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Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for the novels of Maya Banks, author of the Breathless edition by Maya Banks. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Sweet Possession by Maya Banks. Buy. Look Inside. Buy Buy the Ebook: . Praise for the novels of Maya Banks, author of the Breathless Trilogy “[For] fans. Read "Sweet Possession" by Maya Banks available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. From the USA Today bestselling author.

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Read "Sweet Possession" by Maya Banks available from Rakuten Kobo. From the USA Today bestselling author of Sweet Temptation, a new novel of opposites . Sweet possession / Maya Banks. Main Author: Banks, Maya. Published From the USA Today bestselling author of Sweet Temptation, a new novel of opposites Published: (); All wound up [electronic resource (eBook)] / Jaci Burton. Sweet Possession book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. She's a singer who lives for the spotlight—and can't resist her a.

Apr 05, Pages Buy. Dec 31, Pages. Apr 05, Pages. Outrageous and out of control, Lyric Jones is a spoiled pop star who lives hard and fast, always outrunning her past and the nightmares that haunt her. There is nothing Connor Malone wants to do less than babysit Lyric Jones. There is nothing Connor Malone wants to do less than babysit the outrageous and out-of-control pop star Lyric Jones.

She lives in the South with her husband and three children and other assorted… More about Maya Banks. A fantastic adventure.

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She had a wealthy husband, two beautiful children, and an elegant townhouse in Grosvenor Square. Everything was perfect…until her husband publicly left her for his mistress and her dream turned into a nightmare. But when she finds herself unwittingly entangled in a deadly conspiracy, Felix is the only one she can turn to. I found it refreshing and quite a break from the heavily hardcore sexed ones from the rest of the series. I know most react differently to a violent traumatic past, but Maya did a fabulous job with Lyrics inner turmoil.

I just found it erotic and incredibly raw and without the bdsm aspects the other books consisted of heavily. Like I mentioned it was almost like a breather before the next course of books especially with the last book. Which was unbelievably hot, but shocking, very hardcore. I've literally finished this entire series in less than week I think it may even be like 4 maybe at most 5 days. I couldn't put them down. I definitely recommend this one to those who don't want the heavier BDSM aspects, but still have that hot factor that makes your blood burn.

Absolutely recommend! Jul 16, Dee rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was the conclusion to the Sweet series and I loved it. I adored Connor, he was everything I hoped he would be which made the story all that much better. He was initially a bad ass with Lyric but soon saw past her bad girl facade and realised that she was a soft and decent person underneath.

He was so understanding and This was the conclusion to the Sweet series and I loved it. He was so understanding and helped her to clean up her life and take charge instead of surrounding herself with losers. I loved that we got to see some more of the couples from the rest of the series and was really pleased that the girls took Lyric 'in' and made her feel part of the group and gave her a sense of real friends and family.

The scenes where the girls got together and had real girlie time was fun and I loved how their men took loving care of them when they were drunk. We got to meet Kane who became the head of Lyric's security detail. He seemed an interesting character and I wanted to know more about him, so was really pleased to read that there will be a spin off series featuring Kane and his team but it will be mainstream contemporary romance with a little bit of suspense here and there.

There are no details at the moment of possible release dates as it is all still in the pipeline. This information was in MB's blog back in September so hopefully this series is a bit further on down the line by now. View all 8 comments. Oct 01, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was just ok.

What gave it the 4 star rating was the interaction between the girls. Those parts were downright hysterical.

And then when you have all those girls together naturally their men come in. And you get Damon and Micah. The rest of the story was slow. Connor is so very vanilla just like he said. After reading Micah's book this just wasn't even close. Hopefully Banks will go back to writing like Micah and Damon with Cole's book coming out next. And the "bad guy" part was jus This book was just ok. And the "bad guy" part was just pathetic.

I mean, really? That was the best you could come up with? View all 3 comments. Jan 18, KatiD rated it it was ok Shelves: Lyric Jones is a star. One with a serious attitude and a crappy reputation, but the girl can sing, and she knows how to entertain a crowd.

Lyric doesn't know it, but she's been getting pretty serious threats to her life, and her record label is concerned for her safety. Lyric dislikes Connor the first time she sees him. He's demanding, bossy and a bit of a tight-ass.

For his pa Lyric Jones is a star. For his part, Connor doesn't like the huge amounts of spoiled child attitude Lyric is throwing around, but he's determined to do his job and protect her. When she sasses him hard at that first meeting, Connor is both disgusted and thrown off by the arousal he feels. He hates her attitude, but is definitely attracted to the package. Connor arranges for Lyric to be moved to a protected compound within Houston, and hires an additional firm to undertake her protection.

Lyric chafes at the protection and tests it a time or two, before understanding that she really isn't safe. Connor realizes that under Lyric's defenses, she's truly frightened and closed off due to something in her past. He decides to introduce Lyric to his friends and their wives. As Lyric is accepted into the group, she warms up, becoming less closed off and more accessible. The dynamic between the women is fun and silly and they have a good time together.

Soon she's warmed up enough to act upon the attraction she feels for Connor and they are making love regularly. But each time they do, Lyric whispers afterwards that she has to go to the bathroom and takes off to sleep alone. Connor is puzzled, but allows her the space she needs. As Lyric gains confidence, she begins clearing the toxic people in her life out, and she gains the confidence to take control of her future and her career.

Until something happens that causes Lyric to question everything that she knows about Connor. Will they be able to forgive and reconnect? I'm torn about this book. I have really enjoyed previous entries in the Sweet series this is book 5 , but this book was It's a one woman, one man story, which is fine if slightly unexpected from Maya Banks, who writes dandy menage books , but also there is a lot of white noise in this book.

Lots of time spent with past couples, lots of time spent discussing security and safety, and less time devoted to the actual building of the two characters. Unfortunately, the white noise is not very interesting, which makes the book decidedly skimable.

I liked both characters fine, but for someone with as tortured a past as Lyric supposedly had and it IS tortured , she just didn't exhibit enough damage. And the author kind of strayed away from what had the potential to be a terrific story about someone with a very difficult past creating a new future for themselves. I think that my reaction to the book is flavored by the fact that I recently read a most excellent book with a character with a tortured past, so this one really fell flat for me.

Add to that a lot of past characters showing up, not enough of a sense of danger to engage my attention, and little to non-existent chemistry between the leads, and this book was a pass for me. Final grade: Mar 11, Mandi Schreiner rated it really liked it Shelves: Sweet Possession is the very first book I have ever read by Maya Banks. I really like this book because Maya Banks does such a nice job with the heroine, Lyric.

Connor and his friends are very overprotective alpha males. This book portrays a fantasy life for a romance reader.

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There is one scene in particular where the girls all meet in this big mansion with bodyguards and a butler. When they all pass out drunk the boys come back and take care of them. This is the life, right girls? Where is my ticket to this town? Where some might see this over the top, and again I have not read the previous books where we are introduced to these supporting characters I found this world to be warm, very sexy, and a very nice escape.

Lyric also has a stalker situation happening which I think is handled nicely in the book. This is labeled as an erotic romance, and while there are plenty of romance scenes, it takes awhile to reach that point, and I almost want to say it feels like the focus of this book is more on their relationship, and Lyric getting to a good place in her life, than just sex.

Lyric has a great struggle with intimacy and her ability to trust Connor in sexual physical situations plays an important role in this book. Sweet Possession is a very sexy book and I am so glad I finally read Maya banks after all of the wonderful recommendations I have received. View all 4 comments. I loved Connor and Lyric story. Sooo good. Lyric's wild antics and Connor's. Connor is the last of his friends to remain single.

He has sat back and watched and laughed as every one of them has fallen like a rock for their wives. When he gets assigned to be Lyric Jones' bodyguard, he wants nothing to do with the rock star.

It's dislike at first sight for them both, except for the huge spark between them. Lyric doesn't understand why she needs a bodyguard when she already has two of them. Her rec I loved Connor and Lyric story. Her record company is insistent that there are threats being made against her, and they want to protect her.

Once these two are stuck together, the sparks fly and they begin to see a little deeper into each other. I did like seeing everyone again, catching up on baby news, and seeing how the relationships have developed.

Damon, my sexy barbarian, still turns me on. Micah is still super intense. Nathan still cracks me up trying to rope Julie in. It was fun seeing the girls all together, getting sloshed while Sam stands guard. And to see Micah wearing a baby Snuggie, too funny.

I liked catching up with all the character's from the other books in this series. It's not that I didn't like this book. It was romantic and sweet, with just a touch of It just didn't belong in the Sweet series in my opinion. It's not what I was expecting out of this particular series. Connor fell a bit flat for me, maybe too vanilla? Lyric was an entertaining character, she portrayed a good pop-star diva.

Her interactions with the girls were really funny. I loved when they all got dr 3. I loved when they all got drunk together and colored their hair blue. And when they got drunk and were in the pool naked!

We get to see a bit of every other couple's relationships, which was nice, and it felt a bit like an end to that group of characters. The mystery part of it, at the end was anticlimactic. The other books had a bit better storyline as far as that goes.

I am looking forward to Cole's story, and maybe going back to The House will help bring this series back on track for me. View all 7 comments. Feb 26, Smut Junkie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't want to sound terribly redundant, so I'll just refresh your memory I have to say that Lyric is a little annoying at first, but you just KNOW that there is a reason for her obnoxious behavior.

I think it's a pretty damn good reason, so it's all forgiven. Connor is one of those guys that is in all the books, but his role is not really all that big, so it was great to get a story just about him. And I enjoyed his determination and patience in his pursuit of I don't want to sound terribly redundant, so I'll just refresh your memory And I enjoyed his determination and patience in his pursuit of Lyrics heart.

Excited and sad to start the newest release in this series I pre-ordered it and got it on release day, but haven't read it yet because I wanted to re-read the entire series again first I might cry Me ha encantado conocer esta serie Sweet , es una pena que no comenzara con el primer libro.

Aunque no hubo problema alguno para disfrutar de Connor y Lyric, ya que cada libro cuenta su propia historia de amor. Apr 05, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book started out a little rocky.

Our first introduction to the heroine, Lyric, paints her in just about the worst light possible.


The hero, Connor, judges her harshly at this first meeting and frankly I was right there with him. I came close to popping out the audiobook CD right then and there. I disliked Lyric that much. But gradually as things 4. And her worst fear is the press finding out about her past and splashing it all over the headlines.

I thought the whole thing was very well done. He was gentle and patient with her when he needed to be, but never even came close to beta territory. And their sexual chemistry was very good. Also the angst in the final climax was great but I thought it could have been resolved a little better by having Lyric go public with the truth and become a celebrity spokesperson drawing attention to the cause. That would have truly shown us how much Lyric had grown throughout the book.

In term of the level of sexuality in this book, I think it falls kind of awkwardly in between categories. All the sex is vanilla.

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However, fans of more run-of-the-mill romance novels who are used to the standard 2 sex scenes told is soft, romanticized language may be put off as well. Nope, every headboard-banging session is on display and described in minute detail.

So that could put some people off as well.

The audiobook narrator was quite good on this one. I especially liked the voice she used for Angelina. Lyric has a reputation for being a wild child so the two bump heads immediately because Connor is all business and wants her to take her safety seriously. They fall in love and Lyric is welcomed into the fold of Connor's closest friends and their spouses.

Although this was an enjoyable read, there were two things that came up that I see on occasion and can be a little irksome.

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The first is when the bodyguard immediately lusts after or falls for his client when he really should be focusing on their safety. That was covered in the story so it wasn't too troublesome for me in this case, as Lyric was well protected by a team of security personnel and wasn't strictly reliant on her personal bodyguard.

The second thing was there was kind of a big deal made about Lyric fluctuating between being a size 12 and 14 and that Connor still thought she was tiny and stressed to her all the time that she was perfect. That was sweet and at first her self-consciousness about not being smaller was due to her business manager harping on her weight because he thought her fans didn't want to see someone who didn't have a "perfect" body. My problem was that they focused A LOT on the amount of food she ate.

In other books I've read, where often the character's looks and figure fits into the desirable cultural ideal, I don't think I've seen so much focus on the specific eating habits of a character when they are a little bit of a thing. Focusing on a bigger character's "healthy appetite" defeats the purpose of showing them being a desirable person as they are.

Instead, the focus seems to be that they are desirable to the object of their affection despite the fact of their eating habits. It wasn't handled in an insulting way in this book, but is just a minor irritation to me when I see it come up in books. To compare it to real life, I have a friend who was once told that she "looks good for having five kids".

I saw the compliment in what she was told, but her feelings were a little hurt because she wasn't just told "she looked good" in and of itself, but that there was an "in spite of" thrown in there. That made me look at compliments like that in a different light, so now it's a weird quirk of mine to be sensitive to it. Oct 08, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: First posted at http: What do we know? He w First posted at http: He is an ex-army dude. He thinks his friends are a little nuts because of all the kinky sex they take part in.

At all. He is a one woman guy…and that one woman is Lyric. Lyric Jones is a pop-superstar. I mean, they are security consultants!

Connor was in the army but he has no experience as a bodyguard! Okay, now back to Lyric. Lyric is your stereo-typical pop superstar. When she first meets Connor, she is really confused. Actually, she finds herself looking for his approval. This scares her…and who is to blame her. Through the book though, you witness Lyric coming into herself and you learn of what she went through in her childhood.

Let me tell you…whoa. I ended up really liking her and it was wonderful to see her blossom through the book. Just a quick note, this is a series, but each book can stand alone. But, you will miss out on some super character development if you skip out on the other books…and these other characters are wonderful.

They are a group of close knit friends who are a hoot to read when they are all together. I especially love it when either just the guys hang out or just the ladies. These scenes were among the funniest in the book. Why do they always have to involve booze? It was all kind of anti-clamactic.

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Therefore, go into this book expecting a nice romance story with some saucy bits, a yummy alpha hero and a pretty complex heroine. And another way this book is quite different from the other books in this series is the sex.

It was actually kind of…nice. It just would have felt forced after what we know about these two. While reading it, I found it was well, sweet. I enjoyed the characters and the romance was nice. The one I go to when I need a happy pick-me-up. His book, Sweet Addiction, is due to hit stores April I liked Lyric and Connor although I wanted to kick Connor in the balls at first and their story was quite enjoyable.

Lyric is a very talented singer and has made it big as a pop star.Breathe Me In. Inflame Me. Breaking Brodix. Connor, while not considered a wild man, still presents intense and aggressive qualities both in his business and in the bedroom. I believe this has to be the last of the Sweet series, and if it is, Maya Banks can just slide on into what has to be the spin-off--a series about the security firm that asisted Connor in protecting Lyric.

Feb 26, Smut Junkie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not a bad deal there! Inspired by Your Browsing History. Also by Maya Banks.

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