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Saturday, August 17, 2019

This book is about the Spiritual Journey of Arif e Waqt Professor Faqeer Bagh Hussain Kamal RA. This book will tell you that what actually. This public document was automatically mirrored from myavr.infoal filename: URL: Haal-E-Safar (Az Farsh Ta Arsh) by Prof. Bagh Hussain Kamal - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Biography of a seer and its.

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Haal e Safar - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Rahnuma eBooks Library, Free pdf and djvu eBooks downloads, Haal-e-Safar. pdf. This is book by professor Bagh Hussain Kamal Ra, head of Silsila Awasiah Kamalia. He is one of great saints of modern times. This book.

Tum ne unko jaane ko kyon kaha? Normally Aap ne unko jaane ko kyon kaha? Respect Why did he bring the bag? Woh bag kyon laya? Normally Woh bag kyon laye? Respect Why did she pay the money? Us ne paisey kyon diye? Normally Unhon ne paisey kyon diye Respect Why did they sit there? Woh wahan kyon baithe the? Why do you drive the car? Tum gaari kyon chalate ho? Normally Aap gaari kyon chalate ho? Respect Why did they come late for the meeting? Woh molaqaat ke liye der se kyon aaye?

How did you come? Tum kaise aaye? Normally Aap kaise aaye? Respect How did you sleep? Tum kaise soye? Normally Aap kaise soye? Respect How did you drive the car?

Tum ne gaari kaise chalai? Normally Aap ne gari kaise chalai? Respect How did you write? Tum ne kaise likha? Normally Aap ne kaise likha? Respect How many apples are there in my hand? Mere haath mein kitne sev hein? Normally Hamare haath mein kitne sev hein? Respect How many did you take?

Tum ne kitne liye? Normally Aap ne kitne liye? Respect How much did he pay you? Us ne tum ko kitne paise diye? Normally Unhon ne aap ko kitne paise diye?

Arabic Grammar 2005

Send us your suggestions and comments to dar ul faizan website administration facebook pages so that we can improve the quality of the website. Mehfil e Zikr O Muraqba is held on every sunday from 1: This book is in urdu language. Download Total Downloads This is the english version of Haal-e-Safar. The author of this book is Hazrat Qazi Murad Kamal current silsila leader.

This book is in urdu language with good quality pdf file. But then that information stopped. There are a few new ones. But they are very honest.

We can do an experiment before the eyes of the press one day. The djinns will be around in the time of Hazrat Mahdi just like Prophet Sulayman as: This spirit of opposition stemming from this sectarian difference needs to be eliminated. Shiites, Alawites, Bektashis and Wahabbists are all our brothers.

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They are all spotless, honest, pious believing people. They all have a profound love of Allah and the prophets. They are therefore a blessing for us, our brothers. They are all a blessing. That idea of opposition needs to be eliminated. Sectarian differences must come to an end http: Rijal-ul Ghaib People of Unseen are all spiritual entities.

They are the ones Beduizzaman had met as well. They existed in all periods. Rijal-ul Ghaib People of Unseen these are the spiritual curators of the world Who are the Rijal-ul Ghaib People of Unseen? In which dimension do they live in?

Who else are there in that dimension?

Haal-E-Safar.pdf (PDFy mirror)

Therefore, if being divided is what they meant, America is already divided into states, but there will not be such a division in that sense, but there will be a unity of belief. Ithad ke eassi thaam ley Currentley we don't know who is this person but Bagh Hussain Sahib ra gave us his characteristics that he is young may be now old and hardness in nature and then he ra gave him advise to leave hardness from nature and add humbleness because his mission is not for only Pakistan but for whole Islamic world..

Hazrat Mahdi as will restore the religion to exactly as it was in the time of the Prophet saas. He will eliminate the schools from the world. No school will be left. So Bagh Hussain Sahib ra is predicting Imam Mahdi as will unite all schools so he ra is also advising him as to not criticize any school. A very good site for women of Adnan Oktar http: A Muslim's hair, hands, face and body must always be clean.

His clothes must always be clean, neat and well cared for. The places where he works or lives must always be clean, tidy, sweet-smelling and be a relaxing atmosphere. Once again, it is the Prophet saas who is the best example of this characteristic of Muslims. The Prophet also advises the faithful to be clean in one of the hadiths: Provide me some link of his predictions: Bcos post karne ke liye parhna parta hai Faqar bhi More books will come on air inshallah with the same thrill and same nerves on this blog including our pak sar zameen referneces.

NN i would like to give you another gift of spiritual books in one link related to all spiritual order and their hidden truths soon inshallah once you finish the current post. NN Give me secretly I must confess here, the link of book: Haal-e-Safar, is provided by NN. I also say thanks to some other brothers who sent me precious links.

Insha'Allah A post will be done but after reading Khizr-e-Rah 1 So that the foundation of the Caliphate may be once again firm in the world, Search for and bring from somewhere the heart and spirit of your ancestors.

Han ,un ki kuch sohbats yani muridon k sath mehfil jis mein naseehat waghera ki baatein hoti hain unn ka tarjuma dastyab hai. Salam Alaikum any news from raiwand tableeghi ijtima?

Thanks Rizwan. You grave worshippers never stop to amuse. Brother i am proud to be a Sag-e-Kamal but You will come to know about Aulia Karam in the hereafter and then you will only cry.. CocoMo Bidatis are those who added full or part of philosophies capitalism, communism and fascism in Deen-e-Islam. Whoever worships other than Allah and adopts any philosophy other than Islam is Kafir.

Coco day by day my belief becomeing more stronger and firm afer hearing your type of person that you willl never be enlighted with the true spirit of Islam and Deenay Hanif sinc you people never opend Quran pak , you never studied it you are just blind follower of your leaders whoever is there preaching you, ask you mentor tell you about some thing related to Batin or Qalbay Saleem , i swear if he is honest and Allah fear he will reply you , or he will tell you there is nothong in Quran.

Owais Brother, Mubarik ho, App ko sag ka izzaz un ki janib se mil gya jo Aulia Allah ke mukhalif hain. Kya pata kal ko woh rah-e-rast par aa jaen. Keep inviting the people for unity. I like every such person of the Ummah, who is the claimant claimer of Unity". Sister women are more spiritual as they are more humble than men.

Women are a blessing as they are spiritual. Asslaam Aleykum Islam ney Orton ko Ezzato Ehtram ka Maqaam Diya hey , Maan Ki shan se to sab waqif hongey, jo shaks chahey k main jannat ki chokhat yani darwazey ko bosa dun, to wo apni maan k qadmon ko bosa dey, goya us ney jannat ki chokhat ko bosa diya.

Anonymous who asked about women and path of spiritualism. I am thinking to start another simple blog on biographies of Aulia Allah in Urdu. You will get a lot of info from there.

Lets wait for few days NN Few months back, I created the blog http: Let me think me more on it meanwhile you can visit http: Islam Ke Safeer. Dear Readers! Thank you all for your insight regarding my query about chances of a woman on the path to spirituality.

It is strange that whenever i am keen on this ocean sooner or later such circumstances arise that make it really difficult to keep my resolve. Does it mean that these are the waswas of khannas to stop me from continuing my resolve? Secondly, all my negativity has been erased after coming across this blog. Finally can anybody has a guess that where are we going and who is supposed to be the leader to take us out of these doldrums with special reference to todays Oriya Maqbool jan article.

Mujahid Thanks Bother, you will see rare spiritual stories of Aulia Allah, rare means which are not available online, I have read these many years ago and I really love them. Shukr hai ye mere pass hain, Mein weekly aik new story post kr diya karoon ga.

Kosish ye hai jaise Iqbal Urdu blog simple banaya, isi tarah koi bilkul simple cheez ho, jo just one click per read ki ja sake. Maqsad to ilm hasil krna hai, Main khud bhi revise kr lon ga. Anonymous Circumstances which you mentioned, are actually tests of your willpower and interest. Spirituality yani rohaniat koi new cheez nahin, these are best practices of Islam. Aur ye log kon thay, sada aur shareef insan jo Allah, Rasool Allah S.

W aur Sahaba Karam ke diwane thay. And about second question, Pakistan is created for the revival of Islam and Ghazwah-e-Hind, coming leader must have to do these two things otherwise he will be humiliated and removed.

Its Pakistan's written destiny. Aulia Allah clearly told this. Now lets see whom is selected by Nature to fulfill these promises. Sister who asked about leader.

Orya Maqbool jan said at last line Us ko kuch aur logo ka istiqbaal karna hai, Garam Josh istiqbaal. No power can stop this.

Haal e Safar Az Farsh Ta Arsh Pdf

No country can make it stop. America and Europe will not be able to do anything. Because we will be protecting them as well. We look at them with compassion. We would like to save and protect them as they are all servants of Allah. Aug 13, So both are saying is special. Adnan Oktar also said people will see Imam Mahdi in and after 7 years Islamic Khilafah will be dominant power in world. Currently Imam Mahdi is in occultation but he is working.Comments by Famous Personalities about Book: They are therefore a blessing for us, our brothers.

Assalmu Alaikum, Beautiful post. Tum kyon aaey? Aulia Allah clearly told this.

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