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promise for an all-Egypt trip is to visit in spring (March to May) or autumn . suggests: provides heaps of travel tips and water-sports information and links. ERC is the only travel centre in Australia with its own office in Cairo, Egypt, ensuring . After your buffet breakfast, your tour guide will accompany you for a great. Egypt (Arabic: مصر; officially, the Arab Republic of Egypt) is in north-eastern Africa with its capital Your book will be sent in PDF format readable on any device.

Egypt Travel Guide Pdf

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Create your own Egypt travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done, you can. Christians. Tourism is Egypt's biggest money earner and visitors to Cairo come for the Egyptian holiday makers travel on packages and organised tours. Our 8 days tour of Egypt takes you right through from. Ancient to Tour. Individual/Private guide/. Group tours / Group guide. Group Tours / Group guide.

Also the airport in Kiev is fine for transfer, everything is rather smooth, prices are affordable and the free wifi keeps you entertained when waiting for your flight.

Egypt visa on arrival at Cairo airport Most likely you need a visa to Egypt. I was planning to get the e-visa but I was too late.

Egypt Travel Guide pdf - eBook

When you get to the arrival hall, with passport control at the end, you will find a bank on the right side directly after you leave the escalator. You have to put the visa to the passport yourself. Before proceeding to the passport control you need to fill in the arrival migration card the red one is for foreigners , you will find them on the shelf just before the passport queue.

With visa stuck in your passport and a migration card filled you can proceed to the passport control. It was easy and straightforward, nothing extraordinary really. When you leave the arrival hall, still in the building, on the left you will find the booths of three mobile phone providers: Vodafone, Etisalat and Orange. I got my card at Orange, only because at that moment it had the shortest lane.

The whole procedure was straightforward, took maybe few minutes.

I only needed the passport to get the card, installing it and making everything work was taken care of. Only sometimes in the train it was losing the signal but that happens in Poland too.

I was happy with the internet speed and I can recommend getting the card from Orange. How to get from Cairo airport to the center The reason why I wanted to get the SIM card as soon as possible was getting out of the airport smoothly. It took some messages back and forth with the driver but we finally found each other and some 30 minutes later I was already in front of my hotel in the downtown Cairo.

Egypt Travel Tips: 24 Essential Things You Should Know Before You Visit Egypt

I paid EGP for the ride which I think is a really fair price for a hassle-free journey from the airport after arriving. How to get around Cairo Cairo is huge and the main sights are located a bit far from each other.

Before you go download to your phone Cairo metro map — you will definitely need it! With the ticket go to the platform and off you go to your destination. Remember to keep the ticket with you — you will need it to leave the platform once you get to your destination. There are numerous mini buses going around but figuring them out is a lot of hassle so Uber is your best option, especially with affordable prices.

But I did had some issues using Uber in Cairo.

Cairo is a walkable city and I had no problems with walking around although crossing the street was sometimes nerve wrecking.

Language in Egypt The official language in Egypt is Arabic but many of the people and everyone in the touristic places speak at least decent English, enough to communicate. And if there is a language barrier just smile and you will be fine too!

The only thing I would recommend is learning, or at least downloading to your phone, Arab numbers. Knowing them will come handy when you will be looking for your Uber ride license plates in Egypt are only in Arab or when figuring out which platform you train is departing from.

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Egypt (2019)

Fortunately money has both Arab and European numbers on them. How to travel around Egypt I used trains only and they were reliable and comfortable, even if a bit filthy. I bought the tickets online, they were very affordable for the distances and the standards of the journey. You will spend half of the time starting outside the window anyway as views are really amazing and you can see more of the real Egypt.

But you can easily buy the ticket online, they go on sale two weeks before the departure date. You need to register at the website of Egyptian Railways and once you get the confirmation email you are free to book your trains.

The tickets are then send via email, you can also check and download them from the website whenever you want to, using the reservation number.

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Egypt (& Not Just the Pyramids!)

Yet on the next day I got the money back to my bank account. When I took that very train everything was fine and no one questioned my ticket. Day 1: Day 2: Afternoon visit to the Egyptian Museum. Flight to Hurghada. Day 3: Hurghada Snorkeling with dolphins wild, not captive , afternoon desert ATV trip. Day 4: Hurghada to Luxor Morning relax at the hotel. Afternoon transfer to Luxor. Day 5: Overnight in Luxor. Day 6: Luxor Early morning hot-air balloon flight.

Visit Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple. Afternoon relaxing felucca. Day 7: Domestic flight to Cairo for those finishing the tour here. Ramesses II built two profoundly captivating temples. They were carved solely out of a mountainside in order to immortalize himself and his much-beloved wife Nefertari. The four 20 meters high colossal of the Pharaoh himself is dazzling. The inside hall is supported by 8 gigantic Osirid pillars, all 18 meters long — walking down this hall in an enthralling experience itself.

Day Aswan Transfer to Aswan from Luxor.

Along with the famous Sphinx, the Giza Pyramids are the vision that virtually everyone has of ancient Egypt. It is possible to take a self guided tour of the pyramids, or to travel with a tour guide who can provide in depth information as you proceed through the site. The Giza Pyramids are made up of a number of pyramids including the Pyramid of Khafre, which is almost as large as the Great Pyramid of Khufu which is just under meters in height.

It is possible to venture inside some the pyramids too. Worth visiting in the area is also the excellent Solar Boat Museum located on the south of the Great Pyramid. Khan el-Khalili bazaar Khan el-Khalili is another major attraction in Cairo, the chaos and the crowd of the bazaar is simply fascinating and you will find many merchants selling spices, gold, perfume and Egyptian hand craft.

There are so many perfume merchants that you will find that the smell of different kind of perfumes is kind of overwhelming, vendors around the bazaar will try their very best to pursuit you to go into their shops and lure you to buy something, keep it in mind that you would have to bargain a lot as Egyptian merchants have a notorious reputation of charging tourist at high or even unreasonable prices, try to compare prices across shops before purchasing something to ensure you are buying something at a fair price.

It took an astounding years to build the temple. In the past this was an important place of worship, and it is actually several temples as well as several obelisks and kiosks which make up this large temple complex.

The three main temples in the complex are Mut, Montu and Amun. Brick walls that are 20 meters high surround them and inside this enclosure is the Temple of Ptah.

Additionally, there are some small temples such as the Temple of Opet. Outside the walls is the Temple of Muth which is well worth a visit if time permits.Day 3: Like Loading Sinai Peninsula, especially the St.

They were carved solely out of a mountainside in order to immortalize himself and his much-beloved wife Nefertari. With the ticket go to the platform and off you go to your destination. I found all the places to be a fair value for the price, the rooms were clean and the included breakfast was huge however two out of the three hotels had a bit of the old-ish design.

Where to stay in Egypt I was searching for the accommodation at Booking.

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