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Probably the most important part of a chess game for the amateur chess player is the opening. At the amateur level, most games are won or lost in the opening. '1'/te I rk'u,t t(' Pln t t.t Beltirrrl ILL C /te.r.r () 1t(n in |).jrrrir' g'.s'. l)irrritri Kr)nr:rr'()\ o ( ,la How to Beat Your Dad at Chess (Gambit Chess). How to Beat Your Dad. 10 Deadly opening chess traps. As well as many other materials and lessons that will help you to learn or improve the skills of the game of.

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Chess Opening Traps - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Chess Opening Traps. Bruce Pandolfini - Chess Openings Traps and Zaps ().pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Chapter 1 – Rare Openings on the Second Move P P P P P .. First, a reminder of the Traps (for White and ☠ for Black) that appear in this chapter. 2. Andrew.

So I looked at a combination where I could sacrifice a piece and I would be able to get continual checks. It would have been a draw.

That was something that I've never had. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it. So as soon as she made her move, without taking my time and looking at the move she made.

I made mine. Showed up after I made the move and I looked at the diagram. I lost the piece that I was going to sacrifice on her next move. I was a piece down. But I was mentally down. Being down one piece is not a bad thing, but the position was in her favor and I would lose more pawns.

I thought of resigning right then.

List of chess traps

I can't do that, I think I will just play and sacrifice more pieces and just totally lose. That would be my punishment. That is what I deserved. Maybe being in ten games is the blame, since I'm trying to get rid of some of the games as quickly and I can. But that isn't happening. Oh Well. I've had eleven wins in a row.

This loss had to come sometime and I am sure more are coming. Oh yeah. I just tried another trap from the book against a player that has just won a game against me and it worked.

My opponent was trying the Ruy Lopez opening. Instead of pushing the Pawn to A6 attacking the Bishop. I moved the other Knight to NF6. He defended with d3.

He got greedy and lost the Knight. I won a piece. But Now I don't know how to proceed.

Check it out. It's only seven moves. It might work for you. The opponent is a good player and I didn't think he would fall for it. Here is the link: Nice work Denver, the Mortimer trap I believe. It's from the traps book by Chernev but he doesn't give any of them names. They sort of work sometimes.

But that doesn't win the game only a small piece worth three points, but I gave away a pawn to get it. Now I know the name and will note it in the book page. My opponent fell for the Mortimer trap and I won a Knight on my seventh move.

By understanding opening play and how to exploit tactical ideas, we turn the tables on our opponents. Now they will be the ones getting outmanoeuvred, tricked, trapped and pushed off the board! Chess Opening Traps for Kids is a serious course on how to play the opening, illustrated with memorable and entertaining examples.

Deadliest Opening Traps

By focusing on key themes, Graham Burgess explains how to use opening tricks to our advantage. Every opening features hidden dangers for both players, so we need to avoid pitfalls while making full use of tactics to achieve the opening goals of purposeful development and central control.

Most of the sections feature a basic example followed by a more complex one. Some of the traps have claimed grandmaster victims, while others are more likely to arise in junior chess. Either way, the aim is to learn the theme so well that you can use it when similar opportunities arise in your own games. A series of exercises at the end of the book allows you to check that you have grasped the main points.

Throughout the book there are tips on how to spot tactics in advance and advice on opening strategy.

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Award-winning author Graham Burgess has written 25 chess books, ranging from general guides to works on specific openings. In he set a world record for marathon blitz chess playing. Download a pdf file with a sample from the book. As an example in trap 24 we see the Serbian Trap that runs with the move order: 1. Nxc3 Nc6 5. Nf3 e6 6.

Bc4 Qc7 7. This trap comes out of a variation of the Italian game, or Giuoco Piano. Black bravely or carelessly!

This is about as provocative as you can get when playing an opening as Black! Ending this series of traps with another fun move against the Ruy Lopez. The knight on g4 is the bait, and the pawn on h5 is the fishing pole waiting to catch someone off-guard! This trap is fun to try in your online or in-person blitz games.

What are some of your favorite chess tricks and traps? Please leave them in the comments below for everyone to enjoy! You can use our brandly new GIF maker to share the games!

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Aug 23, , 7:Opening traps are useful in blitz play, Internet play, and usually with players who do not study opening theory. I lost the piece that I was going to sacrifice on her next move. But that doesn't win the game only a small piece worth three points, but I gave away a pawn to get it. What are some of your favorite chess tricks and traps? Bxb2 Bxb2 In some it finishes the whole game, maybe 20 move. For Beginners. Jul 31, This traps. I have arranged the material alphabetically by opening name.

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