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Alle relevante onderdelen van het boek Lifehacking met Evernote (november ), geschreven door Frank Meeuwsen, Oscar van Rijswijk en Patrick Mackaaij. What is the easiest (most frictionless) way of archiving PDF/epub/mobi content on Patrick Mackaaij, co-author of the Dutch e-book "Lifehacking met Evernote". MD5 Hash: e9ab59b3be27cf. SHA Hash: File size: bytes ( KB.) Last analysis: 08 Dec,

Lifehacking Met Evernote Pdf

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The processor will reject the PDF if any of the following conditions are met: The PDF ScanSnap: The PDF document remains OCR'd if I export it from Evernote. .. hoeveel notebooks je in Evernote hebt, met zijn 15 minuten. GTD in Evernote - Lifehacking. A step-by-step guide for implementing Just downloaded your GTD for Evernote PDF and found it incredibly helpful. Your instructions helped me. The beauty of Scannable is that it links directly to Evernote making it much easier to instantly Just scan, send and the documents will automatically export as jpeg or PDF. . For example, say you just met someone new.

Extrapolate the analogy into media organizations.

If I decline to pay for their efforts, some entity will pay to reach me. The terms, though, may not be in my interests and the sub-par content not worth my time.

As a thumb rule, your notes ought not to be longer than 1, characters, spaces included. To put that into perspective, a tweet has characters. You have Can v mt nxt wk? Or Twit if you will.

I learnt that while pitching for an international gig. All evidence indicates that if a recipient has to scroll down to read an email, the chances of it grabbing attention diminishes. This is important because more people are reading on smartphones and tablets where screen real estate is at a premium. To know how readable your notes are, cut and paste whatever it is into www.

It grades you on a scale of with pointers on how to do better. The lower your score, the better your message is. The online version is free. Both the pointers above have used less than 1, characters. Read it as many times as you can. Designed to collect and capture thoughts, break them down into actionable items and document what context it can be executed in, OmniFocus compels you to stay task-oriented. If I miss a deadline, it shows up as an unaccomplished task.

Early users to GTD can find this tool intimidating. That is because task orientation demands discipline. As unfinished tasks keep mounting, it serves as a reminder of your inadequacies. The Fujitsu ScanSnap si had a page feeder that can hold something like pages at a time, and has never given me any trouble.

It also does duplex scanning, and will skip blank pages, which is nice. Let me walk through some of the settings of my ScanSnap so you can see for yourself how I configure things to meet my requirements. First and foremost, my ScanSnap is set to scan directly to Evernote. This profile is tied to the button on the scanner so that when I hit that button and initiate a scan, the resulting scan goes into a note in Evernote: The scanning software has the ability to make a searchable PDF.

In other words, at the time I scan the document, the scanning software performs some OCR on the scan and embeds the search text within the PDF file. I have deliberately turned this option off: I have turned this off for two reasons: When this option is turned on, it takes a lot longer to complete the scan.

This is because two separate operations have to be performed. First, the document has to be scanned. Then, the document had to be processed for searches and that latter operation can take a little while. My requirement is to scan as quickly as possible, so I turn this off. Evernote does this for me. When I scan a PDF to Evernote, it automatically makes it searchable, and it does so while its sitting on the Evernote servers, essentially performing the task somewhere other than my machine, so that I am free to move on to the next scan.

It does mean that there is usually a lag of a few minutes before the search data is downloaded to my machine, but so far, I have never scanned in a document and then needed to perform a search on it that instant.

Together Might be the Evernote Alternative You’re Looking For

Note that this option was turned on by default on my scanner so I had to go into the settings see image above and turn it off. Regarding the speed of the scan, the resolution at which a document is scanned can make a difference. I have found that optimizing the pdf is a tremendous way to reduce file size.

The last step that I do is to save the file as a "reduced file pdf". I just did this on a file that originally was 7MB and is now 1. I'm glad I found this thread and found I'm not the only one with this dilemma.

Something else I would also like to add is my annoyance at how EN and Fujitsu advertise how great their products work together.

Personally I see a whole range of issues:. This then means you have to wait 30 seconds or so after you scan each document while OCR is performed by ScanSnap before you scan the next document.

Completely unworkable. The other option I thought of was to use a EN watch folder to watch a folder where my ScanSnap scans go into. However this is also not without problems.

The PDFs remain the same location and with the same file name. The only way I can see these two products working together at the moment is by the following laborious process:. I've done a bit of google searching on this but can't find what I'm looking for.

To me this seems to be the only solution to speed my workflow. I'm sure Fujitsu could make the ScanSnap software do this. But to add to my annoyances, this is another problem with Fujitsu.

Although they make great scanners hardwarewise, their support and software is woeful. You are stuck with the same version of the SnanSnap Organiser and other bundled software for the life of the scanner and because the software that drives the scanner is proprietary there is no option to use other scanning software.

I guess they do this to entice you to purchase a new scanner. This really erks me. I have a ScanSnap S which I've had for several year now.

I see no need to replace it until it breaks. But the ScanSnap software that comes with is so dated and there has been only a handful less than I can count on one hand of software updates.

Jamie Todd Rubin

All of which provided no extra functionality. I wish Fujitsu would open up the specs for the scanners so someone out there could write some decent software for it I wonder if it would be possible to reverse engineer the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner drivers? If you've read the thread this far, you've gathered that folks do what serves them best; some scan direct to Evernote and let the elephant do the heavy lifting.

Others scan to folder, mess with filenames and such, do the OCR, then move the files to an Import folder and let Evernote vacuum up the details.

There's various software to help you move files around and automate processes, like AHK, Belvedere, Breevy and others. Somewhere within all that you will find the most effective process currently available for your particular needs. Short of having a magic wand, I'd say the Scansnap has been the most efficient conversion method during that process. The advantage of this is that it will both OCR and "optimize" the document at the same time which also radically reduces the size of the file.

If you have Adobe Acrobat I have Acrobat 8 Standard which came which came as part of the scanner software. I can see this has the ability to OCR individual documents but not multiple documents at the same time.

I've looked on the Adobe website for the features of Acrobat 10 Standard and Pro in regards to this but can't find the specifics.

There's a slightly crossed conversation going on here - see this complementary thread. There's an option for where the processed files are saved, so you could set this to your import folder if you're comfortable with the filenames at that stage.

While on the subject of OCR, do make sure you scan any pictures to JPG rather than PDF - not meaning illustrations in a text, but photographs or artwork - because I do believe that Evernote's ability to see the text in pictures is better or is at least more recent and tweaked more often than Adobe's.

Therefore my goal was to scan all magazine articles into evernote and have their awesome OCR scanner do the work. That would mean I have around 2k pages only per month even though I d like to scan many articles..

I'd suggest you have a go at scanning for a month and check your usage.. I'm confused about this and having problems with some scanned notes being OCR'd and some not See comments here https: Don't tick that box if you want to scan faster and batch OCR at the end of the session. For some documents that may not matter - but I still prefer to do my OCR on my own hard drive.

Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted September 7, How should I, a premium user, do OCR in the future? Let SnapScan do it or let EN do it? The processor will reject the PDF if any of the following conditions are met:I'm pretty certain limits aren't meant to be targets, as such. That is because task orientation demands discipline.

My home office scanner: Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300i

A "scanned" page contains no more than characters of regular, searchable text e. Advertisement User interface: OneNote looks and feels like a digital version of a paper notebook, complete with tags and notebook sections. Another thing premium Evernote users like is that it can do optical character recognition OCR on your files which makes it awesome to be able to snap a photo and have it be a searchable document if it contains text.

I've got a couple more questions too on things I want clarify:

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