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CBSE Revision Notes for Class 12 English Core - Pdf. We think the first step is motivating yourself to revise. What are you trying to achieve here? What's your. CBSE Class 12 English - Here is a detailed Notes, Syllabus, Explanation, Summary, Difficult words, Question Answers provided for CBSE English Class 12 . CLASS XII ENGLISH - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Class 12 English Notes Pdf

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Class English Notes. Class English. Class 12 English NCERT Chapters Summary. + Flamingo Summary. Chapter. View. Direct Download. Mathemaics Download all Formulas and Notes For Vlass 12 in pdf CBSE Board. Solutions text video pdf. = Physics Notes and Formulas for Class 12 Download. Binoy (English) prepared Study Materials for Class XII for the academic year worksheets for revision or provide it as ready-made notes for the.

Flamingo Going Places. Flamingo My Mother at Sixty-Six. Flamingo Keeping Quiet. Flamingo A Thing of Beauty. Flamingo Aunt Jennifers Tigers. Vistas The Tiger King. Vistas The Enemy. Vistas Should Wizard Hit Mommy. Vistas On the Face of It. Vistas Memories of Childhood. Vistas Evans Tries an O-Level. Novel The Invisible Man Deleted. Novel Silas Marner Deleted. Create Question Papers. Create and Download. Term Evaluation Unlike other subjects, here assessment is done by considering language elements, discourses, language skills.

Maximum score is Each unit comprises number of chapters like prose, poem, play etc. It stresses the need to develop self confidence and fight against the hardships and overcome them. Activities on focus - Read and comprehend stories, speeches, profiles, personal essays, writing reviews, prepare interview questions and using cohesive devices and conditionals effectively.

It upholds the significance of values and attitudes in life. Sunrise on the Hills poem The Trip of Lehorla Short story Sacred Turtles of Kandavu based on Fijian legend It is about the journey to explore knowledge and how it proves to be a different entertaining and informative experience.

Activities on Focus- Drafting the script of live TV report, designing travel brochure, travel essay and info, write ups, narrating events from different points of view, performing debates etc.

Disasters and Disaster management Essay Serang of Ranaganji Short story The Wreck of the Titanic poem This unit familiarizes the students with the major disasters, its causes and disaster management as well.

The poem is also about the one of the greatest disasters in sea, the wreck of the Titanic on its maiden voyage.

They get familiar with the features of personal essay. Activities on Focus — seminar report, welcome speech, understanding the structure of exclamatory sentence, framing questions, preparing critical appreciation of poem etc. When the Maharaja was a 10 day old infant spoke and asked intelligent questions about his death. How was the Tiger King brought up? As a child the Tiger King was brought up by an English nanny and tutored in English by an Englishman.

He was given the milk of an English cow. Like many other Indian crown princes he watched only English movies. How did the Tiger King meet his end? What is ironical about his death?

How did the Maharaja kill the hundredth tiger? However his tiger killing mission came to a sudden standstill because the tiger population became extinct in the forest of Pratibandapuram. But the lady proved to be greedy as she retained all of them and merely sent a letter of thanks.

This infuriated the Maharaja. Why did the Maharaja suddenly decide to marry? Whom did he wish to marry? The Maharaja suddenly decided to marry because firstly. What did the Maharaja buy as a birthday gift for his son?

The Maharaja wished to give his son a very special gift on his birthday and he bought a wooden toy tiger as a perfect birthday gift for his son. Thus he managed to save his throne.

In one day. When he was denied the permission for hunting. For this reason he wished to marry a girl in the royal family of a state with a large tiger population. What did the high-ranking British officer wish to do? Was his wish fulfilled? The high-ranking British officer wanted to kill a tiger.

The State astrologer was so sure of his prediction that he announced that ceremonial tuft. Though he was operated yet he died. Unsolved Question 1. Why did Maharaja order the dewan to double the tax? The Maharaja called the dewan and ordered him to immediately double the tax of the villagers who had informed him of a tiger in the forest because despite his best efforts he was unable to locate the beast.

The title of the Maharaja reflected grandeur but his death was an anticlimax. How did the Maharaja manage to save his throne? Some fifty samples of expensive diamond rings were sent to the duraisani andit was expected that she would select on or two and return the rest. Howdid the Tiger King meet his end? What idea do you form about the married life of the king? Why did the tiger king decided to marry?

How do you conclude his attitude towards marriage? Long answer type question 1. Death is lurking around him and the king is unaware of it.

Class 12 ISC Notes 2018 : English Paper 1 (English Language) (Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling)

All this while he does not know that the victim was not killed by him but by other hunters. After the soldier is out of danger Dr. Sadao he could not survive the second attack. But 5. The wooden toy tiger the king had got as a birthday present for his son had unskilled carpenter.

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So if Dr. Sadao was arrested. No wonder. Sadao helps him to escape from his house to safety. So for furthering his selfish needs he overlooked the matter and promises to send his assassins.

That is indeed quite ironical. It had a rough surface with tiny slivers of wood standing up like quills all over it.

The king died while being operated upon. Sadao in operating the soldier in spite of her physical discomfort and hesitation. The General had an attack and according to Dr. In four days. He also does not trust anyone except Dr. He provided him his boat. The prisoner was successful in his escape only because of the right guidance and help from Dr. Why was Dr. Sadao not sent with the troops? The General thought that Dr. Why did the servants leave Dr. So he was not sent with troops.

Sadao is indispensable to his life and can save anyone as he is very skilled. Sadao to the problem. The escape of the prisoner was his reward. They were not in favour of keeping the American prisoner hidden in the not want Dr. Sadao searched the spot of black in the twilight sea that night to see if the man was still there but there was no light.

Why was Sadao not able to talk to the General about the assassins for quite some time?

Thus all this proves that that was the only way out for Dr. As a patriot. Who was the white man whom Dr. Sadao and Hana found? The white man was an American soldier as evident from his clothes. Sadao to save his life as he was the enemy.

Value Points It is the best possible option-general had promised him that he would get the soldier quietly killed through his private assassins-but he forgot to get rid of. This is a great lesson in humanism. So they left the house. Obviously the man had gone. Howdid Dr.

The white soldier took leave of him and followed his instruction and managed to escape safely. Value Points Dr. Sadao could do nothing-he wanted to get rid of the wounded soldier-as the servants had left the house-and news could be spread-so he devised his own plan to get the soldier off to the nearby island-managed his boat for the soldier and instructed him.

What was the reward? Why did Sadao feel that General was in the palm of his hand? What was the help that the General offered to Sadao to get rid of the prisoner? Value Points 8. Discuss with reference to the Enemy. There are moments in life when we have to make hard choice between our role as private individuals and as citizens with a sense of national loyalty.

On finding his magic wand. But his other side-sense of patriotism and nationalism also involves a report to police.

So as a doctor and as an individualhis first job is to save the man-takes ethical responsibility. So the wizard changes him back to smell like a skunk. This raises a difficult moral question whether parents possess the right to impose their will on their children. She hit the wizard and asked him to restore the original smell.

The old owl advises him to visit the wizard who would solve the problem. Roger Skunk replied that the wizard had made him smell like that mother did not like that and asked Roger to come with her.

How did the wizard help Roger Skunk? Sadao encounters with the dilemma-to live as private individual whose responsibility is to save the soldier. She is engaged in a story session with her father. Roger Skunk began to smell like roses.

Physics Notes For Class 12

She wants the wizard to hit the mother back and let Roger be which her father was not ready to do to establish his authority. She wanted her son to keep his identity of a skunk and wanted his friends to accept him for himself.

Mommy asked about the smell. Thus Dr.Who is Jo? Sharon Smith. Value points: The actual pain or inconvenience caused by a physical impairment is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by the person with disabilities. So if Dr.

What was the reward? English for class 2nd Year F. Flamingo Aunt Jennifers Tigers. You can download latest syllabus as per the new session academic year —

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