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High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications provides a broad The material focuses on HSS devices, and the consolidation of related topics into a s. PDF · HSS Architecture and Design. James Donald Rockrohr. Pages PDF. Rockrohr. High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications. ▷ Provides information on the features and functions typically found on HSS devices. ▷ Explains how. Download High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications By Davi pdf · Read Online High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications By Da pdf.

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The simplest method of transferring data through the inputs or outputs of a silicon chip is to directly connect each bit of the datapath from one chip to the next. pdf. High speed serial link design (SERDES) Introduction, Architectures and applications ARCHITECTURE OF HIGH-SPEED SERDES main device in this operation. If a protocol application requires “full duplex” communication, then. When most system designers look at serializer/deserializer (SerDes) devices, they often compare Networking Group, handling high-speed interface products.

Also designers must have a working knowledge of related subjects, including: The authors consolidate these topics with a specific focus on HSS devices.

This approach provides the chip designer sufficient background information for using HSS devices on their chips. The chapters can be viewed as four distinct sections. The first section relates to the features, functions, and design of HSS devices. Second are chapters that describe the features and functions of protocol logic used to implement various network protocol interface standards.

The third section covers specialized topics related to HSS cores. Finally, characteristics of typical design kit models to facilitate integration within the chip design are discussed. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

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Serdes Concepts. Pages Because the phase of this clock is determined by the internal state of the serializer, the Serdes channel generally provides this clock as an output for use by logic driving data to the transmit channel.

Debugging High-Speed SERDES Issues in Multi-board Interconnect Systems

Conceptually, the deserializer receive block performs the inverse function of the serializer block. Serial data is deserialized onto an n-bit databus of similar width to the Fig.


A sample clock is generated by dividing down the The differential driver stage is an analog circuit which internal high-speed clock, and this clock is supplied as an drives the true and complement legs of the differential signal. In a similar Output data must be driven such that jitter is minimized.

Differential Receiver: B. Many variations on filter architectures are possible, all of which accomplish this. This equalizer distorts the signal at the transmitter output such that the resulting signal at the receiver input is a clean waveform.

High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications

Parallel Clock SerDes: Fig. Clock and Data Recovery CDR : CDR circuits monitor transitions of the data signal and select an optimal sampling phase for the data at the mid-point between edges.

Since the timing of data transitions includes a jitter component, the CDR must perform some averaging to provide stability of this sampling point from one bit to the next. Inter symbol interference ISI and other components of deterministic jitter DJ are dependent on the spectral content of the data signal, and this frequency spectrum does change based on the data content.

Shifts in this frequency spectrum sustained for hundreds of bits or more cause the CDR to adjust the optimal sampling phase dynamically.

Instead of tackling the whole bus with one multiplexer, the parallel clock SerDes architecture employs a bank of n-to-1 multiplexers, each serializing its section of the bus separately.

The resulting serial automatic receiver lock to random data.

high speed serdes - High Speed Serdes Devices and...

This is an especially data streams travel to the receiver in parallel with an additional useful feature in systems where the receiver is in a remote clock signal pair that the receiver uses to latch in and recover module not under direct system control and also in systems the data.

Since clock and data travel on multiple pairs, pair-to- where one transmitter broadcasts to multiple receivers.

In the pair skew must be minimized for proper deserialization. Common parallel bus Embedded clock bits SerDes are well suited to non-byte- widths for these chipsets include , , and bits.

The bit transmission codes were developed by Fig. Two multiple edge transitions every cycle as well as DC balance clock bits, one low and one high, are embedded into the serial balanced number of transmitted ones and zeros.

DC balance facilitates driving creating a periodic rising edge in the serial stream. Data AC-coupled loads, long cables and optical modules. After powering up, the receiver automatically searches for the periodic embedded clock rising edge.SerDes plays an essential role in serial data communications Figure 3.


Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. At the receiving device, the eye width and height is influenced by the following channel s-parameter characteristics [2] as illustrated in Figure 1. Furthermore, the VCDL can be implemented as a simple phase-interpolator which is very compact in size. Ten different systems were tested.

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