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Clear Light of Day presents a story between pre- and-post independence about the history of an extended family and the tragedies they faced. It is within these. While their parents went to parties at Delhi's Roshanara Club, the children of the Das family brought themselves up, reading Byron, listening to the gramophone. A Reading of Anita Desai's Clear Light of Day It is no longer news that Indian novel in English has come of age. Anand's novel of ideas, Narayan's small-town .

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CASIRJ YEAR [] Volume 3 Issue 3 ISSN – Clear Light of Day: From Alienation to Affirmation Dr. Bharti Tyagi D.J. College Baraut Anita Desai is . Editorial Reviews. Review. “A wonderful novel about silence and music, about the partition of a Clear Light of Day: A Novel - Kindle edition by Anita Desai. A Reading of Anita Desai's Clear Light of Day. It is no longer news that Indian novel in English has come of age. Anand's novel of ideas, Narayan's small-town .

We gradually get the story.

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Tara and her husband, Bakul, are on their regular three-yearly visit home from Wash- ington, and in Old Delhi they stay with Bim and Baba, elder sister and younger brother of Tara's, respectively. For Tara the Old Delhi house is full of memories of recent and remote past—the two decades since , and her childhood days before that.

Old jealousies between the two sisters come up again as they reflect on how they were earlier; Tara, quiet, of delicate feelings, and less confident; Bim, stronger, abler in school, and attractive. But the intervening years have changed both in certain ways.

Tension mounts as the silences grow longer and deeper in and around the house.

Tara wonders how Bim can stay on in a shabby house, taking care of her retarded brother, Baba, and teaching history to young girls in a college. T h e family's "petrified" state both draws Tara in and repulses her enough to make her think again of fleeing to "that neat, sanitary, disinfected land in which she lived with Bakul" p. The family's "petrified" state particularly becomes a subject of reflection and occasional discussion among its members because Bim refuses to attend Moyna's wedding Raja's eldest daughter , which is to take place in Hyderabad.

Bim holds it against Raja that he abandoned her and Baba after their parents' deaths; and that he also missed his true calling of being a poet, as he had earlier vowed to Bim, and merely became a fat, rich man. Bim herself, of course, has devoted her life to looking after others: Raja during his deadly illness in , the alcoholic Aunt Mira, the retarded brother, and everyone else who needed care including Hyder Ali Sahib's dog, Begum.

In both sisters' lives, un- happiness and boredom in their house are distinct memories, relieved only by the presence of kind and affectionate though perhaps not always the best neighbors; though Tara's life changed with her marriage and stay abroad. Their brother Raja's life was different from theirs even in Delhi, but it changed radically after he left.

He had idealized Hyder Ali Sahib, the Muslim gentleman who lived across the street until the Summer of , and he moved to Hyderabad, inheriting Hyder Ali Sahib's property through marriage to Benazir, his father-in-law's only daughter.

The three houses the Greek "oikos" that figure in the lives of these characters contain three distinctive life cycles and are set up as contrasts to one another: all these are in Old Delhi, Bim's house, the Misra's, and Hyder Ali Sahib's.

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Over time, they all appear "empty" and cheerless. Although "Clear Light of Day" is less than pages long, and although there is almost no plot, it has the presence and power of a larger, weightier novel. Indian Anita Desai writes of her country, and, although not well known in America "Fire on the Mountain," a previous novel, was published in the United States , her work has received numerous awards in England, including a Booker Prize.

This is a novel of perfect detail, of looking at the world through a magnifying glass, of collecting enough small bits to make sense somehow of the whole. For post-partition India is so complex, so troubled, so awesome that the details from rotting fruit in the garden to the heat so intense it quells not only movement but ambition are the best road to understanding.

The story begins when Tara, in her 40s, returns from Washington with her diplomat husband to visit her family in Old Delhi. There is also a neglected garden, a well where a cow drowned long ago, and lots of memories -- memories we sometimes learn about through floating isolated sequences, and sometimes through the characters' struggles to find reality in the rose-colored recollections.

Tara, for example, "could not believe the long-remembered, always-remembered childhood had had a backdrop as drab as this, 'we used to likem playing here -- in the dust and mud. What could we have seen in that muddy little trickle? Why, it's hardly a river -- it's nothing, just nothing.

There is the separation of India as an imposing backdrop, and so many separations within the Das family that division is considered from norm. The parents, what with bridge and business in that order were away more often than not.

And the children begin splitting up early when brother Raja opts, out of admiration for the rich Muslim neighbors, to take his education in Urdu instead of Hindi.Anita Desai establishes the connections with so much perception and skill, that this brief novel - of less than pages - lingers long after a first reading.

The partition of India is a tangible reality that is concurrent to Raja leaving, Tara marrying, the deaths of the Das parents as well as Aunt Mira, and the separation of the Das family.

From Alienation to Affirmation. This offers a parallel between what has just happened in the story and the natural world.

The novel starts with them 20 years later and then looks back and forth tracing the history of India and the history of their relationships.

Eventually he integrates himself into the Muslim culture and marries Hyder Ali's daughter, Benazir.

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