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DataSheet: PDF icon LCD LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen is an electronic display module and find a wide range of applications. A 16x2 LCD. □TN. □FSTN. ☑FSTN Negative. LCD type. □STN Yellow Green. □STN Gray. □ STN Blue Negative. View direction. ☑6 O'clock. □12 O'clock. an LCD-II with an HDU. The HDU character shift register. Parallel/ serial converter and attribute circuit. LCD drive voltage selector. Address.

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A-1 LCD Module Specification Ver 2. 1. 0 FEATURES. • Display Mode: STN, BLUB. • Display Formate: 16 Character x 2 Line. • Viewing Direction: 6 O'. LCD Display datasheet. eBlOCkSTM. lCD This document concerns the Matrix LCD Display code EB Trademarks Getting started with 16×2 LCD is named so because it has 16 Columns and 2 Rows so it will have 32 characters in total and each character will be made of 5×8.

Notice that the 1st and 2nd line displays will shift at the same time.

1.Module Classification Information

When the displayed data is shifted repeatedly each line only moves horizontally. The 2nd line of the display does not shift into the 1st line position. The most-significant 4 bits are sent or received first.

Subsequent read or write operations transfer data from, or to, the character generator RAM. Subsequent read or write operations transfer data from, or to, the display RAM.

Note: Adjacent display RAM locations do not necessarily refer to adjacent display positions. The value of the address counter is also returned.

This command can be issued at any time. Warranty is void and no repair or replacement is granted under the following conditions: Evidence of mechanical stress to parts including but not limited to.

Damaged or broken glass or touch screen. Damaged polarizer. Damaged mounting holes. Parts tamper ed with by grinding, engraving, drilling, cutting or applying coatings of any kind.

Addition or removal of components. Evidence of damage caused by applying incorrect voltage.

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Evidence of damage caused by operating outside of specified temperature range. Evidence of damage caused by electrostatic discharge ESD.

Getting started with E-Blocks. All the above mentioned LCD display will have 16 Pins and the programming approach is also the same and hence the choice is left to you.

Order Code. Serial LCD Firmware optional.

COM ; TE. Logic Voltage. LCD Voltage.

Input Voltage. Operation Temperature. Slage TGTİperature.

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LCD Module. Winstar Display Co.

External contrast adjustment. Character located.

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DDRAM address. LCD Initialization ; Sep 29, Product Specification. Please, log in or register. Tank you for your interesting and usefull articel. Could you please guide me what should i do. Blinking is performed by switching between all blank dots and the display character every Infrared LED.

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