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It makes them smart, but they're still completely uninteresting. I mean, that's really the crux of the irritant right there. Barbery spends half of this book droning on and on about how this concierge and schoolgirl are so unseen because of social expectations, and she would have them be redeemed because they are both intelligent and tender.

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But that's absurd. I'll say it right now, I don't care about Renee, because she's a concierge in a building in France. I read the whole book and I still don't care.

Is it because I'm stilted by my class astigmatism? I'm barely middle-class.

I grew up in trailers and fertilized lawns for a living. I don't care about her because she is a concierge and has done nothing interesting with her life except sit in her apartment with a fat cat and read Tolstoy.

And the ultimate stupidity -- the most absurd thing in this entire book -- is this ridiculous and unbelievable artifice that Renee has to "hide" who she is, because of the expectations of the upper class. As if they're going around with spyglasses on trying to root out concierges who have read too much Marx. What garbage!

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If I found out my concierge had read Marx, I would a not give a shit and b avoid her as much as humanly possible, out of fear that she would talk to me in exactly the way Renee talks to the reader in this book: interminably. If anything, I"d be more interested in her if she were an ignorant working-class stiff. I'd like to know what her life is like, then.

Carver writes about people like that all the time, and its enthralling. Because he makes you care about these people and their motivations.

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Intelligentsia pretensions in a do-nothing concierge? Excuse me while I pour some more bourbon in this drink.

Same goes for Paloma. She's precocious, fine. That's charming, I guess, but it's not redeeming.

Come ti comporti nelle diverse situazioni? Come sono le tue reazioni?

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The relationship was destined to be a brief one, as she left for the Philippines to join the Peace Corps just a week or so ago.

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