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The Five Find-Outers (and Dog): Enid Blyton's Mysteries Series The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage (The Five Find-Outers, #1), The Mystery of the Disappeari. Common KnowledgeSeriesThe Five Find-Outers The Five Find-Outers Books 1 -6 by Enid Blyton, Omnibus 1 - 6. The Five Find-Outers Books by Enid. The Five Find-Outers and Dog (not to be confused with The Famous Five), also known as the Enid Blyton Mystery Series, is a series of children's mystery books.

Five Find Outers Pdf

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enid blyton mystery series pdf. Enid Blyton wrote many popular series including the Famous Five, the Five Find-Outers, the Barney. Mysteries, Malory Towers, St . Series By Enid Blyton [PDF] [EPUB] The first title in the series, The Mystery Five Find-Outers Mystery Novels by Enid Blyton; Dean's Reward. The Mystery of the Missing Man by Enid Blyton Page 1 The Find-Outers is a clever

Margaret "Daisy" Daykin — Larry's younger sister. Creating the Five Find-Outers was Daisy's idea. She is particularly good at thinking of plans and ideas. She is younger than Larry by a year and the same age as Pip and Fatty,who is Philip "Pip" Hilton — The same age as Daisy and a few years older than Bets, his younger sister whom he frequently teases.

In contrast to Fatty's rather relaxed parents, Mr and Mrs Hilton are quite strict and often take a dim view of Pip and Bets's sleuthing activities, wishing that Pip especially would direct the same amount of energy into his schoolwork.

In The Mystery of the Hidden House the Hiltons forbid Pip and Bets from getting involved in mysteries, but the children still find themselves in one. He is 13,implying he is 4 years older than his little sister.

She adores and hero-worships Fatty and he is very fond of her. Though the youngest, the kind-hearted Bets proves herself to be a worthy member. She is keenly observant, providing crucial ideas that help Fatty in solving some of the baffling mysteries - as in the 'Mystery of the Pantomime Cat' when she provides the breakthrough idea, to which Fatty exclaims: ""Bets'" he said, stopping at last "Bets!

Good, clever, brainy old Bets. She's got it! She's solved it! Bets, you deserve to be head of the Find-Outers! Oh my word, Bets, why, why, why didn't I think of it before? She also thought of the name 'Five Find-Outers and Dog'. She is 9 years old. He thinks the world of Fatty and his favourite pastime is to nip at Mr Goon's ankles.

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His favourite food is biscuits, spread with potted meat. Police Force[ edit ] Theophilus Goon, the village policeman, who is outwitted by the five children in every single story. Mr Goon would dearly love promotion, but considers the children to be hindering him rather than helping.

To chase them away he often tells them to "Clear Orf" clear off. Consequently, the children have given him the nickname "Clear-Orf". Whenever he is upset or frustrated, Mr Goon constantly yells, "Gah! In the second book, The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat, and for a long time after that, the children are known to arrange false clues for Mr Goon to mislead him so that they can solve the mystery first without having to put up with him interfering their investigations.

Inspector Jenks, also known as Chief Inspector and Superintendent — the head of the local police department. Because the Five are resented by Mr Goon, the children always telephone or meet the Inspector when they have solved a mystery.

Over the course of the books he becomes a great friend of the children. Jenks is based on a real character from Blyton's home town who was promoted through the ranks of the police just as was his fictional counterpart.

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He becomes acquainted with the Five Find-Outers quite by chance in the first book of the series, The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage, while fishing.

That was a duck quacking, not a doubt of it. He gazed at it, holding his breath. Goon leapt up, full of horror. Goon - surely - surely you are not suggesting that the duck in the glass case is quacking! He gave a loud, hunted cry and ran from the shop, Buster almost tripping him up with his lead. And then the children collapsed over the table, crying tears of laughter into their empty cups.

Goon, Mr. Honestly, I could have believed myself that the thing was mooing. His eyes almost fell out of his head! These were the first holidays in which nothing of any sort or kind had turned up. And there were only a few days left. Goon a bit? Goon with strange and wonderful sounds.

The milkman told Larry. Fellows has rented it since a week or two. Lived there all alone. Why, he might have heard something in the night - a shout, the breaking of a window, or something. Alas, he had been too sound asleep. I stepped in and telephoned for the police at once. Goon come? He had hoped for one moment that the Find-Outers might get in first!

It was still early, only just after breakfast-time. What does he think I am - a clam? It might be nothing, or it might be something interesting, you never knew. Fatty would soon get the old brains to work and decide if the Find-Outers were to do anything or not! Fatty was most interested. If the house really was rifled from top to bottom, it looks as though some one was trying very hard to find something of great importance to him. What was it - and who was it? Goon must have come and gone.

Look for the usual things - foot-marks, cigarette ends, hand-prints on window-ledges, etc. He went steadily round the little house, but not one window could he see into. The front door was closed and fastened now, and the back door was locked too.

Fatty came to the broken window at the back. It was the kitchen window. Obviously the robber or whatever he was, had got in here. Fatty stuck his hand inside and moved the curtain. The kitchen was upside down! Drawers had been pulled from the dresser and from the table. Cupboards were open and their contents dragged out on to the floor! What could the intruder have been looking for?

Fatty suddenly heard a sound inside the kitchen. He listened. What was it?

He heard it again, and then peeping in at the window once more, he made out two gleaming eyes looking at him from a cupboard. What shall we do? Then I could get in and rescue the kitten. He twisted it firmly round his fingers. Then he gingerly put his hand through the hole in the broken pane and tried to reach the fastening of the window. It was a casement, opening sideways once the clasp was moved. It slid down stiffly and he took back his hand again. He could now easily open the window.

Buster began to bark, wanting to go with Fatty. He found the tiny kitten, which crouched back in the cupboard, spitting and scared. But it soon began purring when Fatty picked it up and petted it. Even that was untidy, and a broken dish lay on the tiled floor. Fancy hunting in the larder too! Whatever had the intruder been after? It lapped hungrily. He bent to pick it up, but it scurried away, and ran through the doorway into the hall. Half a tick. I can hear it there somewhere.

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He paused there, amazed at the untidiness. Coats, shoes, umbrellas were all in wild confusion on the floor, flung there from the hallcupboard and from a chest of drawers.

The kitten was nowhere to be seen. Fatty took the opportunity of having a good look round. There were three rooms downstairs and three above and a bathroom. Each of them was in confusion. By the soot that lay in the fire-places Fatty guessed that the hunter had even felt up the chimney for whatever it was that he had been looking for.

And then, as he came out from a bedroom on to the little landing, Fatty saw something in a corner, near the top of the stairs. It was bright red. He picked it up. But surely there was no child here? Could Mr. Fellows have been hiding a child here - kidnapped it, perhaps - and the other fellow came to find it?

I wonder whether there are any more clothes for a child here. Was a child here last night - and was it dressed in a hurry, so that it dropped one glove?

What are you doing here?

Clear orf! Fatty grinned. How many, many times had this same scene been acted - the Find-Outers snooping round - Goon finding them - ordered them off - and Buster objecting loudly! Well - Buster could certainly look after not only himself, but all the children too. Fatty wondered whether he could slip out of the front door. He could hear that Mr.

Goon was round at the back. If burglars are in the district I want to get some information in case they come to rob our house too, next door but one. Just an excuse for interfering. Not worth your notice, see - And take that dog away before I lose my temper with him. Nasty yappy little mongrel! Calling Buster a mongrel!

Why, the little Scottie had a pedigree a yard long, and all his grandparents had been champions. Fatty boiled with rage. He tiptoed to the front door.

Goon to catch him in the house, even though he had the perfectly good excuse to offer of rescuing the kitten.

Goon, suddenly realizing that Fatty was absent. Best place for him, too. Hope he gets a relapse! WILL you call this dog off? I can find some better ankles for you if you want some. Goon snorted. That was one of the things he did remarkably well.

They had a habit of taking Mr. Goon seriously! Larry and Daisy followed, Larry holding Buster by the collar. They stood outside the front gate, wondering what Fatty was going to do. Fatty was most unfortunate. He opened the front door from inside at exactly the same moment that Mr. Goon unlocked it from the outside. Goon stared at Fatty as if a thunderbolt had hit him.

His mouth fell open and he went a familiar purple colour. He swallowed hard. Goon stepped in, still wordless. Then he exploded into speech.

Enid Blyton - Mystery

Goon - I naturally had to come into the house to find it. Goon, disbelievingly.


Hark, Mr. It went to Fatty and rubbed affectionately against his legs. Then it looked at Mr. Goon, hissed at him and spat. Goon did. He had to. And Keep Out of This, see? Goon, stalking past Fatty. What do you take me for? A blood-curdling growl suddenly came from somewhere in the house.

Goon stopped as if he had been shot. Goon, and leave you to tackle him. Goon, changing his mind completely about wanting Fatty to clear off. He debated whether to produce another animal-noise. This ventriloquism was Most Useful!

Goon was very thankful. He began to tiptoe forward into the little dining-room. Fatty followed a few paces behind. He suddenly gave a shout that made Goon nearly fall over backwards.

Goon was so anxious to get out as well as to look out that he almost fell over Fatty, trying to rush out of the room. Fatty clutched him as he went. I just caught sight of you in that mirror over there, Mr. Goon, and it was such a dreadful sight I thought it must be some one lying in wait for us. Gosh, thank goodness it was only your reflection! Goon was very angry and very relieved. He glared at Fatty.

From somewhere behind came the sound of heavy grunting. Goon swung round at once. It sounded out there in the hall. He tiptoed into the hall and promptly fell over the kitten which made a dart at him as soon as he appeared. He retreated into the dining-room again, bumping into Fatty.

The grunting noise was heard once more, this time sounding farther off. Goon, hardly able to believe his ears. Did you think it was a pig, Master Frederick? Goon became, the more polite he got. He badly wanted to laugh, but he firmly thrust down the ever-mounting guffaw that wanted to rise up and explode.

He seems to have kept kittens, and dogs, and pigs, anyway. Shall we go upstairs to find the pig? Fatty was certainly practising his new talent well! And then a new sound came to worry poor Mr. I never did it! He began to feel as if hc was in a nightmare. He whispered to Fatty.

1 The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage.pdf

This beats all! But Mr. Goon clutched at him. This is a mad-house, this is. Goon - why not telephone for help! He stumbled to the telephone and dialled a number. Fatty heard him telephoning to another constable.

Yes, PIG, you ass. And a groaning man who wants his Auntie. Yes, I did say Auntie. Are you deaf, or something? Well, how do I know why he wants his Auntie?

He splutted into it again. You come up here at once. He tiptoed round to the back of the house where there was a shed he could go into and laugh in peace.

He saw the broken casement window, hanging open, as he passed. He thrust his head inside, and sent a terrible growl into the house.

Goon heard it. He looked round, and found that Fatty had gone. He was alone - alone in the house with a host of terrifying things. It was too much for Goon. Fatty heard him go. And then he laughed. How he laughed! It really was the best laugh Fatty had ever had in all his life! Buster heard the laughter too, and pricked up his ears. He began to bark delightedly.

Larry climbed up on to the wall. He gave the piercing whistle that the Find-Outers sometimes used. Fatty heard it and saw Larry. He was soon in the garden with the others. They retired to a little out-house at the bottom of the garden. And why did Goon rush out of the house so suddenly at top speed? The others had to laugh as they watched him. Pip gave him a punch and Buster leapt on him in excitement. Why was his master so pleased? So Fatty told them, and soon they were all helplessly sitting on the floor of the out-house, holding their sides, picturing Mr.

Oh, what made you think of that? Oh dear - only an idiot like Goon would have taken all that in! I say - what will Inspector Jenks think when Goon makes out a report full of pigs, and dogs, and men that want their aunties? He rubbed his nose thoughtfully. Gosh, the Chief Inspector will smell a rat, I should think. Especially if he knows I was with Goon at the time all this happened.

He hates admitting you are ever on the same job as he is. Goon came up the road with P. Kenton had been most astonished to have Goon bump violently into him at the corner of the road. Come on.

He especially scowled at Fatty for deserting him. However, he thought it best to say nothing whatever to any of them, in case Fatty was funny at his expense. Fatty could be rude more politely than any one Goon had ever met. It had most conveniently jumped out of the window and landed at his feet while he had been standing laughing at the back of the burgled house.

Kenton was indeed astonished to find nothing and no one in the house of the kind that Goon had described. Goon, amazed to hear no sound of growl or grunt or groan, and to find nothing that could conceivably have made them. I was getting tired of going to the library which had bad shaped books.

Now I can do all this sitting at my house. I thank you sir very very much. Please reply to my E-mail vrnihal yahoo. Great collection! Thanks A Ton!

Now I can read all my favourites online! Thanks again! It really reminds me of my childhood, when i used to read Enid Blyton's stories. You have done a great job, kudos to you sir!! Love it!! All my fav stories are here!!! Thanks a million!! It is such a great plesure to read these books online. It is indeed a commendable job that you have done Sir.You post the letter.

Miss Trimble — Lady Candling's companion. She is very upset after the most valuable cat Dark Queen is stolen twice, both times she was away for the day. They've got some way of finding out these things.

I expect. But poor Maria.

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