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In League with a UFO By Lou Baldin “On that day messengers shall go forth from me in ships ” EZEKIEL Contents Alien documents 9. UFO Crash Buy In League with a UFO by Lou Baldin (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for Available in PDF Format. How can I use this. In League with a UFO [Lou Baldin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Roswell crash Every gadget in the Alien ship possessed unique.

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In League with a UFO the Roswell Incident - Kindle edition by Lou Baldin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. In League With A UFO book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Spawn in a crashed UFO in Roswell, New Mexico. The World Atlas of UFO's also highlights areas of large cases deserving of serious study would reach UFO researchers. league as suggesting that Elvis.

Nothing connected with the craft aged, wore out, or became obsolete; rather, the things in the ship and the ship itself, appeared to improve over time. The gadgets also seemed to learn the habits of the handlers. An example, if a hammer were an Alien gadget, all one needed to do was use it once and from then on the hammer would repeat the action indefinitely, hitting the nail without the need to handle the hammer manually.

The hammer would operate on its own, although, someone had to hold the nail and pray that the hammer didnt miss. Alien technology, although perfect, is problematic when interfacing with inferior technology and understanding. The scientists discovered that controlling an Alien item once it became activated was a dangerous proposition. The recovered ship had three or more rooms equipped like futuristic surgical-looking rooms.

The rooms were brighter and had the feel of a place where flesh meets the scalpel. It was believed by members of the team that many if not all of the gadgets on the ship were related to or performed medical functions.

After suffering a few mishaps loss of life and limb from coming into contact with Alien objects from experimenting on each other, the scientists decided to utilize cadavers instead of themselves in order to reduce pain, suffering, and death among its members.

After many failed attempts to get the Alien objects to function on cadavers the Alien things did not respond to dead flesh , the scientists began using live animals such as rats, rabbits, pigs, chickens, mice, cows, horses, toads, fish and other types of wildlife. Some Alien instruments activated woke up , when they came in contact with only certain animals.

In League With A UFO

Cattle, horses and humans always triggered the Alien gadgets to perform a freakish event. The Alien things had no outward appearances or labeling that identified the functions associated with them. Scientists discovered what each item did mostly by accident. Deciphering what any one item was capable of doing or performing was impossible using the tried-and-true methods of deduction. The scientists had to stumble around, sometimes awkwardly and maybe foolishly, until a function or procedure presented itself.

Discoveries during testing happened by placing the Alien objects directly on the animals or in close proximity to the animals, and then a wait-andsee approach went into play.

A response from the gadgets might take place instantly or it could take hours, and in some cases more than a day before the gadgets decided to do something. The subjects, animal or human, were not sedated during the experiments because that seemed to compromise the testing.

In some cases, the Alien things were fastened on to the subjects with straps, clamps, and tape or held in place by one of the technicians. Although, holding the Alien object had its own consequences for the experimenters because sometimes the Alien object performed its thing on the person holding it, which was not a pretty picture, according to one memo.

When dormant, the gadgets were usually spherical and had the appearance of black ball bearings, although there were other shapes and colors they reverted to while inert as well.

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Most of the items were smaller than a baseball and larger than a golf ball, but new gadgets appeared and disappeared regularly. The majority of the objects were black in color while dormant. Some were multicolored or translucent and had no color. Touching certain items sucked the heat from the fingertips, and in some instances caused a few scientists to lose parts of their fingers from frostbite or exotic Alien radiation. At times the gadgets physical weight referred to as obstinacy in the documents was such that the scientists could not pick up or move the gadgets, even with the use of machines.

At other times those same objects were lighter than air, and bobbed around the laboratory like helium balloons at a birthday party. During the experiments with the animals they discovered that some instruments responded when they came within one inch from touching the animal. Other instruments needed to have full contact with the animal before activating. What was considered activation was when on Alien object reacted in any number of ways, such as change color, change size or shape, or outright perform its function on that animal e.

What these Alien instruments did was unclear with the early experimenters. In some of the early notes that survived was written that the Alien objects mutilated the animals by removing tissue and sometimes organs from them, for no apparent reason.


The animals were healthy before the experiments and might have remained so had the scientists known how to reverse, or somehow communicate their desired outcome to the gadget. For instance, please put the bunnys head back on. Experimenting on humans was not taboo in the s, and was practiced in many countries as well as in the United States, albeit covertly. But even before tests were begun on human guinea pigs, some scientists who fiddled with these Aliens tools unwittingly were maimed, and in a few instances, killed by the instruments.

At the onset of the program, accidents did get recorded officially, but as the years went by and the program became increasingly shrouded in secrecy, information was shared unofficially, through the grapevine. It was forbidden to write certain things down, nevertheless, some scientists secretly did. Information that made it to paper or other storage devices such as tape recorders and photography, was never meant for sharing with other scientists in the program, but was to be forwarded directly to the committee only.

Therefore, how many scientists lost their lives from contact with the Alien things no one will know. One of the first injuries recorded took place early in the program. It happened to a metallurgist. He was studying the bizarre behavior of exotic Alien metal while it transfigured during a test.

He and a colleague were monitoring a batch of Alien gadgets that were assigned to them that morning. Scientists doing experiments with Alien objects were located in a separate building from were the Alien craft was stored divide and concur was the theme.

Ufo Invasion

By putting distance between the craft and the Alien objects the scientists were hoping to eliminate any interference or potential influence that the craft might have on the gadgets. The scientists were concerned that the ship somehow remained in communication with its spawn. Another reason they experimented off the ship was that the craft was too strange a place to work inside of.

Inside the ship was real life "Alice in Wonderland" stuff. It was nearly impossible to get anything meaningful done while strange creatures jumped around and harassed the scientists working inside the ship. The metallurgist and a colleague had scattered the Alien objects around a large table in his lab. They then released a rabbit in the midst of the objects to see if any of them would activate due to the presence of the animal.

They observed and waited. They watched for the slightest responses from the objects as the rabbit moved around the table eating the lettuce. The lettuce was strategically placed around the table so that the rabbit would make maximum contact with all the items that were put out that day.

The rabbit didnt seem bothered by the Alien things. The rabbit was unaware that any one of them Alien gadgets it brushed up against could snatch it up, skin and gut it, and have it fully cooked in less than a couple of minutes! The job had many hidden dangers, but the scientists did eat well. Knowing the hazards of mishandling the Alien things, it was incomprehensible that scientists working with such volatile objects took the risks that they did.

As the rabbit hopped about the table the scientists noticed that one of the Alien things changed color as the rabbit got near. Believing that the metal was about to change shape the scientist wanted to hold the Alien object in his hand to get a feel for what was taking place. The metal quivered, so he took it to his desk where the light was better. As he studied it under the light of his desk lamp somehow his face made contact with the object. The thing activated and instantly scooped out his eyeball!

It happened so quickly that he didn't have time to drop the object, which was still holding his eyeball securely in its scoop-like-claw. His colleague, after seeing what had happened thought that the Alien thing was attacking his friend and summoned the guard that was posted outside the room in the hall.

The guard reluctantly grabbed the instrument with the eye attached to it and slowly removed it from the injured scientists hand. The scientist let go of it as he collapsed to the floor, dazed, as if he were hit by a baseball bat over the head.

No blood spilled from the scientists eye socket, but he was in severe pain and went into shock. His colleague was perplexed of what to do with the eyeball, he told the guard to remain with the injured man and took the eyeball along with the Alien object, which was remained attached to it, and put them into the refrigerator in the lunchroom.

They were unable to save the eye, even though it was not damaged in any way. The doctors that examined the injured man were baffled by the precision in which the eye was removed.

No doctors or technique that they were aware of could perform that kind of operation. The Alien instrument, on its own, completed a complex procedure in a split second. The Alien gadget cauterized all the blood vessels without damaging the eye-socket or the eyeball! Disappearing Act The first week that the scientists started experimenting with the Alien objects the gadgets began disappearing.

At first, it was thought that a trickster one of the scientist was playing pranks on them, perhaps taking the objects from the laboratories and returning them back to the ship. But that scenario was impossible because all the labs were equipped with personalized lock systems, and none of the labs were broken into. The scientists were baffled, but after a few weeks a pattern emerged. Every item from the ship, regardless of where it was, whether it was in another part of the country, or some other place in the world, vanished exactly three days from when taken out of the ship.

Items then emerged back on the ship precisely the moment they vanished, or thereabouts, since time was tricky business on the ship and difficult to gage. As the scientists had suspected the Alien ship somehow remained in contact with its brood, no matter the distance or location from the mother ship.

There was so much magic in that craft that it was practically impossible for the scientists to remain focused on their work. At times, the scientists showed signs associated with psychosis. Their personalities gyrated from giddy with delight to frustration and demonic despair.

On several occasions, guards were called into the labs to restrain a belligerent scientist who was making preposterous accusations and demands on one of his assistants. One scientist commanded a coworker to kneel and kiss a ring on his finger, than cried hysterically when his colleague refused the demand. Another threatened to kill a colleagues family if he didn't receive a birthday card from him. Two others played like children singing and clapping their hands while talking to make-believe friends.

Those cases are a small sampling of strange happenings that took place and affected many of those involved with the covert projects. Those were not episodes of bored scientists, horsing around with their colleagues, many of those affected had to be restrained and taken off the base. Some of them recovered within a few days and or weeks, and had little recollection of what happened to them.

But in a few cases the scientists had to be institutionalized permanently. The scientists were never able to master the Alien instruments because the instruments seemed to play mind games with them, kind of a Simon Says routine, do as I say, not as I do. The instruments didnt talk, verbally anyway, which would not have been surprising since they seemed to be able to do everything else, including sending messages to other devices and to the technicians via extra sensory means.

Psychics Attempt to Unlock the Mysteries The committee tried using psychics to unlock some of the secrets of the Aliens. The expectation was that clairvoyants would be less intimidated working in areas that were paranormal in nature, and too strange for down to earth types like scientists to handle. From the onset some of the psychics could not cope with what they were shown and put in contact with and handled some situations much worse than the scientists.

Many of the clairvoyants simply "freaked out," as one scientist put it. There were a few who overcame the initial shock and actually communicated with the Alien objects, but shortly after doing so more than half of them developed psychosis, and were dropped from the program.

There are many layers of scientists who work on these highly classified projects. Some know the truth and the origin of what they are working on, others are kept in the dark and believe that they are working on highly advanced human based scientific projects for the military and private industry. Of the thirty plus groups that participated in the program none communicate with each other, or even knew of the others existence. All the groups reported their findings and results to a single committee.

Each unit had two or three specialists chosen from diverse fields such as, physics, medicine, engineering, psychiatry, astronomy, parapsychology, mathematics, and even the clergy. All the sciences and philosophies were represented. The committee to which these specialists reported was comprised of seven individuals. That number changed through the years, as did the numbers of scientists in the program. Some of the committee members represented and came from the ranks of the military.

The rest were civilians. All were personally recruited by the President of the United States that policy changed in the Sixties, and now no one knows how people get in. After reviewing many of the first reports given to them by the scientists the committee as a whole was certain about only one thing, that whatever the Aliens are they allowed the human race to keep the Alien craft with all its marvels, as a gift.

But perhaps of the Trojan horse variety was the concern of some in the committee. Committee members were well aware that the Aliens had the capacity to take back their ship at anytime, yet, why didnt they? The committee knew the Aliens could do this after they learned how independent each individual gadget on the ship was, as was the ship itself.

The ship was capable of operating independently without the assistance of the Alien crew, but some in the committee believed that the gadgets were the Alien crew. It was apparent to the committee that after the craft fixed itself that there was nothing that could keep it from leaving on its own.

What puzzled them was why they were allowed to have the ship in the first place.

The mission of the committee was to find a weakness in the Alien ship. But the more they probed the more they realize how weak human technology was in comparison to the Alien technology. One scientist in the memo exclaimed, There was no comparison to human and alien technology, we are merely ova, the Aliens are Einstein to the nth degree. That is why every president starting with Harry Truman, was unable to confirm the existence of UFO's, but was forced to deny their existence.

No president was going to come out and tell the world that there are Aliens from other worlds on our planet that can "squash" the human race as if it were nothing more than a gnat! Two of the psychics that were brought into the program did what their colleagues couldnt and after initial failures, began to excel at braking through a few of the complexities of how Alien objects operated. The psychics communicated telepathically on a very basic level, like a firstgrader directing questions to a college professor, the Alien objects.

The professors Alien gadgets were amused and sometimes made an effort to explain complex material to the firstgraders psychics. However, big discoveries come from many little steps, and throughout the years several little steps fell into place like pieces of a puzzle. One of the small steps led the scientists towards a huge breakthrough.

They figured out how to unlock the secrets to a certain batch of Alien devices that most of the scientists had given up on. One of those gadgets made openings appear where none existed.

That device made it possible to walk through walls or other barriers regardless of the composition or thickness. There are no manmade or natural materials that didn't yield to that instant Alien-door-maker. The operation of it was effortless. The scientists simply willed themselves through the barrier while in possession of that peculiar item. That device did not change shape, as did many of the other Alien items.

It was about the size of a piece of chalk, the kind that teachers use for writing on blackboards, except that it was black. The gadget had a strange absorption quality to it and gave the person that was holding it the sensation that he could be sucked into it like being sucked into a miniature black hole. When the chalk like object activated, lights it the area dimmed and it seemed to also pull energy from its surroundings. Electrical items in the vicinity such as appliances, televisions, radios, lights, and to some degree, humans and pets, since humans and animals are electrical, were also affected.

The device pulled the heat out of the room or area that it was used in as if a cold front had moved through. Scientists using the device often wore suitable clothing for the sudden chill , which was awkward when temperatures outside were hot and sticky. The person holding it had the sensation of suction similar to holding a vacuum cleaner nozzle to bare skin. Another interesting device the psychics brought to life served to immobilize a person or animal and kept the victim paralyzed for an indefinite length of time.

The devise was similar to a laser pointer except for the fact that the beam projected three feet then stopped, like a slim version of the Star Wars light saber. That Alien light saber instantly paralyzed man or beast the moment the light came in contact with the cranium. Under the paralysis the person or animal remained fully conscious, but were unable to move in any way except for blinking of the eyelids.

People touched by this beam were literally frozen in their strides and had to be kept from falling if they were off balance and let down gently, otherwise they sustained injuries from falling.

They remained in that frozen state as long as the beam made contact with any part of the head. Once the beam was turned off or away from the person, the person regained mobility in one or two minutes. Additionally, the person affected by the ray suffered a mild case of amnesia, and disorientation, also they never recalled what happened to them moments before, during, and after the paralysis.

One scientist who succumbed to the paralysis during on experiment equated it to a high pitch ringing in the ears, accompanied by a mild dizzy spell, which lasted less than a minute, once the beam was removed from his head. Every new breakthrough wetted the appetite of the committee and when the discoveries waned they became impatiently hungry for more. It was in one of those lulls that the committee seriously began discussing the use of civilians as guinea pigs.

The psychics werent producing the consistent results the committee was hoping for. There was too much down time between discoveries, which left large gaps in the workloads of scientists and technicians.

That was unacceptable due to the vast Alien cargo that begged to be unlocked, and its secret mysteries unleashed. Putting pressure on the psychics only quickened their burnout rate which was high , and qualified replacements were difficult to find. Therefore, alternatives were explored. Had the psychics made better progress it might have alleviated the committee from making the dreadful decisions they were faced with. Experimenting on unsuspecting people was put on the front burner.

The decision to experiment on people posed a dilemma for some of the committee members. How would they carry out experimentation on human subjects and still be able to sleep at night? And that was the compassionate component of the problem. There were potential legal issues should that evil deed ever get out into the public.

The legality of it all presented more of a challenge, would they be tried as war criminals or monsters, if not both? Those kinds of questions surfaced more often as the decade of the forties, where violations against humans were easier to hide and were also more acceptable by certain governments. However, as the cause for the greater good era, turned into the fifties, Sixties, and Seventies, where the mood of the nation change radically against Big-brother type government institutions as benefactors of the people to outright mistrust of higher authority.

Americans became more cynical and suspicious of the military and the government in general as a consequence of the Vietnam War. Even the most hard-boiled among the committee members knew that it was only a matter of time before their covert organization would be discovered and exposed.

When that day comes, heads will roll, like at the French revolution with the guillotine, proclaimed one of the scientists in the report. None believe it would happen in their lifetime, but there was always that possibility. There were no easy answers, especially since the committee itself was venomously divided on that one issue. Because of the rift, it was feared that someone on the team might leak that information to the press. Concerns over using human specimens in the labs were prevalent in the Seventies, but it was also an issue at the onset of the covert program.

After reviewing several options concerning the use of people to experiment on in the late Forties, the first committee resolved their dilemma rather easily.

They would take the Alien gadgets and do experiments in the battlefield. The idea was proposed by two of the military personnel that were members of the committee. They made that suggestion to their colleagues on the committee after returning from a White House briefing with the President and his Chiefs of Staff. At the briefing, they learned that the possibility of America going to war with Korea was highly probable.

They were told at the meeting that such a scenario would solve several problems. The committee could set up a MASH unit near the frontlines and take in the worst casualties of the war. Many things can be hidden in battle zones when the obvious dangers are overlooked.

Few in the committee were excited about going into the battlefield, or exposing the scientific people who worked for the committee to that kind of danger. Dead soldiers tell no tales. That was the bottom line, secrecy was paramount, and fresh meat plentiful in the hellhole of war.

The use of mortally wounded soldiers was no less repugnant back then as it is now, unless they were enemy soldiers. The committee subjected solders and other victims of the war to experiments for the betterment of mankind, and only those with a low probability of survival were taken. The war provided them with multiple opportunities. They had the use of captured prisoners and enemy casualties to experiment on. They also tested the Alien devices for suitability as weapons. But before the operation got off the ground they had many obstacles to work out.

The Alien gadgets regrouped back on the ship every three days, so they had to figure out a way to get the ship nearer to the war zone. Moving it created other problems. Various unrelated research programs existed that required the ship to remain where it was the site was not disclosed. Human experimentation was a fraction of the whole program that was taking place around the Alien craft during those years. Cutting off other interested entities was a strategic nightmare and lots of toes got stepped on in the scramble to retain influence over the ship.

How and to what extent the Alien gadgets affected the human anatomy was of the greatest concern to the powers that be. Therefore, it was that research group that control of the ship was given over to. The Alien ship went wherever that unit of scientists was sent. Okinawa, Japan was that place. It was just minutes away by air from Korea, and there was already a large American military presence on that island.

The Japanese economy on the mainland, as well as some of the islands, was undergoing a massive revamping of the economy and infrastructure with the help of the United States Government. The installation of a highly classified operation as that one was, took place without anyone noticing.

There were American scientists in Japan that were studying the affects of radiation poisoning on the victims of the atomic war. Only five years earlier in , atom bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The devastation of that war was still apparent in , when the committee set up its headquarters in the region.

The exact location the committee chose for the harbor of the Alien ship was never disclosed, and was only located on the island for the duration of the Korean War. There were those in the committee who had compassion for the Japanese people after witnessing the effects of the bombs on that country. They hoped to learn enough about the Alien instruments to undo some of the radiation damage that inflicted thousands of Japanese people.

They did not perform experiments on the Japanese. They waited until there was conclusive evidence on what the instruments were capable of doing before any attempt was made to treat civilians with the alien technology. In a war situation, were life and death, misery and brutality, flashed by at a rapid pace daily, few committee members felt that what they were about to do in Korea was wrong.

They knew that humanity was given a gift, the Alien craft filled with untold possibilities, and it was their job to put those gadgets to good use. Others in the committee felt that what they had in their possession could also be subverted and made into a weapon that would unleash a nightmare onto the world, a nightmare that would eclipse the horror of the Atom bombs that were dropped on Japan. As the committee had expected from information given to them by sources in their organization, the Soviet-trained forces of North Korea invaded South Korea in the summer of Within days of that invasion, United Nation troops led by General Douglas Macarthur entered the fighting and began pushing the North Korean troops back behind the 38th Parallel.

Two and a half years earlier the committee had come into possession of the Alien craft. Now, with the war started, they knew they were on the verge of unlocking some of the most fantastic secrets in the universe. It was not a smooth going operation.

Just as they set up camp, advancing North Korean troops overran them. More than once they ended up loosing doctors and technicians, as well as the Alien instruments. The difference was that the instruments always returned to the ship undamaged, where they were retrieved again and again, not so for the scientists. The experiments were haphazard. The stress of being minutes from the frontlines and always in fear of being overrun by enemy troops took its toll on the staff.

Of the three years that the war lasted, only a few months of it was considered productive. The bulk of what had been studied was lost in transit from having to move so often, and the rest was lost when the camp came under fire and was destroyed.

Much of what was salvaged was suspect because of the brutal conditions under which it was collected. The team members chose to work close to the frontlines so that they could work with injured soldiers that were fresh off the battlefield and with some remaining life in them. The MASH unit did serve in its true capacity and doctored wounded soldiers without experimenting on them.

The scientists and doctors only experimented with the soldiers who were found to be beyond hope. Nevertheless, progress was made during those years. The committee was able to forward a breakdown describing the usefulness of certain Alien gadgets in treating disease like malaria, and dysentery instantly, and reversing the affects of frostbite and restoring eyesight by performing delicate surgery.

According to a report hundreds of miraculous recoveries from every conceivable ailment and war wound, took place without the time and ability of the technicians to document how they actually achieved those results. Those that were helped by the Alien gadgets included North and South Korean civilian refuges, and soldiers from both sides of the conflict. That particular committee was not privy to the nature or extent that the Alien items were used as weapons, or even if they were.

The US Air Force concluded it was not a weather balloon, but a top-secret nuclear-detection balloon, the type of which were being tested at the time.

It claimed the false weather balloon explanation was give at the time for national security reasons. Aside from Roswell, Rockefeller's negotiations included an ongoing plan to write a direct open letter to President Bill Clinton coupled with the threat of taking out adverts in the press, calling for full disclosure and an amnesty for official witnesses to come forward and avoid prosecution, if his demands were not met. Rockefeller appears to have been held at bay from doing this by Dr Gibbons, but the looming threat appeared to carry some sway as Rockefeller secured the ears of Mr and Mrs Clinton at his own ranch.

For the next 20 years no member of the Clinton team connected to or aware of Rockefeller will publicly say a word about it Steve Bassett, chief executive The Paradigm Research Group During the Clinton family seven-day vacation in August at the Rockefeller Teton Ranch outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the year-old billionaire privately briefed the President and First Lady on UFOs and his hopes.

No one else knows exactly what was said, but at the time Mr Clinton, who had a personal interest in UFOs and was frustrated at the lack of information he could glean on it, was carrying out a review of how the Government handled confidential material. Mrs Clinton was snapped later the same day walking through the ranch grounds deep in conversation with Rockefeller, clutching a copy of a book by Paul Davies called Are We Alone: Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extra-terrestrial Life.

The documents also name both Clintons as being directly involved in the initiative after the meeting. PRG Steve Bassett is the only registered lobbyist on UFOs in the US Towards late , relations appeared to thaw with Rockefeller supporter Scott Jones writing a strongly-worded warning to Dr Gibbons about the letter to President Clinton and newspaper adverts being ready ahead of the latter's re-election campaign.

But the threat never appeared to be carried out. Aside from the Roswell report released in , we know in , President Clinton declassified millions of military and intelligence records, but not about UFOs. Then the trail of what the Clintons did, tried to do or were prevented from doing goes cold. What Mr Bassett and his many supporters find irksome, is despite all the current noise from camp Clinton about disclosure, he claims they have not spoken about the Rockefeller Initiative, what went on, and why it failed.I often met with clients and suppliers who I did business with and didnt give it much thought when I accepted the invitation.

Copyright Office website, http: It gave all who saw it the chills. How can I use this format? It did not prove that the Alien objects decay. No sutures were required to hold the skin in place.

Coincidently, aluminum foil was invented that year It was ironic. It did not reach out to an individual or follow him if he or she strayed from the main contingent.

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