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Was Mao Really a Monster?: The Academic Response to Chang and Hallidays '' Mao: The Unknown Story'' (Routledge Contemporary China Series) · Read more . PDF | On Jan 1, , G Benton and others published Mao: The unknown story - An assessment. Mao: the unknown story. byChang, Jung Topics Mao, Zedong, , Heads of state Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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If you visit Tiananmen Square in Beijing, you can't avoid the huge portrait of Mao Zedong that pre- sides over tourists, an amazing number of automo- biles, and. Editorial Reviews. Review. In the epilogue to her biography of Mao Tse-tung, Mao: The Unknown Story by [Chang, Jung, Halliday, Jon]. GS: The infinite variations on the ground tell us that the central government is not as strong as it seems. Although the state lays down general policy guidelines.

One was killed by Chinese Nationalist troops, the other ended up in a mental hospital.

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During much of the invasion the Nationalists the government's army , and the Red Army agreed to stop fighting one another; but Mao did everything he could to undermine the Nationalists. In later years Mao said he was grateful to the Japanese. He said he thanked them for 'lending a big hand', and without them 'we would still be in the mountains today.

The Japanese could not garrison the vast areas of China they conquered. They could only control the railways and big cities, leaving small towns and the countryside up for grabs Mao's plan was to ride on the coat-tails of the Japanese to expand Red territory.

He said years later that his attitude had been 'the more land Japan took the better. I imagine that apologists for Mao find it extremely provocative. As anyone who has read the horrors of Jung Chang's earlier book "Wild Swans" will understand She is obviously getting something constructive from it.

I am not going to give the book any rating though. Were I an academic doing research on Mao's life I am sure it would be an invaluable resource; it just totally defeated me. Sorry Mikey! Professor R.

Rummel published updated figures on worldwide democide in , stating that he believed Chang and Halliday's estimates to be mostly correct and that he had revised his figures for China under Mao accordingly. The Unknown Story became a bestseller, with United Kingdom sales alone reaching 60, in six months.

The book has received praise from a number of commentators and academic experts.

Simon Sebag Montefiore lauded the book in The Times , calling Chang and Halliday's work "a triumph" which "exposes its subject as probably the most disgusting of the bloody troika of 20th-century tyrant-messiahs, in terms of character, deeds — and number of victims This is the first intimate, political biography of the greatest monster of them all — the Red Emperor of China.

Kristof said that it did a better job demonstrating that Mao was a "catastrophic ruler" than anything else written to date.

In his words Mao's "ruthlessness" was "brilliantly captured in this extraordinary book". Gwynne Dyer praised the book for documenting "Mao's crimes and failures in unrelenting, unprecedented detail" and stated he believed it would eventually have a similar impact in China as Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago did in the Soviet Union.

Historian Max Hastings say the book is a "savage indictment, drawing on a host of sources including important Soviet ones, to blow away the miasma of deceit and ignorance which still shrouds Mao's life from many Western eyes. He referred to it a "magnificent book" and "a stupendous work" which cast "new and revealing light on nearly every episode in Mao's tumultuous life.

Professor Richard Baum of the University of California, Los Angeles said that "it has to be taken very seriously as the most thoroughly researched and richly documented piece of synthetic scholarship yet to appear on the rise of Mao and the CCP.

Stuart Schram, while criticizing certain aspects of Mao: The Unknown Story , argued in a review in The China Quarterly that Chang and Halliday's book was "a valuable contribution to our understanding of Mao and his place in history. Part of Chang and Halliday's passion for exposing the 'unknown' Mao is clearly aimed at gullible Westerners For decades many in the Western intellectual and political elites have assumed that Mao and his heirs symbolize the Chinese people and their culture, and that to show respect to the rulers is the same as showing respect to the subjects.

Anyone who reads Jung Chang and Jon Halliday's book should be inoculated against this particular delusion.

Mao : the unknown story

If the book sells even half as many copies as the 12 million of Wild Swans , it could deliver the coup de grace to an embarrassing and dangerous pattern of Western thinking. While he was complimentary of the book in some respects — noting for example that it "shows special insight into the suffering of Mao's wives and children" — and acknowledged that it might make real contributions to the field, Nathan's review was largely negative.

He noted that "many of their discoveries come from sources that cannot be checked, others are openly speculative or are based on circumstantial evidence, and some are untrue.

Chang and Halliday's book has been strongly criticized by various academic experts. In December , The Observer newspaper stated that many knowledgeable academics of the field have questioned the factual accuracy of some of Chang and Halliday's claims, notably their selective use of evidence, questioning their stance in the matter, among other criticisms, although the article also said that Chang and Halliday's critics did not deny that Mao was "a monster".

David S. The Unknown Story , like other examples of revisionist histories , implied that there had been "a conspiracy of academics and scholars who have chosen not to reveal the truth. Professor Thomas Bernstein of Columbia University referred to the book as " The result is an equally stupendous number of quotations out of context, distortion of facts and omission of much of what makes Mao a complex, contradictory, and multi-sided leader. The China Journal invited a group of specialists to give assessments of the book in the area of their expertise.

Professors Gregor Benton Cardiff University and Steve Tsang University of Oxford argued that Chang and Halliday "misread sources, use them selectively, use them out of context, or otherwise trim or bend them to cast Mao in an unrelentingly bad light.

The anthology, Was Mao Really a Monster: The Unknown Story" , edited by Gregor Benton and Lin Chun, brings together fourteen mostly critical previously published academic responses, including the reviews from China Journal.

Benton and Lin write in their introduction that "unlike the worldwide commercial media They include an extensive list of further reviews. In December , an article by The Observer newspaper on the book contained a brief statement from Chang and Halliday in regards to the general criticism. We came to our own conclusions and interpretations of events through a decade's research. Andrew Nathan also replied to the authors' response and the following points are especially useful for readers: I did not check enough sources; I misinterpreted what they or their sources said.

There were many passages in their book which I had doubts about that I could not check because the sources were anonymous, unpublished, or simply too hard to get. Is Chang and Halliday's invitation to do this a fair substitute for citations to the documents they used — author, title, date, and where seen? I limited my published criticisms to those for which I was able to get hold of what appeared to be all the sources.

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November Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Long March. The Age.

Retrieved The Sydney Morning Herald. Stanford Institute for International Studies.

Archived from the original PDF on Mao launched land reform to make the peasants obedient. Renminbao Retrieved on 4 April The Unknown Story". The China Quarterly Retrieved on A hunger for the truth: A new book, banned on the mainland, is becoming the definitive account of the Great Famine. Systematic genocide Archived at the Wayback Machine. The Spectator , 25 September Rummel Guardian Unlimited. Asian Review of Books. Archived from the original on Washington Post. CS1 maint: Archived copy as title link.

Mao by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday". The Sunday Times. The Real Mao".

The New York Times. The long march to mass murder. The Telegraph , June The Guardian. Richard Baum recommends "Mao: The Unknown Story " ". China Digital Times. The Times Literary Supplement. London Review of Books. The New York Review of Books. September In the breakdown of civilization on the scale experienced by China in the s and s, any society could end up being ruled by a ruthless and cunning psychopath like Mao Tse-tung.

In , a year in which 22 million Chinese died of starvation, China was the biggest international aid donor in terms of proportion of GNP in the world.

Mao: The Unknown Story

Professor Richard Baum of the University of California, Los Angeles said that "it has to be taken very seriously as the most thoroughly researched and richly documented piece of synthetic scholarship yet to appear on the rise of Mao and the CCP. I have however gleaned some interesting points from what I have read. Communist "sleepers"[ edit ] Notable members of the KMT were claimed to have been secretly working for the Chinese Communists.

But most of the editorial group went along with Sollers. In his words Mao's "ruthlessness" was "brilliantly captured in this extraordinary book".

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