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My Personal Address Book is an easy to use address management system. It simplifies keeping track of you addresses, and yet provides many powerful features. Today, we will be reviewing some of the best address book software for The software is supported on both desktop (Windows) as well as. Classic ring binder makes the perfect refillable desktop address book since looseleaf pages offer easy updates. Individual 2 1/2" Long x 3 7/8" Wide address .

Desktop Address Book

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In our contact management software you can store fast and easily name, phone numbers, birthdays, address, company name, city, mobile numbers, insurance. Download Free Address Book for Windows. Free Address Book is a freeware software that caters an address book for professionals wishing to better . Efficient Address Book is an elegant contact management software program. This handy software can help you manage the information of even thousands of.

Efficcess is a contact manager, time manager, task and event manager, diary, calendar, planner, reminder, notepad, password manager combined in one powerful application. It is an attractive, competent performer as a portable or desktop contacts manager. It's customizable, and it offers a Pro upgrade, for a price, if you need still more features It can help anyone keep their contacts organized and up to date, but for small business people, its contact management features make it especially attractive.

Why Choose Efficient Address Book? Group Management It supports endless levels of contact groupings and helps you manage the information of even thousands of contacts rapidly. Reminders You can add birthday and anniversaries to a contact and the program will remind and show you the ages of them on time. Easy to Sync You can finish synchronization across PCs and mobile phones just in 4 steps and manage your info at anytime and anywhere you want! Easy to Search Efficient Address Book has powerful search capabilities so you can quickly find the information that you want.

Powerful Document Editor Efficient Address Book has embedded a powerful document editor similar to MS-Word, which can be used to write your comments for contacts.

Information Safety Safeguards There is a Recycle Bin in this contact management software, you do not need to be worried that you may delete some important information by mistake. All Rights Reserved. Update your address book with one click. October 4, November 27, January 26, One of the best books I own! I received this book as a gift about 35 years ago; the binder is still intact, and I have been able to change, add, and subtract listings with no problem.

My book is still neat, and I'm so happy to be able to finally find the refills again. Haven't seen them in many years. Thanks, Miles Kimball, you've made me very happy.

December 3, Jewelry Lady. November 4, February 1, January 1, Everything exactly as promised. We bought one of these address books about 14 years ago and it was still perfect, but we had run out of new pages for it, and couldn't find any at the local stores. I was afraid to just buy the pages as I couldn't be totally sure it was exactly the same size and hole arrangement, so bought a new book with extra pages.

5 address book software for PC to manage your contacts in 2019

It was the identical size and was shipped exactly as planned and we have no complaints at all. January 8, I would buy this product again. Can replace outdated info with new inserts. This is just what I was looking for. A great product at a great price. April 10, No need for messy crossouts.

I have combined my address book that had many crossouts and my website shopping info all into one handy travel book. Everything stays neat and easy to update with a new page instead of a messy crossout.

Autocomplete missing information.

June 10, Not only for address but for changing computer passwords. I use it for ever changing passwords along with my contact infomation. January 18, Book was just what I was looking for.

Organizing my mailing lists and phone numbers. So easy to do with this book.

Address Book has disappeared on AO.L. Gold: Know Your Answer!!

October 18, This is the perfect address book. The way this book is constructed this is the last addres book that I will ever need. March 20, Bajan Girl. Just what i needed. Better binder! How we use the product: Address book Christmas card record sent and received Friends' family history - births, deaths, etc.

December 26, Overall great. Have not yet decided any things not so great about it.

December 21, Wig Woman. This was a great find. I use it to put all my personal addresses in. The pages turn easy. I just love it. December 5, I am so excited with the addre. The books are for Family Reunion next year. I have silk-screened done with the Murata family crest and the Japanese name written in Japanese callagraphy.

I have designed a Japanese sword from a chop-stick and have glued it diagonal across the book. Also a tassel is attached. I must say, it's quite snappy. December 2, February 7, I would buy this again, love it.

AO.L. Contacts Missing | Address Book has disappeared on AO.L. Gold

Use it everyday, best thing about it, is can make changes without making mess of it. December 15, January 7, January 16, Great idea. You can add, or delete when necessary without marking or scratching out. You can also move them around, separate personal from business, etc.

July 28, Nice book for the home office. This was thicker than expected and does not fit in my daytimer; but, it is good for use in the home office. November 11, Address Book just what I was looking for. I looked all over for this particular type of address book. I wanted to be able to make changes in names and addresses without making it look messy by crossing out names etc. The only problems was I had so many names and addresses that it was very hard to get them all in the rings by time I completed the book.

February 2, Caroling Carol. Re-ordered one more!! Easy to change addresses when people keep moving. One of the first ones I had came apart and it was hard to put back together again. But I liked it so well I did order another one for myself and one for my daughter. June 21, I would and have recomended this item to anyone! I had one many many years ago and lost it. I loved it alot. I had one along time ago and lost it. I'm gade to have one again.

I like it because you caan put the informationin like regular or overlap in a cascade down for easy find on one opening. Also if youo don't need it anymore just through it away instead of ereaasing. July 30, Just what I've been looking for. Finally, I can update or rearrange addresses individually without needing to replace an entire page, or having more cross offs than valid names. April 11, I have been looking for an address book and could not find one in any bookstore or staples or office max store, very frustrating so was glad to find exactly what I was looking for through the Miles Kimball folks.

Something so simple and you have it. January 31, The short one. Reliable Old Technology.

I agree with other reviewers that the rings should be bigger. Impressed with the heavier paper used for the book.

Blank side increases storage. I am using mine in conjunction with my Dymo printer. Current labels need a bit of a snipping before inserting. Using this for all addresses, internet information passwords, et al. Had everything in my Microsoft Contacts but have lost those files so many times I'm embarassed to ask people for the information again.

The rings definitely need to be larger, just make sure the refills will fit when you enlarge the rings!!! Had an older book like this but couldn't find refills.

So glad to find this one. May 7, Aunt Bea. I would recommend this product to anyone. I use this item mainly because it is easy to find the addresses I am looking for and changes can be made by just discarding the old one and inserting a new one.

Writer El. Only one drawback for me. Couldn't find a replacement anywhere except at Miles Kimball. I just wish the rings were larger so it would hold more addresses. I ordered extra filler sheets so that when I need to change an address I can do so.

But you really can't put more in there than the number of address sheets it comes with. A larger model for desktop, with larger rings for greater capacity, would be excellent, and the address sheets could then also be made larger to accommodate the multiple phone numbers, e-mails, etc. March 28, Judy the Organizer. Great Address Book but Need to make the divider tabs available for replacement just like the address pages.

December 12, June 25, March 7, Runs Like a Wind. March 22, Older model - still going strong! The calendar pages in the back show that my mother bought this in , and it's still going strong. Fortunately for me, she had the foresight to purchase extra pages.

The metal spine and rings have lasted 42 years and I plan to use it myself now. I can't tell from the photo if the new version has metal or plastic rings. I'd recommend it if they're metal. May 30, Looks good though haven't used it yet. May 14, The new addition to an address book, is an area to add email and cell info.

The idea you can add and pull out information that is no longer useful is great. Every year I have to rewrite my address book. With the refills I will not run out of pages. But the book is much smaller than I anticipated and will be harder for me to write in. Might run out of space with a long name address or email. Like the concept. June 29, Donna Faith. Address pages should be computor friendn.

Should be computor capable for typing address cards,. April 5, It's not what I thought it would be. It is much smaller than I thought. I've used it, but not happy with the way the cards line up etc. August 2, Vendor good; Product not so much. The address book design was perfect for my needs.

However, the rings do not close tightly and the pages catch in the rings and do not smoothly turn. I was encouraged at the response and order fulfillment by Walter Drake.

The product is as cheap as the price. Shame on me for thinking this book's could not be screwed up. I would buy again from Walter Drake, but reluctantly so, fearing product quality. February 27, I would not buy again. As long as you don't have many to put in it. If you have a lot, the pages will not turn. February 3, Dog Lover. The only thing we do not like about the book is when closing the book, pages do not lay over nicely as the 13 rings are flat in the middle.

However do not let this deter you from purchase. We now have two of them. May 23, Julia L. Since I had bought this one with refills, I ordered another and will split the pages so it will close easier and have more room It is difficult to center the pages just so it will close, also brok the top ring trying to open it. Now I use a pen through the rings to pry it open.

June 9, Loved the idea of being able to change those I needed to without scratching out addresses and trying to fit new ones in! But the binder is not big enough to hold all my cards, so I had to eliminate the ones I use less frequent! May 29, Bought to keep my contacts at work. Happy with it. Great idea to a point. I use an old address book like this with round metal rings for my mailing addresses, for which it has worked well.

Wanted one for all those darn passwords. However, this size won't hold enough of the inserts. I had to order a second book, which makes the whole thing too cumbersome to carry with me when I'm traveling. If you're just using it for a limited number of entries, it works well, I prefer the metal rings, not these plastic ones. I'm afraid I'll break them. I'd prefer a book like this with metal spine and rings that is about 3" wide.

That might hold enough inserts for all my passwords. August 27, Casual Kat. This is a great idea but, the spiral diameter is too small. If you fill the spiral up more than 4 times, you do not have room to put in any more inserts. The spiral diameter is 1" it should be a minimum of 2". July 15, July 20, Good idea but a bit cheap product. Difficult to open, it stucks. September 11, The Address Book doesn't work.

It looks good in your catalgue, but when I put the pages in, the rings wouldn't stay closed. I ended up ordering another one elsewhere with metal rings.

March 13, Savy shopper. November 10, Not very good quality and size. Way too time consuming to change a lot of address and phone numbers. Would never order again.

September 17, December 14, I would not buy this product again. I was told that the pages were hard to turn. Spiral was flimsy. I love the idea of this product, but it is waaay too small. I have to use two books. One for personal addresses and one for business.

And even then it's tight. I think about 2 inches or even better 3 inches would be nice. The other beef I have is that the plastic rings are annoying!

Whoever thought to make it straight instead of rounded - fail! The pages won't turn smoothly because of it. I have some with round metal rings that turn smoothly, again the binding is way too skinny.

I so want to like this product but I can't find a bigger size anywhere! December 11, Build it better, please! It helps to open and close the ring binder by using both ends at the same time. If the binder were made of metal, as my original book over 20 years old, and metal in the spline, I feel this new one would last 20 years more.

I feel that in a very short time, these plastic rings are not going to line up. These little extras would make a big difference. And what happened to the pockets? Joyce the organizer. Looks good but fails to do the job. I bought this address book to keep my email, user names and passwords in. Being able to open the book and replace pages as changes are made work fine but the plastic holder for the cards isn't good. It doesn't open easily to change the page.

I'm afraid the plastic will break when opening or closing when changing the pages. I wouldn't buy this again. Kay the baker. I bought one of these and they are too small. When you start to add the leaves ti the book it gets off center at mire than half full and won't shut properly. Then you run out of the leaves so you can't finish what you started. For me it us a waste of money and I will never recommend it to anyone. January 23, February 24, I intended to use the book as our personal address book - but it does not fit the bill.

March 10, Cheaply made with plastic rings. Very flimsy and rings are made of cheap plastic and too small. Bought for personal use. Had an old one that I wore out. This one came with the rings not lined up so you can not turn the pages with out ripping them. I would not buy another one. The new ones are not near as good as the old ones.

June 8, MI looking for better address book. One clamp opened it and one closed. The vinyl finally came apart.

You have to manually push the rings to close them and one broke the first time I closed it. Very cheaply made. So disappointed. September 30, Animal Lover. Flimsy plastic binders. They broke right away! The plastic binder broke when I tried to close it!! It was brand new! August 24, Midge the organizer. So cheap , don't buy it. This adress book is so cheap, I loose my money. I never buy anything from Walter Drake. August 14, I was so excited to find this product. When I opened it and began to put pages together alphabetically, the prongs that held the pages together broke.

They were made of cheap plastic, so they are useless. I was most disappointed. WD used to have better quality products.

We depend on your choices. This was not a good one. December 20, The notebook cover does not close.

It hangs up on the odd-shaped spiral in the spine of the address book and will never close.I plan on using this for all my I. The Help document that comes with this app, while extensive, isn't very clear in its descriptions. I loved it alot.

June 12, It is an attractive, competent performer as a portable or desktop contacts manager. S the Organizer. Questions that need answers My Posts. Mihai Duna.

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