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Hardware Hacking. ◇ Information Gathering . pdf. ◇ Used standard . X-Ray (3D/CT). ◇ Computed Tomography (CT). Custom Security Hacking Toolkit. John Chirillo .. Part 5 reveals hacking secrets of gateways, routers, Internet server daemons printf ("%d\t%c\t",x,x);. Again, there are Hacking-Lab Awards for this competition. You already .. I use " ct-exposer", an OSINT tool that discovers sub-domains by searching Certificate.

This is the phase that allows the potential attacker to strategize his or her attack. This may take some time as the attacker waits to unearth crucial information.

Another reconnaissance technique is "dumpster diving. Attackers can use the Internet to obtain information such as employee's contact information, business partners, technologies in use, and other critical business knowledge, but "dumpster diving" may provide them with even more sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card statements, bank statements, ATM slips, social security numbers, telephone numbers, and so on.

The reconnaissance target range may include the target organization's clients, employees, operations, networks, and systems. For example, a W hois database can provide information about Internet addresses, domain names, and contacts. If a potential attacker obtains DNS information from the registrar, and is able to access it, he or she can obtain useful information such as the mapping of domain names to IP addresses, mail servers, and host information records.

It is important that a company has appropriate policies to protect its information assets, and also provide guidelines to its users of the same.

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Building user awareness of the precautions they must take in order to protect their information assets is a critical factor in this context. W hen an attacker approaches the attack using passive reconnaissance techniques, he or she does not interact with the system directly.

The attacker uses publicly available information, social engineering, and dumpster diving as a means of gathering information. W hen an attacker employs active reconnaissance techniques, he or she tries to interact with the system by using tools to detect open ports, accessible hosts, router locations, network mapping, details of operating systems, and applications.

The next phase of attacking is scanning, which is discussed in the following section. Some experts do not differentiate scanning from active reconnaissance. However, there is a slight difference as scanning involves more in-depth probing on the part of the attacker.

Often reconnaissance and scanning phases overlap, and it is not always possible to demarcate these phases as watertight compartments. Active reconnaissance is usually employed when the attacker discerns that there is a low probability that these reconnaissance activities will be detected.

Newbies and script kiddies are often found attempting this to get faster, visible results, and sometimes just for the brag value they can obtain.

As an ethical hacker, you must be able to distinguish among the various reconnaissance methods, and be able to advocate preventive measures in the light of potential threats. Module 01 Page 41 Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures Introduction to Ethical Hacking Exam Certified Ethical Hacker Hacking Phases Pre-Attack Phase CEH Scanning refers to the pre-attack phase when the attacker scans the network for specific information on the basis of information gathered during reconnaissance Port Scanner Scanning can include use of dialers, port scanners, network mappers, ping tools, vulnerability scanners, etc.

Extract Information Attackers extract information such as live machines, port, port status, OS details, device type, system uptime, etc. H acking P hases Contd Scanning Scanning is what an attacker does prior to attacking the network.

It is your decision and you can change your mind at any time. Please bear in mind that not having the scan may delay your diagnosis as the doctors may not have all of the information that they need. Please remember that you can ask the radiographer any questions you have at any time before, during or after your scan.

What happens during a CT scan? The radiographer will ask you to lie on a motorised bed, which will move slowly through the scanning machine. Unlike some machines, the CT scanner is not enclosed.

You will need to lie very still while each picture is taken, to avoid blurring the images. You may also be asked to hold your breath for a moment. You should not feel any pain during the scan. The most difficult part is keeping still. If you find it difficult or uncomfortable lying still, please tell the radiographer.


A scan usually takes minutes, depending on the area of your body that is being scanned. If any preparation is needed, you may need to come to hospital one hour before your scan. Please be advised if you need an injection of contrast dye one of the CT staff will insert a small needle into a vein in the back of your hand.

When it is injected, you might feel a hot flush and get a metallic taste in your mouth. Sometimes people have a sensation that they are wetting the bed but they don't actually do it. These sensations are normal and pass within minutes. If we are scanning your abdomen, we may need to give you a drink which has contrast dye or sometimes water.

Try to avoid passing urine until your scan is over. What happens after the scan? In most cases, you will be allowed to go home or back to the ward if you are an inpatient.Experiences With Capacitor Failure 68 Comments. Every once in a while we get nostalgic for the old days of computing. They began publishing Popular Electronics magazine in , and it soon became one of the best-selling DIY electronics magazines.

You can eat, drink and go back to your normal activities straight away.

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Passwords are the key piece of information necessary to access a system. This is called verbal consent and may only involve the radiographer checking you are booked for the correct scan. For example, if the old password is "system," then there is a chance that the person will change it to "systeml" or "system2. Port scanners can be used to detect listening ports to find information about the nature of services running on the target machine.

Vorteile sichern! Often reconnaissance and scanning phases overlap, and it is not always possible to demarcate these phases as watertight compartments.

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