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laughing at her stupidity. • chapter one •. THE EDGE OF THE EMPIRE. HAN EMPIRE AT THE TIME OF THE DRAGONKEEPER. CHAN. G'AN. FEN. GJIN. G. WU. Dragon Keeper: Volume One of the Rain Wilds Chronicles. Read more · Dragon Keeper: Volume One of the Rain Wilds Chronicles · Read more. Ancient China, Han Dynasty. A slave girl saves the life of an ageing dragon and escapes her brutal master. Pursued by a ruthless dragon hunter, the girl and the .

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Garden of the Purple Dragon. Dragonkeeper (Series). Book 2. Carole Wilkinson Author (). cover image of Dragon Moon. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Dragonkeeper Series PDF. DRAGONKEEPER SERIES. Download: Dragonkeeper Series. DRAGONKEEPER. Walker Books. Classroom Ideas. Dragonkeeper. Author: Carole Wilkinson. Book 1: Dragonkeeper. AUS $/NZ $ Book 2: Garden of.

After reaching the ocean, Danzi tells Ping he must go over Ocean to reach a river of life and will take Hua, who was hurt by Diao, with him, so that the river can heal them both. The stone now found to be an egg hatches into a purple baby dragon. Before Danzi leaves, he gives the baby a name: Long Kai Duan. Ping is now left alone with the baby dragon, the last imperial dragon and the first independent dragon. Main characters[ edit ] Ping, a slave girl who was the first ever female Dragon Keeper.

She was nameless before she met Long Danzi. Hua, a rat Ping carries around with her. Her only friend before she meets Long Danzi. Danzi disliked Hua until Hua ate a centipede that crawled into Danzi's ear. Long Danzi, an ancient green dragon; the last wild imperial dragon in the Han Empire. He travels with Ping to the ocean where he takes a mysterious stone, but he won't explain to Ping what it is. The dragon stone is the egg of Kai.

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Wang Cao, a herbalist who used to be Long Danzi's companion until they were separated by Imperial soldiers. Wang Cao was not a true Dragonkeeper, as he did not have every single quality.

Jiang Bing, a boat woman secretly working with the Necromancer. He acquires it from Diao after Ping and Long Danzi lose it. His father died after eating the Dragon Pickle of Lu Yu, Danzi's mate who died because of misery like most of the other imperial dragons. A hairpin given to her by the man who delivered the stores twice a year, a piece of weathered wood shaped just like a fish and a white eagle feather.

She saved a little of the oil for herself.

Exploring the palace while everyone else is sleeping. She found him stealing a chicken leg, which she had stolen from Master Lan. Chapter 2 1. What abstract nouns does the slave girl think of when she hears one of the dragons roar?

How much would the dead dragon have been worth alive? What simile is used to describe the dragons hide? What other 3 staff work at the palace? Try to change the following into a metaphor to describe the sound of sickness: The sound of the dead body smacking against the stone made the girl feel sick. Why does Master Lan want to cook the flesh of the dragon? Chapter 2 7. What do you think the dragon died from? Do you think it was the girls fault that the dragon died?

Who or What caused the words to form in girls head? What do you think they mean? Loneliness Misery Despair Justify weather you think it was right to make the dragon into pickle? Give an example of a similar situation today where someone tries to hide something.

Chapter 2 Answers 1. Loneliness, misery, despair 2. Five thousand gold jin 3. Rough and dry like leather that had been left out in the weather for too long. A gardener, carpenter and painter 5. So that the Emperor cannot find any evidence to indicate that they did not look after the dragons. Chapter 3 1. Why doesnt the slave girl expect to wake up? Why does Master Lan think the slave girl is lefthanded? A noise startled the slave girl whilst she was in the pit. What simile is used to describe the noise?

Skill and Precision

What type of food does the slave girl discover the dragon likes to eat? How long and tall was the dragon? Describe the Wisteria plant. From the excellent description of the dragon on page 28, draw a picture of it for homework. Chapter 3 Answers 1. Because she expects something terrible to happen to them because they killed an Imperial Dragon.

Because she struggles to pick up the wine bottles with her right hand. A deep rumbling sound like someone pounding a drum made of beaten metal. Meat 5.


The length of three men, but no higher than a young ox. For a brief time each spring the wisteria was covered in purple flowers, but the rest of the time it was a tortured tangle of bare twigs. Picture check how well each picture matches the description.

Slave girl grabbed stone Guards trying to capture girl and dragon. Dragon picked up girl and flew to safety Found cave Dragon, Hua and girl safe in cave. Chapter 4 1. What was the slave girls foremost thought as she fled the palace? How does the dragon seem to communicate with the slave girl? Find an example of onomatopoeia on page Find the simile used to describe what the palace buildings looked like from high in the air. What did the dragon smell like?

Chapter 4 Answers 1. She thought about saving the dragon. Screech, gonging 4.

They looked like the shells of shiny black beetles. The dragon smelt like a mixture of overripe plums and fish brine.

Chapter 5 Fear of Flying Dragon finds food. Dragon tells Ping that she has a name means Duckweed. Dragon has had many names real name is Long Danzi p55 means Courageous Dragon Tells Ping he is taking the stone to the ocean. Dragon takes Ping on flight Ping wants to go back to Huangling. Realises Emperor is after her. Think she is a sorceress Ping is very cross at the dragon.

Dragon talks in riddles or proverbs What was in front is now behind. Chapter 5 1. What was lying in a neat row on the cave floor when Ping awoke? What did Ping use to make a fire? What names has the dragon had? What does Pings name mean? What do think a li is? How did Ping sit safely on the dragon? What did the commander have to say about who the guards had to search for and what were the Emperors instructions?

Chapter 5 Answers 1. Three dead thrushes, a bunch of cereal grasses, a few mushrooms and a bundle of dry grass and twigs. Two sticks and some dry grass. Duckweed 5.


A measure of distance similar to a kilometre or mile. She sat on the dragons back, fitting her legs in front of the folded wings and holding onto the dragons horns. They had to deep a sharp look out for the sorceress. She will appear to be a young girl but shes very dangerous. The Emperor has ordered her to be executed on sight.

Chapter 6 Beyond the Gate of Experience On quest to Ocean take stone to ocean to gain renewed strength Drink from water of ocean wishes come true Ping now a fugitive Composure is the master of haste p72 How to care for stone p Must be kept away from iron, five-coloured thread and leaves of the chinaberry tree. Even temperature and rub with arsenic. Never lose sight of stone. Is of great value. Ping must keep the destination secret tell no one where they are travelling to the ocean.

Dragon scared of centipedes Dagon change appearance p. Ping wanted her own family. Fist time Ping felt no regret about leaving Has she realised how mean Lan was to her. Journey of a thousand Li begins with a single step. Chapter 6 1. When does Ping know that the dragon is laughing? Write some dot points to tell about how to care for the Dragon Stone. Why does the dragon fear centipedes?

Describe the old man behind Ping on the path.

Underline any similes used in the description. Why did the dragon want to kill the rat? Find an example of onomatopoeia on p Find an abstract noun on p Chapter 6 Answers 1. He makes the sound of jingling bells.

Dragon Keeper

He thinks centipedes crawl into the brain and find a way to eat the brain. He was an old, old man shuffling along with the aid of a stick. He had a long white beard that grew down to his waist and a moustache that was almost as long and hung on either side of his mouth like strings.

Because Hua the rat peed on the dragon stone. Squeak, rumbling Kindness. Only one son each generation born to be true dragonkeeper. Centipede crawled in Danzis ear.

Hua plunged into ear. Dragons very scared of centipede. Danzi bowed to Hua and called him Honourable. P86 Page 87 describes how dragons and humans came to rely on each other. Chapter 7 contunied Dragon told Ping she smells. Danzi described his scales scales in total, 81 for good and 36 can be used for bad. Arsenic is a chemical that is poisonous to humans. Ping must learn to focus qi all creatures have qi Ping often doesnt believe trust the dragon. Page 97 Description of a dragon years old.

Dragons are one of the four spiritual animals giant tortoise, red phoenix, qilin one horn creatures are celestial shapes can be in sky at night.

Have more shen soul, substance, which is what makes them good, wise and humble. Chapter 7 1. Why did the dragon held captive at Huangling Palace die whilst in Pings care? At what time of year does Ping think it is acceptable to bathe?He thinks centipedes crawl into the brain and find a way to eat the brain. Why is this? Leonardo Orosco. How did the slave girl first meet the rat Hua? The real shame in this piece comes from standing back a bit: the dragons look the same within the breed of the three species, that is , have the same habits, eat the same thing, and do not vary much at all despite living in vastly different regions and living a very long time.

But different rogues steer those talents in varying directions, embodied by the rogue archetypes.

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