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Author: Garwood Julie Garwood, Julie - Lyon Lady 04 - Castles · Read more · Julie Garwood. Read more · Garwood, Julie - Rebellious Desire · Read more. Start by marking “Castles (Crown's Spies #4)” as Want to Read: Orphaned and besieged Princess Alesandra knew that only hasty marriage to an Englishman could protect her from the turmoil in her own land. With more than 35 million books in print and 26 NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers. Alla scoperta della Toscana lorenese pdf download italiano · Alone - Episode 7: The Babbling Book ebook · An End to Childhood - New and Expanded Edition .. Download Julie Garwood Crowns Spies Series: Books The Gift & Castles.

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Castles (Crown's Spies #4). Author: Julie Garwood. Category: Romance, Historical,. Series: Crown's Spies. Views: , Total pages: List Chapter Read. Castles pdf - Julie Garwood. Others argue that he used to make the motte is army available on. A quiet place to a diminutive of spanish castillo. An assailant had. Castles [Julie Garwood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From Julie Garwood, the undisputed queen of romance, comes her classic.

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Castles (Crown's Spies #4)

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Colin realized that he actually liked the princess but still did not want to get married. So he struggled and fought with himself, finally was "forced" to marry Alessandra because he could not stomach the thought of her marrying anyone else, and because he finally understood why his father felt responsible for Alessandra. His father's debt to Alessandra's father gave Colin the excuse he needed to convince himself that he was marrying Alessandra to "save" her.

He did not want to face his own growing affections toward the princess. The princess was a sweetheart, generally very likable and, unlike so many Garwood heriones, not TSTL at all. The second half of the story evolved around a serial killer and getting rid of the evil general. I liked Colin and Alessandra as characters. The plots were ok. A readable book with characters I like.

They did get a little "thicker" as the story progress, too. Or was that my imagination? However, she really drove me a little batty with the heroine, as I felt she was making Princess Alesandra's accent change from scene to scene. Sure, Alesandra is a princess from a made up country in Europe I also wasn't crazy about her pronouncing Colin's name as part of the digestive tract. Still, the story holds up and made me smile a lot and laugh out loud more than once.

View 1 comment. The whole thing was random. We got a lady killer,a missing friend,a princess. It would have been better to just start a whole new book then try and correct all the mistakes in here.

How can you publish a historical book and be so totally wrong?? Usually in a book there's only a few things that irritate you or get on your nerves but it was the WHOLE book that got on my nerves. Literally like almost every sentence just drove me up the wall. Let me wrap up the whole book for you-colin tried not to laugh. Garwood really tried to sell the point home about her being beautiful and amazing. Ive seen authors convey that the main characters are really pretty without going into all this extravagant speech.

Someone should have passed Garwood the memo.

Incredibly short. Like she missed it by a country mile. Not only did i not find anything even remotely charming about the main character, but i actually started to hate her. Everything was repetitive, to the point where you just wanted to throw something, break something, bang your head on a wall, anything to relieve your frustration.

I predict many tears in their future.

Castles Ebook Download

My advice to her is to concentrate on writing an actual story from now on. We knew next to nothing about her. There would be short sentences like. And then alesandra would be all hurt and then colin would try not to smile. It was like torture reading this thing. I swear if you want to get me to do something just threaten to read this thing out loud to me. When I first cracked open this book I was interested in seeing where she was gunna go with the whole lady killer thing.

And ive never in my life came across a book where people are disappearing and the people just sit back and do nothing. Sep 02, Lili Marcus rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh thank God this series has redeemed itself.

Though I admit,the plot was really a chaos There are so many plotting points to be considered. Too many things going on. There are more than one antagonist But the cleverness and wittiness of the characters made up the plot's flaw. I am so in love with Colin and Alessandra Though Colin can be a misogynist pig, his sweetness and possessiveness over Allesandra made him still lovable.. Jul 19, Nithu rated it it was amazing. Another wonderful story from Julie Garwood. I enjoyed it. I almost always enjoy a Garwood historical.

They are good, light, feel-good fun. I didn't love it though. The plot seemed all over the place.

Garwood, Julie - Castles

We have a serial killer and a evil general who are both after the princess. The serial killer storyline was wrapped up, but the evil general storyline was kinda dropped. Overall, the resolution was very quick. This happens, but very quickly at the end.

For most of the book, Colin is patronizing and treats the heroine like a child. And the general who wanted the h to help seal his power, the one who prompted them to marry in the first place - he just kind of becomes a non-issue.

By Julie Garwood

I'm with Lisa Kay. The heroine's accent was a bit inconsistent and the pronunciation of Colin's name colon was off putting.

She's not a narrator I won't listen too again, but not my favorite either. Oct 08, Saly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think compared to her other books in this series the romance is slow to start but I liked that.

The heroine is one I love, intelligent and smart! Sep 28, Roxana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Let's call it 4-and-a bit stars: I finished listening to this audiobook with a huge smile on my face. Yes — there were some aspects of the book as a whole that I found problematical, but an excellent performance by Heather Wilds — a narrator I will certainly be looking out for in future — helped me see or hear past those issues, and just sit back and enjoy the story for what it was; a well-written and well-performed piece of romantic fluff.

Castles is the fourth book in Ms. The heroine of the story is Alesandra, princess of some unspecified, European principality, who was orphaned at the age of twelve and brought up in a convent. Alesandra informs him straight away that she has to get married in the next three weeks and his name is at the top of the eligible bachelors lists prepared for her by his father.

Colin will have none of it but Alesandra is by no means disappointed by his refusal. She is certainly struck by his good looks, but she can already see that he is proud, arrogant, and will be difficult to manage so she promptly crosses him off the list and asks him to help her to choose a husband from the remaining candidates.

You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals , where I've given the story a B and the narration an A-. View all 4 comments.

Dec 08, Cheesecake rated it really liked it Shelves: Princess Alesandra and Colin the stubborn so and so. Colin is the kind of person who would cut off his nose to spite his face, and he's got that snarky type of arrogance I usually hate in Heroes. And I did hate it, yet I did end up liking him. Only a writer as talented as Ms Garwood could pull that off! But this isn't one of my favourites by this author.

For far too long Colin is a stubborn asshat to Alesandra. Alesandra is supposed to be a bit of a hellion, but that never comes across. She is bea Princess Alesandra and Colin the stubborn so and so. She is beautiful, highly intelligent and VERY innocent. I liked her character a lot. She was very self possessed and even a bit humourless. Like an opposite to Colin's character who is the quintessential charmer and likes to tease. After the death of her parents, she was raised in a convent until word reaches the mother superior that the petty dictator who has taken over her country wants to force her to marry him.

So she runs to London and her father's dearest friend, to find a more palatable husband. Will Colin be that man The story has more than one bad guy. There are sections from the POV of the mysterious serial killer who plagues the second half of the book. That's a pet peeve of mine. I really dislike listening to the thoughts of demented creeps, and the thoughts get quite disgusting towards the end.

The mystery of his identity was pretty obvious, but that didn't hurt the story. The action was brief and straight forward. I really liked the way the author turned around Colin's character towards the end of the story.

It was tender and romantic and made up for the parts of the book I wasn't crazy about. I listened to this on audio and the reader, Heather Wildes, does a fantastic job!

I have read this book in the past. Now, I have listened to the audio, narrated by Heather Wilds. She did a fine job most of the time, giving the princess a Germanic accent, which seemed suitable.

Her voice is easy on the ears, not grating. Her portrayal of Colin was also good. She didn't try to force her voice to sound deep and gruff, like a man's, which always grates on my ears. However, she showed little or no emotion when portraying the love scenes. I'd go about 4 stars for the narration The I have read this book in the past. I'd go about 4 stars for the narration The story itself is not my favorite historical by Garwood, but it's okay.

The pacing is a bit slow and the plot a bit weak. Only 3 stars for the story.

Some parts are great, though. I liked Colin's devoted butler, Flannaghan, who fell over himself for "his" princess, Alesandra. I liked Alesandra's cleverness, surreptitiously handling Colin's ledgers and finding a way to ease his wounded leg. Colin is often grouchy, but I liked him, too.

He made me laugh a little but I didn't laugh during this book as much as during some of Garwood's other historicals. I could not buy the reasons given for Alesandra to move in with a bachelor. Would never happen, lady's maid or no maid. The abduction plot thread with the general who wanted to marry the throne was predictable and somewhat inconsistent.

Plus, some threads were left unfinished. I did not care for the scenes with the psychotic lady-killer, but this is typical of Garwood, to include grisly murder along with the seething thoughts of the sociopath. Apparently, she likes to write psychos into her stories, or maybe she depends on this trope to allow the hero to rescue, and to build tension.

It was good to see characters from the prequels. The scenes with Colin's brother Caine were entertaing -- the scenes when he called the princess "the plague" and when he watched Colin find something wrong with every potential husband.

Other favorite historicals by Garwood involve alpha Scottish lairds or their English counterparts: View all 6 comments. Mar 13, KJ rated it did not like it Shelves: April Screw you, Colin, and the horse you road in on! His staff is in a tumult because a Princess is in the house!

And, oh yeah, his father has told Alesandra that Colin will marry her to protect her from a nasty General who wants her title, fortune, and castle. Before he can confront his father about his match-making, Colin too succumbs to the ailment and Alesandra nurses him back to health. Much as he likes having her around, Colin is not about to be married off.

But when he accompanies her to the theater and she is nearly kidnapped, he agrees she should be married for her own protection. It becomes apparent to all those involved except our hero and heroine that they are made for one another.

Colin is a vintage Garwood hero. She makes lists of everything. She even has a master list, which is a list of her lists, of course.I was annoyed with the way that Colin tried to keep Alesandra in a box, where he thought that a wife should be This is Stephani Laurens ebook upload Part 3: So, she wanted to take notes! And ive never in my life came across a book where people are disappearing and the people just sit back and do nothing.

May 10, Pages Buy. Colin tells her he won't marry her but agrees to help find someone suitable for her to marry.

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