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PDF | On Jul 13, , Sajid Iqbal and others published Caravan General Knowledge MCQs. Publisher: Caravan Enterprises Lahore, Pakistan. Cite this . General Knowledge About Pakistan PDF Book 1 Prepared By General Knowledge About Pakistan PDF Book Background: The. Pakistan General Knowledge Questions Quizz - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. General knowledge MCQs Questions about Pakistan.

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General knowledge Book updated for CSS,PMS,PPSC,UPSC, IAS, Military, Navy, Railway and other Competitive Exams In Pakistan and India. Download General knowledge PDF here. GK for CSS Latest General knowledge. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE GARDE 1 is developed according to the National. Curriculum and National Style Guide. It is being published since and . Download Mcqs in Pdf for free. Kashmir AJKPSC, National Testing Service of Pakistan NTS,Pak Army,Navy,PAF,ISSB and other organizations. if you take our.

Who amongst the following were the first to invade India? He came to Sindh with 12 thousand men. Mohd: bin Qasim conquered Sindh during Ummayads. Siskar was Waziir of Dahir.

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Mohd: bin Qasim tortured to death in Iraq by Sulaiman. The Abbasid governor Hisham came to Sindh in A. Shabudding Ghori was the founder of Islamic State in India. Qutubudin Aibk was the founder of the slave dynasty after Ghoris.

Ghiyasuddin Tughluq was the first sultan of Tughluq dynasty. Baba Farid Ganj Shakar was the first Punjabi poet.

Hazrat Bullay Shah was a famous Sufi poet of Punjabi language. His tomb is in the city of Kasur. Thatta was the capital city of Sindh during Argons and Turkans Mohd: bin Tughlaq introduced tokens currency firstly.

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Akbar the Great was born in Umar Kot. In A. D, the 2nd battle of Tarrin, Ghori wins. Ahmed Shah Abdali was the King of Kabul. Ahmed Shah Abdali defeated Marhatas in Pan Islamism introduced by Jamaludding Afghani. Sindh was annexed by Birtish in and was separated from Bombay in vide India Act Sheikh Ahmad Sirhandi was born in Mausm Khan, a soldier of Titu Mir was sentenced to death.

Hajatullah al-Balaghah written by Shah Waliullah. Shah waliullah born in Shah Waliullah died in The real name of Shah Waliullah was Ahmed and his historical name was Azimuddin.


Haji Shareetullah of Bengal was the founder of Farazi Tehriz in Farazi Tehriz meant to pay more attention to fundamental of Islam. He was martyred at Balakot NWF in Battle of Buxar was fought in Hyderabad Deccan surrendered to India on 17 September Peshawar was captured by Syed Ahmad Shaheed in The government of Indian Act, came into operation in Muhammad bin Qasim captured the city Daibul in A.

The Temple of Somnath was situated near the peninsula of Gujrat. Arabic coinage was first introduced in Indian by Jalal-ud-Din Firuz. Khilji Dynasty was established by Ala-ud-Din Khilji.

Babur the founder of Muhgal Dynasty, died in A. D at Delhi. The biggest Mosque built by Shahjehan in located at Delhi. Red Fort of Delhi was built by Shahjehan. My life……..

A Fragment was written by Muhammad Ali Jauhar.

The institution of the Federal Ombudsman was created in 13 January The Lovely Moti Masjid is located at Agra. Behzad was a famous Persian painter. Liaquat Ali Khan was martyred by Said Muhammad.

Punjab was given the status of a province on 1st April The Kaunpur Mosque incident took place on 3 August Police firing on Khaksars in Lahore took place on 19 March Muhammad bin Qasim appointed Alafi as his advisor.

It's source are the hills six miles south of the Sufed Koh, the source of the Kurram River, which it runs parallel too and finally joins.

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The Gambila is an important river for the inhabitants of the Dawar valley, as it serves to irragate a large area of land that it runs through. It is often identified with the Vedic Sarasvati River, but it is disputed if at all Rigvedic references to the Sarasvati River refer to this river. It is a dried out river which flow during rainy season only and used to flush out flood waters of Punjab.

Estimated period at which the river dried up range, very roughly, from to BC, with a further margin of error at either end of the date-range. This may be precise in geological terms, but for the Indus Valley Civilization to BC it makes all the difference whether the river dried up in its early phase or its late phase. The identification with the Sarasvati River is based the descriptions in Vedic texts e.

This however, is disputed. The Victorian era scholar C.

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Oldham was the first to suggest that geological events had redirected the river, and to connect it to the lost Saraswati: "[it] was formerly the Sarasvati; that name is still known amongst the people, and the famous fortress of Sarsuti or Sarasvati was built upon its banks, nearly miles below the present junction with the Ghaggar. It originates in the Shivalik Hills of Himachal Pradesh and flows through Punjab and Haryana to Rajasthan; just southwest of Sirsa inHaryana and by the side of Tibi in Rajasthan, this seasonal river feeds two irrigation canals that extend into Rajasthan.

Near Sadulgarh Hanumangarh the Naiwala channel, a dried out channel of the Sutlej, joins the Ghaggar.

Near Suratgarh the Ghaggar is then joined by the dried up Drishadvati river.Age structure: Before this, the area covered by the two countries was one nation. Qutubudin Aibk was the founder of the slave dynasty after Ghoris. The general direction of the rivers is from Southwest to northeast.

The Turis, being Shiah Muslims, never liked the Afghan rule. The similarity in the courses of these two important rivers probably indicates a series of palaeo fault lines trending NW-SE in delimiting the upper courses of the rivers. Khushhal Khan Khattak Express It is said that Alexander the Great crossed the Swat River with part of his army and before turning south to subdue the locals at what are now Barikoot and Odegram.

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