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Books, 'Breaking India - Rajiv Malhotra'. IdentifierBreakingIndiaRajivMalhotra. Identifier-arkark://t6zw7sf1k. Ocrlanguage not currently. Breaking India Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines RAJIV No part of this book may be used or reproduced, stored in or introduced into a A. Seiple,, 10 November 6. The cover image is not the official map of India which the authors believe in; this is the map operations on the ground of the kind that this book throws light on.

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Breaking India This book focuses on the third: the role of U.S. and European churches, academics, think-tanks, foundations, government and human rights. PDF | The authors build up a definite case for their contention that Western academicians and political, religious and economic lobbies are. Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines eBook: Rajiv This book focuses on the third: the role of U.S. and European churches.

But with British or Christianity India faced a different problem — Deception, lies and backstabbing. For India, Jihadi is a quantified enemy, but the missionary crook is an invisible enemy.

This is a new generation warfare where the enemy can see us but we cannot see them.

And his tactics are fool proof. Every chapter in this book — Breaking India can be worked out or researched as a PhD dissertation, such is the scope for further work on each chapter. For eg: - How the Europeans have invented the Race theory and how they have used it to colonize a vast majority of global population warrants a more thorough study on its own.

by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan

The whole book centered around the following themes in my opinion. Inventing the myth of a separate Dravidian identity. The foundation of Christianity is built on lies and deception on which the west thriving. Of all the greatest lies which were churned out as scholarship, the Aryan-Dravidian dichotomy had a lasting impact. That originally Tamil People were ruling the whole of India, then came the wily Brahmins i.

Well, if one is not swayed by the allurements for converting in to Christianity he would laugh his brains out because of this scholarship. This theory is for Tamil Nadu only.

For example, different stories are cooked up for different states to confuse Hindus, to prepare them for conversion in to Christianity. Using Dalit issue as a front for conversion purposes. The greatest irony of all is to say that Christian Missionaries are working Dalit cause.

History is replete with incidents of the butchery Christianity or simply the church committed since its inception as recent as assisting Hitler in the genocide of Jews. Dalit issue is a legitimate concern and it should be resolved with in the broader Hindu framework and it does not require the intervention of foreign ideologies be it, Communism, Christianity or Islam. Missionaries building an anti-India narrative and showing solidarity to the centrifugal forces in India.

The role of Missionaries in the Maoist belt and violence in North East is indeed disturbing. The fact that political leadership in India could not muster courage to deal with these forces head on, all for the sake of vote bank politics is worrying. If such an attitude continues then India as we know will not be there anymore. Crackpot scholarship by Christian missionaries and organizations that justifies the past injustices and a rationale for armed violence, so as to balkanize India.

All publications of Church have derogatory references about Hindus and Hinduism. Only few instances as mentioned in the book are taken up by Hindus, others are just ignored. Thomas story is a great hoax of all. There is no evidence of his existence at all what so ever.

It is only rhetoric.

A global network of organizations in the name of Dalit rights who create and control the anti-India agenda. What should worry us as Indians is the sheer capacity of these organizations to mobilize funds for their destabilizing activities in India. Every year there are thousands of crores received by these missionary organizations as contributions for conversion and other disruptive activities.

I have written about the nexus of Jihadis and communists in india, though they are enemies outside territory of India.

Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines

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Breaking India

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That originally Tamil People were ruling the whole of India, then came the wily Brahmins i.

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