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Results 1 - 30 of 41 The Ideal Cookery Book by Fairclough, M. A. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at The Ideal Cookery Book (Classic Reprint) [Margaret Alice Fairclough] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excerpt from The Ideal Cookery. The ideal cookery book [Hardcover] [M.A. FAIRCLOUGH] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lang: eng, Pages Reprinted in.

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PublisherLondon, G. Routledge and sons, limited; New York, E. P. Dutton and co. Collectionbostonpubliclibrary; americana. Digitizing sponsorBoston Public. This material has been provided by The University of Leeds Library. The original may be consulted at The University of Leeds Library. The Ideal Cookery Book. by M. A. Fairclough. Book condition: Near Fine. Jacket condition: No Jacket. Book Description. NY: E. P. Dutton, Maroon Cloth.

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They want you to get down and dirty with offal, not faff around with piping bags. Now the cover is sorted, give a bit of thought to the contents.

Originality in recipe writing barely exists and, unless you lift a recipe directly, plagiarism is virtually impossible to prove. Just pick a subject area — Italian food , Nordic food, raw food, preserving, low carb — and go for it.

Failing this, some annoying tics will do If you decide to write about the food of a particular country, you might worry that your book will lack authenticity. Not a problem. Just go on a road trip in said country.

The "Ideal" cookery book a reliable guide to home cooking

This will give your text a veneer of credibility, with the added advantage that the photos will be fab. Failing this, some annoying tics will do.

If your text still lacks character, insist that your publisher hires an illustrator to pepper it with whimsical little drawings, and get the designer to do quirky things with font sizes and colours. By the s, cookery had progressed to an art form and good cooks were in demand.

Many of them published their own books detailing their recipes in competition with their rivals. In , the first known American cookbook titled, American Cookery , written by Amelia Simmons, was published in Hartford, Connecticut. Until then, the cookbooks printed and used in the Thirteen Colonies were British.

The first modern cookery writer and compiler of recipes for the home was Eliza Acton. Her pioneering cookbook, Modern Cookery for Private Families , was aimed at the domestic reader rather than the professional cook or chef.

This was an immensely influential book, and it established the format for modern writing about cookery.

It included the first recipe for Brussels sprouts. Acton's work was an important influence on Isabella Beeton , [25] who published Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management in 24 monthly parts between and The book was a guide to running a Victorian household, with advice on fashion, child care , animal husbandry , poisons, the management of servants , science, religion, and industrialism.

Most of the recipes were illustrated with coloured engravings, and it was the first book to show recipes in a format that is still used today.

Many of the recipes were plagiarised from earlier writers, including Acton. They provided not just recipes but overall instruction for both kitchen technique and household management. Such books were written primarily for housewives and occasionally domestic servants as opposed to professional cooks, and at times books such as The Joy of Cooking USA , La bonne cuisine de Madame E.

Cookbook also tell stories of the writers themselves and reflect upon the era in which they are written. They often reveal notions of social, political, environmental or economic contexts. For example, during the era of industrialization, convenience foods were brought into many households and were integrated and present in cookbooks written in this time.

In vernacular literature, people may collect traditional recipes in family cookbooks. While western cookbooks usually group recipes for main courses by the main ingredient of the dishes, Japanese cookbooks usually group them by cooking techniques e.

The Ideal Cookery Book

Both styles of cookbook have additional recipe groupings such as soups or sweets. International and ethnic[ edit ] Norwegian immigrant cookbook in Norwegian Published in the USA International and ethnic cookbooks fall into two categories: the kitchen references of other cultures, translated into other languages; and books translating the recipes of another culture into the languages, techniques, and ingredients of a new audience. The latter style often doubles as a sort of culinary travelogue, giving background and context to a recipe that the first type of book would assume its audience is already familiar with.

Popular Puerto Rican cookbook, Cocina Criolla, written by Carmen Aboy Valldejuli, includes recipes that are typically of traditional Puerto Rican cuisine such as mofongo and pasteles. Valldejuli - Pelican Publishing, Such books deal not only in recipes and techniques, but often service and kitchen workflow matters.Nita Mehta is a Home Science graduate.

Some marks to pastedowns and feps - otherwise internally clean.

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