD course to learn a language and become fluent.

Perhaps his institute provides more advanced courses. The audio CD courses are great for the basics, but the student that is genuinely interested in becoming fluent needs to spend around to 1, hours of study to learn a language according to the experts like the Foreign Service Institute who train the US diplomats in language learning.

From my look at Mr Thomas's French language course 1, his language audio courses available down at your bookstore simply do not provide this level of teaching. But you have to decide on what level you are aiming at!

Paul Noble vs. Michel Thomas

Nevertheless his courses are a great starting point. And that really is something that she does well admittedly — breaking grammar down into easily digestible concepts. But the main issue for me is that her accent is awful. This gets me to my next point.

What about listening comprehension in Michel Thomas?

This is by far the biggest problem with the Michel Thomas Method in my opinion. The course does not — in any way whatsoever — train listening comprehension skills.

Michel Thomas

As I always say, listening comprehension is the most difficult part of learning a new language and it takes the longest time to train. You can learn to speak a language very quickly in fact but being able to understand what people are saying when they reply back to you is a skill that takes a lot of time to hone. I actually find the course to be disingenuous in this regard.

The course encourages them to think in English the whole time but respond in Arabic. As I said above, the English-speaking teacher does a very good job of breaking grammar down into easily digestible concepts or blocks. So instead of going into a big spiel about verb conjugation for example, she gives a verb form and then demonstrates how to plug that verb form into a sentence pattern.

It gets you away from burdensome grammar memorization and focuses more on piecing building blocks together to form coherent and natural sentences.Like his strong personality the Polish accent emerges strongly with his French, and his English. Be stuck. I want to learn the language properly, with correct pronunciation, in a way that will be easily understood and appreciated by native speakers. Listening comprehension is important, usage is important. The online, all-audio method makes it easy and convenient to fit it into your daily routine.

However I have to say that I am pretty cross about how I was taught languages at school mid 90s and maybe I will now discover that there are more ways of learning languages,I want to match my Portugueese friends 8. I really like MTM.

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