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Kelly Elliott - [Broken 02] - Broken Dreams (epub) Visit my website at http://www ISBN This. A Forever Love · Kelly, epub, Kelly Elliott, , English, , Wanted 0,5, [ Download]. Broken Dreams · Kelly, epub, Kelly Elliott, , English, Broken. Broken (Series). Book 1. Kelly Elliott Author Nelson Hobbs Narrator ( ). cover image of Hobbs Narrator (). cover image of Broken Dreams.

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Kelly Elliott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author. Since finishing her Broken Dreams Broken Promises Broken Love. Broken Dreams Kelly Elliott pdf download Broken Dreams Kelly Elliott read online Kelly Elliott Broken Dreams epub Broken Dreams Kelly Elliott vk Broken. Broken - Kindle edition by Kelly Elliott. Download it once and read it on Book 1 of 4 in Broken (4 Book Series) . Broken DreamsKindle Edition. Kelly Elliott.

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Searching for Harmony. Saving You. Holding You. Chasing You. Without You. After we ordered drinks, Taylor and I quickly forgot about Cammie. How would this work between us if she worked in Austin and I worked in Llano? With a hard swallow, I reached for my beer and took a drink. I knew what I had to do and it was going to destroy both of us in the process, but it was the only thing I could think of.

Taking in a deep breath, I slowly blew it out. Do you regret what happened between us? I knew if given the chance she would tell Taylor about the night I spent with her and her friend. Pushing my hand through my hair, I lowered my voice. So you have a past? I should have known you would do this. My sister was right about you. I love you, Taylor, and I only want to do what is best for you. How could she think I would do that to her?

Before I was even out the door, Cammie was walking up to me and following me out. You have to know that. I turned to the left and walked. I had no idea where I was even going. Cammie followed me for a bit before I stopped and looked at her.

Stop worrying. Hearing her soft moans as I made love to her. I see the fence. What in the world is weighing on your mind, son?

Went out last night with a few friends. Well you better snap the hell out of it. It never failed, any time he talked about or thought of my mother his eyes lit up. With a chuckle, he shook his head as if lost in a memory. Then my desire to protect her from everything and everyone was most likely the second clue. She consumed my every thought.

One day it hit me how much I cared for her, but I was stupid. She wants a life in the city, working and doing the whole corporate world thing. I mean, Mom already lived here. The first time I saw her it felt like the air around me changed. She smiled and I was lost in her eyes. Everything about her was perfect, especially the little dimple that only comes out when you really make her laugh. Every time I saw it I had to fight the urge to kiss her. It was almost like a sign or something.

Anyway, I ran into her one day back at school and ended up going back to her apartment. Things started to get a bit. Finally being able to allow myself to talk to him about what was going on was somewhat of a relief. I knew he would listen and not judge me. She wanted to stop, so we did. I respected her too much. But then she started talking about her plans after school and how she wanted to be some financial analyst for her grandfather and it hit me.

Our lives would never go down the same path. Beautiful, smart as hell, and wants a life in the city. My life consists of mending fences, raising cows, and coming home smelling like fucking hell.

This is the life I want and I would never ask her to give up her dreams to be with me. I ignored her mostly. I fucking woke up with a girl in my bed one night after seeing Taylor at a party. I got so drunk I screwed around with two different women. Who does that kind of shit if they care about someone else?

The guilt about tore me in two. I had to tell her about it just to get it off my chest. You told her that? She confuses me! I tried to stay away from her, Dad. I honestly did, but every time I would look at her, she would be looking at me. I thought we could make it work.

I needed to tell her how much I wanted her and loved her. Did you say you loved her? I said I love her. She asked me to make love to her and. I did. I made her mine. That freaked the hell out of me. Afterwards, I ran into Cammie who told me Taylor would never be happy with me and I freaked out. What did you do? Tell me, was she still a virgin, and please for the love of all that is good in this world say no.

She would have been in Austin and me here. How would that have worked, Dad? You still talk to this girl? I love and care about her. The very thought of being shot in the balls made my stomach turn.

You fucked up. You royally fucked up.

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My sleeping is off, I never feel like eating, and yesterday she said she had a date. You deserve whatever punishment she gives you. Jase, if you have no intention of making a future with this girl, you have to let her go.

Except for when my mother accidentally dumped my fish into the garbage disposal. I actually cried then.

Poor, Shark. Your mother will have dinner ready soon. My heart told me what I should do, if only my head had the same plan. Stop saying that, Meg! Tay, what are you doing here? Something was different about her. Her face seemed to be glowing. I was missing home. She was never this emotional.

God no! Everything with Colt is amazing. Everything is perfect. Dang, you must have had some good sex this morning to be in this good of a mood. Are you about to burst because something happy has happened?

I noticed it the moment you opened the door. When did you find out? You just found out? Holy shit! When she picked up the pregnancy test, she squealed and shoved it in my face. You peed on that thing! I didn't even tell him I was suspecting it. Are you having sex? With who?

Settle down, girl. It would be nice to experience it again. Everything about the house screamed Lauren. It was decorated in a French country theme, like something straight out of a home and garden book. Walking into the kitchen, I looked around. Well did you do something different in here? I thought you had a date last night. No go?

I mean he certainly thought it was a full on green light. David is a nice guy, cute, a good sense of humor, kisses okay. I mean, he had his hand up my dress before they served dessert.

Look at you. My grandfather is driving me crazy, and if my grandmother tries to set me up with one more guy, I may have to leave my job. Like you could use a financial analyst on the payroll of your breeding business. What happened to you? Something about that smell brought back memories of following my father and Reed around the ranch, trying to be just like them. You never want to hook up with anyone either. When was the last time you got some pussy?

Like that. All the good ones left and moved on with their lives. The good ones? I dated her senior year and took her to prom. Rick shook his head. My mom said she decided to come back and work for the elementary school.

I bet she hates that. All she ever talked about was leaving Llano. It was time to either move on and let Taylor go, or go after her. You in or out? I knew what had to be done. Tonight is going to be awesome.

They were both engrossed in a movie while holding hands. We each received a little over twelve hundred acres. I needed to have my own place. I should probably be heading out. Rick will be waiting for me. I have no intentions of drinking. The last thing I wanted to do was get hammered and end up with Jill in the backseat of my truck. My phone buzzed in my pocket as I got to my truck. Pulling it out, it was a text from Rick.

Rick: Dude where are you? The band has brought fresh pussy in. The girls in this bar are beyond beautiful. Sighing, I got in the truck and shut the door. I sent him a quick reply and prayed I made it through this night. Each time I ignored it. Walking into the bar, my eyes widened in surprise.

What once was a small country bar looked like a full-on club. The dance floor was huge with the stage straight ahead. How are you? Besides, I really enjoy working with Walker and my dad. Sorry about that. The band was taking a break and a DJ was taking over as I ordered myself a Coke and Jill ordered some fancy-ass drink that caused the bartender to shake his head as he walked away.

Glancing around the bar, I took in the new place. Rick was right; it was bigger and for sure catered to the young crowd. I took a drink and looked back at her. We got engaged and he decided he liked sticking his dick in other girls. I had a great job at a great school district that I had to walk away from. Daddy said I could come home and stay with them until I could afford to buy myself a nice little house.

You still a partying guy or are you ready to settle down? Rick mentioned you had some land that you got from your daddy. This girl was on the hunt for her next keeper.

As we walked out to the dance floor, Rick smiled and slapped my back. Especially when every waking moment was consumed by thoughts of Taylor. If you say so. Jill looked up at me and smiled. Perfect timing. The sooner this night was over the better. The moment Lauren told Colt she was pregnant, I thought he was going to jump through the roof he was so happy.

I had been sworn to secrecy until she got further along. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. I went ahead and ordered a beer. Lauren took a drink of her water and turned to Colt. The song changed from a fast song to a slower one. I love that group. Scanning the dance floor, my eyes came to a halt. All of sudden the lyrics to the song played loudly in my ears. Tight jeans, nice body, boots, and a smile that would knock any girl off her feet. Any girl. The guy who asked me to dance is dancing with someone else.

Good lord. The last place Jase would ever expect me to be is a bar in Llano. I had to admit when Lauren mentioned this place, my heart began to race at the idea of maybe seeing Jase. Lucking out, the next song was another slow one. Why did he have to have the same name as my dad? I can promise you that. Your brother's best friend, who you have lusted over for the last,,,how many years? I couldn't help but giggle.

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It was true. I'd been lusting after him ever since I could remember. I loved that dark hair of his and those deep green eyes that felt like they pierced my soul. He'd finally noticed me, and my brother was going to freak when he found out, which made this all the sweeter. I shrugged my shoulders. I lost it, laughing, from the expression on her face.

I said yes, but I told him if he thought he was going to be getting a piece of ass, he had another thing coming. I mean, my God, he's your brother's best friend, and Tyler would kill him.

Foul Play by Jordan Ford

When I said it, I was kidding, but he got a funny look in his eyes. It did something weird to my stomach, like,,,I think I got turned-on by it.

You wouldn't,,,sleep with him, would you? I gave her a wicked smile. I'm only sixteen, and he's almost eighteen and getting ready to leave for college.

I want my perfect moment, ya know? I want the whole thing with Prince Charming sweeping me off my feet. I want the romance. I am wondering though why he asked me to prom.

I mean, he's never given me a second glance, and he's always treated me like,,,well, like I'm his best friend's little sister. I hope so. Anyway, we need to go shopping for a dress this weekend.

I know we have a few more months before the prom, but a girl can never start looking too early for a dress! Oh, this is going to be so much fun! It's your first real date and with the guy you have dreamed of going out with. It couldn't be any more perfect, Lollipop! And his parents are out of town this weekend, so I get to see him at my house for four whole days! As we both laughed and talked about the prom on the way to my car, I glanced over toward my brother's Jeep.

Noah was leaning against it, looking sexy as hell. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. Yep, this is going to be perfect. My Prince Charming finally noticed me. Twelve Hours Later I heard my bedroom door open and then quietly shut. I opened my eyes and saw it was almost three thirty in the morning. I turned around to see Noah standing over my bed, looking down at me. I smiled, but he didn't smile back. I sat up and tilted my head.

Is everything okay? What are you talking about? I've waited long enough. Please,,,no,,, "Um,,,Noah, I think you should probably leave my room. If my dad or brother find you in here, they're gonna-" The next thing I knew, his hand was covering my mouth, and he was forcing me down. I tried to scream and push his hands away.

He put his lips right next to my ear, and at first, his hot breath calmed me, but then he started talking. Those eyes that used to hold me captive now only made me sick to my stomach.

What is he planning on doing to me?

I slowly shook my head and said, "I won't make a sound. I've been waiting for you, Courtney. You're going to be mine. Why are you doing this? I felt like I was going to throw up. No, this is not how my first time is supposed to be!

He's supposed to make it special. He's supposed to make me feel like I am his everything.

Oh God, please don't let this happen. This is not how it happens in my dreams! He is supposed to love me. I'm supposed to love him. God, please no. The moment his hands touched me, I jumped and let out a gasp.

He put his hand over my mouth again. He started pulling up my T-shirt, and he looked my body up and down.

When he began sliding off my panties, I grabbed his hands. I see how you look at me. You want me just as much as I want you. I don't. I don't want this. I don't care what you do to my brother. I just want you to stop. Sissy was my fourteen-year-old sister. Stop pissing me off. If you even think of telling anyone, I'll not only hurt your brother, but your parents might end up in a car accident caused by faulty brakes, and your little sister might get her cherry popped a little early.

I felt the tears pouring down my face as I closed my eyes. I totally relaxed my body and tried to just disappear. I needed to be anywhere but where I was. Let me give you what you've been wanting. With each time he pushed himself in, I grabbed the sheets and tried to hold it all in. He just kept moaning and telling me how good it felt. I just want to disappear. This isn't happening.

Nothing had ever hurt me so badly in my life. I began saying my favorite quotes over and over in my head as I tried to block out the nightmare that was happening.

Once he was done, he stood up, took off the condom, and smiled at me. He tossed it in the trash and told me to get rid of it first thing in the morning. It will feel better next time, I promise. The first time always hurts.See if you have enough points for this item.

Audiobook Romance Lovers English audiobooks Nov 15, at 4: Bad for You. Sometimes we choose the wrong path. Why did he have to have the same name as my dad?

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