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Spoerl / The Levantine Review Volume 2 Number 1 (Spring ). I will be using Alfred Guillaume's English translation of Ibn Ishaq, published. The Life of Muhammada translation of Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah, Islam's canonical biography of Muhammadtranslated by Alfred Guillaume. Mohammed founded Islam and is consequently an important role model for Moslems. Nonetheless the Mohammedans I have met are rather.

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See Biographien von Gewahrsmiinnnn d~s Ibn Ishaq.. " ed. Fischer It is certain that Ibn Isl,taq's biography of the prophet had no serious rival; but it was. A TRANSLATION OF ISHAQ'S. SHRAT RAS ÜL ALLAH. WITH INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY. A. GUILLAUME. OXFORD. UNIVERSITY PRESS. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | This paper examines the phenomenon of anti-Semitism in the Muslim world, Sirat Rasul Allah, or The Life of the Prophet of God by Ibn Ishaq (d CE.).

Ppi This is a special case of Mohammedans being hazy about facts in general. Not only are they usually ignorant about Mohammed, but they have never heard of his first known biography, attributed to one Ibn Ishaq AD https: I recently met an Indian Moslem.

These are notes I made right after our conversation ended. I asked him about Moslem terrorism in South Asia. He replied that many people seek to defame Islam, often through mistranslations.

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Actually he was right. Guillaume was a Roman Catholic.

I asked him how come he would ask a legal expert about a historical matter. Sharia law is one thing and the life of Mohammed is something completely different. I insisted that Ibn Ishaq was the first biographer of Mohammed and all subsequent bios rely on Ibn Ishaq.

I told him that his conception of Mohammed as a kindly and humane ruler was contradicted by Ibn Ishaq, who narrated mass executions and other atrocities. He replied that Mohammed only defended himself against his enemies, and if he had not killed them, they would have killed him.

Ibn Hashsham stated that the Arabs use both words Hajir and Ajir. The reason is that it is habitual with them to convert the alphabet "ha" into "alif' as they convert the compound Haraq al-Ma' into Araq al-Ma' etc.

Hajir was from the family of Egyptians.

Ibn Hashsham stated that some have called him as "Adnan bin Udd as well. Ibn Hashsham stated that thereafter the tribe of "Ak mixed with the family of Yemen to such an extent that "Ak married in Ash'ariyyin and domiciled among them. Thus the family and language of both became one. Some say that it is Nabt bin Udad whose name was Ash'ar.

Some others allege that Ash'ar is the son of Malik.

Ghissan is the name of a water storage which is located in Yemen at the Dam of Ma'arib. It was the water storage of the progeny of Mazin bin Asad bin al-Ghauth and for this reason Bunu Mazin became known 3 In manuscript b the word is Talaqqabu. Ahmad Mahmudi.

Some say that Ghissan is a water storage at Muthallal which is near Jahuftah. Those who drank water from that water storage were some of the tribes of the progeny of Mazin bin al- asad bin al-Ghauth bin Nibt bin Malik bin Zayd bin Kuhlan bin Saba bin Yshhjab bin Ya'rab bin Qahtan which were called by that name. Verily we are nobles and Banu Asad is our tribe and Ghassasn is our water storage.

People of Yemen and some people of Qabilah "Akk who were residents of Khurasan have stated that "Akk bin "Adnan bin "Abdullah bin al-Ghauth was from their family and some have stated that "Adanan bin al-Zayb bin "Abdullah bin al-Asad bin al-Ghauth.Caliph al-Wathiq was succeeded as Caliph in by al-Mutawakkil who appointed Hunayn to the post of chief physician at his court, a position he held for the rest of his life.

Ibn Ishaq collected oral traditions that formed the basis of an important biography of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Darussalam publishers Ltd. The scholar-bureaucrat responsible for funding this translation, Muhammad ibn Musa d. Stephen

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