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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Practical Engineering Geology provides an introduction into the way engineers and to MSc level Pr. PDF | The motivation to write this textbook stemmed from a course of engineering geology given by the author to undergraduate students in the. Engineering Geology for Civil Engineers. the author has presented very positive and improved discussion of coals and organic matter based on various.

Engineering Geology Textbook Pdf

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A geology for engineersth ed. 1. Engineering geology. I. Title II. De Freitas, MH . \ TA ISBN 0 8! For information on all Elsevier. As noted in the Preface to the first edition, engineering geology can be No single textbook can cover all the needs of the variety of readers who may use it. Download Engineering Geology Books – We have compiled a list of Best & Standard Reference Books on Engineering Geology Subject. These books are used.

Geophysical methods used in the geological investigation of a site 5. Determination of rock properties 5. Geophysical methods used in hydrogeological research Chapter 6.

Weathering of Rocks 6. Physical weathering 6. Products of Pleistocene physical weathering 6. Chemical weathering 6. Investigation of the weathered zone Chapter 7. Slope Movements, Landslides 7. Economic significance of slope movements 7.

Factors producing earth movements 7.

Division of slope movements 7. Slope movements of surface deposits 7.

Engineering Geology Ebook, Lecture Notes, PDF download for Civil Engineers

Landslides in clayey rocks 7. Sliding movements of solid rocks 7. Specific types of slope movements 7. Stabilization of slopes in slide areas Chapter 8. Excavation and Workability of Rocks 8. Resistance of rock to excavation 8. Drillability of rocks 8.

Bulking increase in volume of rocks Chapter 9.

Geological Investigation of Building Material Deposits 9. Reconnaissance of a deposit 9.

The aim of detailed engineering geological investigation 9. Basic principles of quarry opening 9.

Deposits of sand and gravel 9. A clay-rich substrate would not be the best choice to locate a skyscraper on. The budding civil engineer should get a feel of mineralogy and petrology and how it affects material properties by going through the initial chapters of the book. Structures in the field are equally important in geotechnical engineering. The orientation of faults, joints and failure planes at the chosen site decides whether the dam, bridge, tunnel or for that matter any engineering structure is going to hang around for your grandchildren to marvel at!

Engineering Geology Ebook, Lecture Notes, PDF download for Civil Engineers

The chapter on structural geology alerts the reader to these aspects. But before any construction starts, a study of the degree of weathering of the rocks and the type of soils present is important. The author has deftly integrated geological concepts into an engineering milieu and has brought out the importance of groundwater, rivers and oceans in shaping the land etching its geotechnical signature.

Catastrophic events like earthquakes and landslides are presented with clarity.

The author has ferreted out very valuable information from obscure research reports, with remarkable alacrity. Indian standards exist for construction in seismic areas-the IS The engineering geological site-investigation case studies are invaluable in gaining an understanding of the intricacies of the subject and GSI reports have been extensively cited by the author.

This book goes beyond the ambit of a conventional textbook and is capable of instilling the vitality and versatility of engineering geology in the intended audience.

The thought questions on each topic should prove invaluable t o s t u d e n t s t o t e s t t h e i r understanding. The book is designed and printed well, but a serif font would have been easier on the eye. The paper quality is not too good but probably makes the book affordable.

The labelling within figures are often sketchy or altogether absent. I would unreservedly recommend this book to both novices and practitioners of engineering geology, with a special interest in the Indian setting.

In recent years, exploration and researches for Atomic Minerals have gained appreciable momentum. Your name. Close Send.

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[PDF] Textbook of Engineering Geology By N Chenna Kesavulu Book Free Download

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February 7. Civil Engineering October 2. Never Miss. Load more.The interface between earth materials and engineering started even before man could communicate verbally.

Colour plates are needed more to discuss oil shales and source rocks which might have increased the cost of the book. Evaluation of the site The paper quality is not too good but probably makes the book affordable. Among the various methods of coal utilization, coal carbonization is placed with extensive discussion.

It is this fascinating interplay of the earthy and the sophisticated that the author seeks to explain in this book.

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