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Group discussion is an important activity in academic, business and Debate is competitive in nature while group discussion is a co-operative group process. G roup discussions help to summarise the ideas and information that a g roup of informants may come to hold as a group, rather than the. i n f o rmation held by. Group discussion (GD) is a comprehensive technique to judge the suitability of an While the discussion is going on, a group of panellists observe them.

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Top GD Topics for MBA Download PDF: GD Topics that have appeared in MBA admissions, experts have prepared a. (GD), what is Group Discussion, what are the evaluation criteria used for selecting/ Today Group Discussion has become a mandatory elimination process for. Definition: Group discussion is def n as form of group communication in which the participants share ideas and exchange information on a common topic.

Group discussions are unstructured and less formal compared to meetings or conferences wherein specific roles are assigned to the participants.

It also depends on where and in which direction the mood of the discussion moves. In a group discussion, each participant is free to speak his views.

They see, hear and communicate with each other orally by paying attention to each other. The leader has to summarize facts and information, integrate them, stimulate thinking and agree to a unanimous solution of the problem.

What is a Group Discussion?

The members of the group become actively related to each other in their respective roles. As long as interaction continues, the likes, dislikes, behavior and temperament of members are known to each other. Among them, empathy develops and as such they share each others problems.

The pre-defined and established standards are always enforced and followed. A conflict is inevitable and usually develops when alternative solutions are present.

It can stimulate the members to find new solutions to the problem. If the number of participants is more than that, then there is a tendency for some of the members to be passive listeners and avoid participation. Similarly, if the number of participants is less than six, the discussion suffers from a lack of diversity in opinions.

The time allotted for the discussion is normally twenty-thirty minutes. Cases like when the aim of the group discussion is teaching and learning or when the subject of the group discussion is uncommon or tough , the group discussion may be held under the guidance of a group leader or a facilitator.

100 Top Group Discussion Topics 2018

The group facilitator announces the topic and gives a brief introduction. He may give initial arguments to initiate the discussion.

A certain degree of expertise is expected from the group leader. He is generally responsible for concluding and summarizing the discussion. There are two ways of organizing a group discussion. In one case, the topic is given to the candidates well in advance and the participants are expected to come prepared for the discussion. In the other case, the topic is disclosed to the participants after they assemble and they are given about ten minutes to think about it Types of Group Discussion We will classify group discussions based on the following: Method of conduct Based on the Method of Conduct Bases on the method of conduct, group discussions can be further classified into the following: i Structured Group Discussion: In this type of group discussion, the topic is given to the participants by the selectors and a time-frame is allotted to complete the discussion.

This is the most commonly followed technique for a group discussion. This formal method of group discussions is rarely used.

Within the framework of their role, the participants have to solve the problems inherent in the situation given to them. But in this type of a group discussion, a person is nominated as a facilitator or a leader of the group.

He may summarize the discussion or solutions discussed at the end of the group discussion. Sometimes the leader is nominated by the group members themselves.

Based on Nature of the Topic Group discussions can also be categorized based on the topic allotted for the discussion to the participants.Even I don't think that cricket have hurt any other sports.

A fixed tenure of office for a President does not make this possible in a Presidential democracy.

Which are the important GD topics that can be asked?

Remember that you need to be calm and composed. Don't we witness this happening here in India? To know the communication skills of MBA aspirants To judge body language of the candidates To understand top of mind personality of the candidates To understand attitudinal attributes of the candidates To understand attributes of positivity of the candidates To understand the Entrepreneurial traits of the candidates To understand the institute fit quotient of the candidate.

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