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Paris Metro RER Maps, Tickets, Schedules, Route Planner and Guides Ask a question or browse the Paris by Train forums for an answer. Paris D. E. F. G. H. C. B. A. D. E. F. G. H. C. B. A. 4. 3. 2. 1. 5. 6. 7. 8. 4. 3. 2. 1. 5. 6. 7. 8. Funiculaire Pôle d'échange multimodal, métro, RER, tramway. Printable Central Paris Metro plan - Enhanced by from an PRINTING instructions: for largest.

Metro Paris Pdf

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We looked at Paris from a different prospective and it inspired us to create this fundamentally new map of Paris metro system, regional trains, and trams. We looked at Paris from a different prospective and it inspired us to create Medium resolution for viewing .png, 3 Mb); High resolution for printing .pdf, 2 Mb). Printable & PDF maps of Paris subway, underground & tube (metro) with informations about the RATP network map, the stations and the 14 lines & routes.

Printable Paris metro map. Print and bring with you the RER metro map pdf. Metro map in English pdf Download tourist travel kit in English with sights and metro lines. Print it and use it while in town.

Paris metro zone map The large Parisian region is split into 6 concentric metro zones. Pay attention. Special tickets have to be bought to get to zones 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Check and print Paris metro zone map. Paris tourist map Locate top city sights on Paris tourist map.

See them with streetview.

Arrondissements map Locate top city sights on the map of Paris Arrondissements , the 20 city subdivisions with each its city hall. Metro network extension From onwards, Grand Paris Express will be a massive extension of the transportation system.

Grand Paris facts. Paris metro information The first train leaves the terminus at 5. The last train arrives at the terminal station at 1. Tickets are sold through automated machines at stations. Entrance is by automated gate, opened by tickets or Navigo cards.

Paris metro map pdf

Gates return metro tickets for passengers to keep. How to ride the metro?


Most stations were too shallow to be used as bomb shelters. The French Resistance used the tunnels to conduct swift assaults throughout Paris. Many stations had not reopened by the s and some closed for good. Outdated technology limited the number of trains, which led the RATP to stop extending lines and concentrate on modernisation. Thanks to newer trains and better signalling, trains ran more frequently.


The population boomed from to Car ownership became more common and suburbs grew further from the centre of Paris. The main railway stations, termini of the suburban rail lines, were overcrowded during rush hour. The short distance between metro stations slowed the network and made it unprofitable to build extensions.

Because of the enormous cost of these two lines, the third planned line was abandoned and the authorities decided that later developments of the RER network would be more cheaply developed by SNCF , alongside its continued management of other suburban lines.

In , SNCF developed line C by joining the suburban lines of Gare d'Austerlitz and Gare d'Orsay , the latter being converted into a museum dedicated to impressionist paintings. Distances between stations on the lengthened line 13 differ from that on other lines in order to make it more "express" and hence to extend it farther in the suburbs. Roosevelt station on Line 1 In October , Line 14 was inaugurated. It was the first with platform screen doors to prevent suicides and accidents.

The New Paris Metro Map

It was conceived with extensions to the suburbs in mind, similar to the extensions of the line 13 built during the s. As a result, most of the stations are at least a kilometre apart. The line runs between Saint-Lazare and Olympiades.

Lines 7 and 13 are the only two on the network to be split in branches. The RATP would like to get rid of those saturated branches in order to improve the network's efficiency. A project existed to attribute to line 14 one branch of each line, and to extend them further into the suburbs.

This project was abandoned. The line was operated with a combination of driver-operated trains and driver-less trains until the delivery of the last of its driver-less MP 05 trains in February The same conversion is on-going for Line 4, with an expected completion date in Several extensions to the suburbs opened in the last years.

Paris Metro map avec rues (with streets)

Line 8 was extended to Pointe du Lac in , line 12 was extended to Aubervilliers in and line 4 was extended to Mairie de Montrouge in Accidents and incidents[ edit ] 10 August Couronnes Disaster fire , 84 killed.

Early reports blamed an electrical short circuit as the cause. Fifteen people were injured. The slow average speed effectively prohibits service to the greater Paris area.

Above-ground sections consist of viaducts within Paris on Lines 1, 2, 5 and 6 and the suburban ends of Lines 1, 5, 8, and The tunnels follow the twisting lie of the streets.

During construction in a minimum radius of curvature of just 75 metres was imposed, but even this low standard was not adhered to at Bastille and Notre-Dame-de-Lorette.

The tracks are standard gauge 1.Icons of sightseeings will help tourists to navigate in the unfamiliar city, and will become landmarks for local citizens.

Paris Metro RER Map

Other ticket vending machines will accept bills. You metro ticket should not be bent or it might damage the magnetic stripe.

If the doors do not open you need to lift the handle or press the button in the middle of the door to have it open. Once you have reach the station entrance area, there are two things you can do there.

Former lead designer of integrated transport navigation at the Moscow Department of Transportation, where he developed navigation systems for cyclists, pedestrians, public ground transportation, and the metro, and the official logo of the Moscow Metro.

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