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Genki 1: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese 1. Uploaded by Fina Silva- Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate . Discussion/Questions about Genki Textbooks for Japanese? Post them here. Genki - Elementary Japanese, Jan , M Genki I - Workbook - Elementary Japanese Course (with bookmarks).pdf, Jan

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Are you sure you want to Yes No. Who wants to chat with me? Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. You just clipped your first slide! Write down in Engl ish what each student was doing. IJ ' O other 1. M ichiko: Listen to a TV reporter at a celebrity's party.

Choose appropriate descriptions for each celebrity.

Arnold Stallone 2. Noguchi Hiroko 3. M atsumoto Seiko 4. Matsumoto Seiko's new boyfriend a. What is each i nterviewee doing today?

Choose the appropriate answers. Note that ru-verbs, u-verbs, and irreg u l ar verbs appear random ly on this sheet. Do you study today? Do you often ride a bus? Do you speak J apanese every day?

Do you have homework today? Will you go out this weekend? Are you free tomorrow? Are you Japanese? I s it hot? G Answer the fol l owing questions i n 1. I n sentences , "I don't th i n k. I think food is expensive in J apan.

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I think Professor Yamashita is handsome. I think this woman is M ary's Japanese teacher. I think Professor Yamashita reads many books.

I don' t think this town is interesting. I don't think Saeko drinks sake. I don ' t think Chieko likes M ayumi. I don' t think Noriko will come t o school today. Report the answers using - C: Please don't wait for me. Because I will be late. Please don ' t forget your umbrella. Because I t will rain this afternoon.

Please don't open the window. Because I am cold. Please don ' t turn off the TV. Because I ' m watching the news.: Please don ' t read that letter. Because I t is my letter. Erika is very good at making friends. Kiyoshi loves reading books.

Genki Textbook (Intermediate).pdf - AN INTl:GRA-Tf:E>...

Makoto hates cleaning the room. Y oshie is not good at driving a car. Yuki doesn't like doing laundry very much.

Note especially that normal ly not accompan ied by particles. Did you eat anything this morning? No, I did not eat anything this morning. What will you do over the weekend? I won' t do anything. Y oshio said something, but I did not understand. Would you like to drink anything? Listen to the CD and choose the picture that describes the situation i n which you are l ikely to hear each of the sentences. Ken are tal king.

Listen to the d ialogue and answer the q uestions. When are they going to play basketball? Is Takeshi coming to play? Why not? Is Tom coming also? C i rcle every item that is true accord ing to Mary's i nterview. Honma likes a woman who is: He spends his weekends: His students in a J apanese class are: Verb dictionary form Ex.

H, M tences 0, " I don't th i n k. I think Y oshiko was good at skiing when she was a child. I think Tadashi's younger brother was good-looking when he was young.

I think the concert began at 9 o ' clock. I think this song was popular when I was a child. I think Saeko did physical exercises last weekend. I don' t think the last week's exam was difficult. I don ' t think Professor Yamashita was sick yesterday. I don' t think Mie was mean when she was a child.

I don' t think Masako received a letter from Mari. Use the pattern OO! QA c 9 , describing what each person is currently doing.

If you are unclear, review G rammar 3 pp. Have you eaten lunch yet? No, 2. Have you been to Tokyo yet?

Use 1t A: Yes, 3. Have you bought a kanj i dictionary yet? No I haven' t bought one yet. Have you talked with the new teacher yet? No, I haven' t talked with her yet. Have you done the homework yet?

Yes, I haven't eaten yet. I have done it already. I won 't do physical exercises because I am sick today. Today's exam was easy because I memorized all the vocabulary. M asako is very popular because she is good at dancing. I was very lonely because I did not have any friends. I went to see Kabuki with a friend because I received two tickets. Z, "'f' L t A 7bl! I7 iJ! T -h' o Who waited for whom? What are they going to do? Where is the restaurant located?

Where are the fol lowing people i n the picture? Jun 2. Jun's girlfriend 3. Jun's younger sister 4. Jun's older sister 5. Jun's younger brother 6. Jun's father 7. How many of each How many?

Total amount 1. Tokyo is larger than Osaka. Sundays are more fun than Mondays. Spock A. Soccer and baseball, which d o you like better? I like baseball better. Between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, which is the most difficult? The Korean language is the most difficult. A Between meat, fish, and vegetables, which do you like best? This clock is expensive. Give me a cheap one. My computer is slower than yours. What kind of movies do you like? This dictionary is old.

This red sweater is more expensive than that white one. I - I like scary ones. I am planning on going to see a movie this afternoon.

I intend to not go out this evening. I intend to work for a Japanese company. I intend to not get married. Because we have an exam next week, I am planning on studying this week. D Answer the following questions using, -": Translate the fol lowi ng sentences, using the verb fcJ: Pay attention to the order of elements in the sentences: My room became clean, because I cleaned it this morning.

I have become sleepy, because I did not sleep much last night. I have become very good at speaking Japanese, because 4. I will be become a teacher, because I like children. I practiced a lot. Listen to the dialogue and f i l l in the chart in Eng l ish. Where ] DiskS 2. What to do 3. She is interested in three schools Hanaoka, Tozai, and Tsushima.

Listen to the conversation between Naomi and her Japanese teacher and answer the fol l owing questions in English. Which university is the biggest? How much is the tuition at Tsushima University per year? How far is Tozai University from here? How can you get there? Which university has the best J apanese class?

Listen to the questions on the CD and write your answers in Japanese. What you want t o do: I want to drive a car. I don' t want to ride a train. I wanted to own a dog when I was a child. I didn' t want to go to school when I was a child.

TJ ' What you don ' t want to do: I watched a movie, shopped, etc.

I ' ll do laundry, study, etc. I met a friend, read a book, etc. I practice J apanese, listen to J apanese tapes, etc. I want to climb a mountain, go to a hot spring, etc. You must not smoke, drink beer, etc. CD Answer the questions, using -t What you have done: What y ou have never done: I have been late for class. I have never told a lie. I have never cut the class.

Have you ever climbed Mt. Fuj i? T h'o. IJ' 3. What did they do? What are they plan n i ng to do for the next vacation? Choose the answers from the l i st. Disk a. After school They are going to have: On a date They are going to watch: Godzilla b. Superman c. My Fair Lady d. I n New York What are their plans for today and tomorrow? Sample topics: You had better go to a hospital.

Genki Textbook 2nd Edition

You had better memorize kanj i. You had better write a letter to your mother. You had better not worry. You had better not smoke. You had better not tell a lie. Your friend: You r friend: I will not go to a party, because I am busy. I came to J apan, because I wanted to study Japanese. I like her, because she is kind. I often go to see movies, because I am interested in foreign countries. My grade was bad, because I didn't study.

I will not go to the party tomorrow, because I have a scheduling conflict. CD Answer the q uestions, using - ] c. Z , ffi: L vb f,: Then, choose what you have to do from the l i st and com plete the sentences using -tJ: This week: CJ -t: Tomorrow's Weather.: Mark 0 for the symptoms each patient has and write down the doctor's suggestion in Engl ish.

L ,'h. Listen to the dialogue and answer the fol lowing q uestions in English. Are they going out tonight? What does the woman suggest the man should do? Tokyo oc 2. M oscow oc 3. Bangkok oc 4. Write the words below in hiragana. Note especially that "ee" and "oo" sequences are transcribed as if they are "ei" and "ou , " respectively. Katakana J7 CD Practice writing a 7 1 7 u e 0 ka ki ku ke L ;t 7J: J the fol l owing ten katakana Y through: Unlike the hiragana writing system, long vowels i n katakana words are transcribed with a bar.

For example: Thailand -t - --? A ' G Write the words below i n katakana. Europe 3. This watch is 49, yen. That bag is 5, yen. Yamanaka gets up at six. Kawaguchi goes to college at seven. Suzuki usually goes to bed at about twelve. I sometimes drink coffee at a cafe. The coffee is yen. Sunday 5.

Thursday 2. Monday 6. Friday 3. Tuesday 7. Saturday 4. Wednesday 0 Write in kanj i. I went to a restaurant with a Japanese friend on Friday. I got up at about ten thirty on Saturday.

I went to a temple alone on Monday. The book is on the desk. The newspaper is under the book. I am now in Japan. Tanaka is fine. Yamakawa is not fi ne. I went to the mountain with a Japanese man and woman.

I ate dinner with my friend on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I drank a lot of alcohol. And then I saw a video. Kanj i Practice D ttl 7o ti. There are lots of foreign teachers in my college. The college is to the left of a bank. Go out the east exit and go to the right, please. The restaurant is near the south exit. I ate pizza and drank wine at the restaurant. I 1t "'?

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CD Write the 1. Kyoko's younger sister is a high school student. Kyoko's mother works for a small company. Kyoko's father comes home late every day. I am studying J apanese and literature. M inami speaks English a little. I read the newspaper on a train. I made a questionnaire. I think company employees in Japan are busy. What do you do on holidays?

Kyoko said that she went to Tokyo last week. The next train comes at eleven o' clock. I wrote a letter to my friend in the afternoon. I read a book for one hour at home. I had a talk with Ken's father. It was interesting. The name of Mr. Yamashita's dog is Pochi. My dictionary is a little old. Please come to my house. Let's talk. Kanj i Practice 1 02 1 04 1 05 1i: I "7 h"--J J I live i n a small town.

It snowed yesterday morning. I sold my old car and bought a new one. Yamada is tall and has long hair. Do you have an umbrella? This road becomes quiet at night. On my days off I watch movies and sing songs and so on. My friend lives in my neighborhood. I traveled to various places. I don' t want to go to a hospital tomorrow. I want to become famous in the future.

Please write a letter to me. I have never studied foreign languages. I like red color and blue color. Let's go to a movie in the near future. I don ' t like getting up early in the morning. I don ' t want to separate from you. May I use a telephone? I have to work this weekend. Read more. Genki II: An integrated course in elementary japanese.

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MathMatters 3: Japanese in MangaLand: Cutting edge. Japanese Particle Workbook.But with the advent of tablet computing, access to a CD drive is less and less common. Japanese in Mangaland: This is great because you'll be doing so much writing in the exercises. Japanese class 2.

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You must not smoke, drink beer, etc. MathMatters 3: When is NOT convenient for each of them? The margins and alignment offer plenty of white space. The group leader and the students are d i scuss i ng the sched u l e for the next day.

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