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COMPUTER BASICS. Seema Sirpal computer is composed of hardware and software, and can . Computer Based Training (CBT) offers a low cost solution to . Objectives. • Basic knowledge of computer components. • Turning on and off the computer. • Running a program. • Handling files. Basic Computer Skills. 1. Contents. The Computer. 2. Hardware. 3. Software. 3. How To Turn The Computer On. 4. The Mouse. 5. The Mouse Pointer. 5.

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BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS. On any given day, you will encounter computer systems in much of what you do, even if you don't realize it. The television channels. Lesson The Front of a Computer and Peripheral Devices. Unlike most other computer-training courseware, each CustomGuide manual is uniquely. Description: This pdf tutorial aims to give students who have had little or no contact with computers the foundation for all work using a computer.

And you dear surfers what you need? The best course and tutorial, and how to learn and use Basic Computer course book. I think u guys working very great and i also suggest u to make major on excel to complete in one book plz.

Home Other Basic Computer course book. Basic Computer course book free PDF. This PDF book is designed for very novice computer users. It often contains oversimplifications of reality and every technical detail is purposely omitted. Beginners Created: February 20, Size: Free University of Bolzano Bozen — Dr. Paolo Downloads: Summary on tutorial Basic Computer course book. Download the file. Thanks for this website.

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Keep it up. I think u guys working very great and i also suggest u to make major on excel to complete in one book plz Shahab at But this idea is only for the counting of small entities. Vacuum tubes are used to electronic circuit iii. Storage capacity was limited 1kb to 4kb iv. Storage capacity in measured in mega byte.

Slow processing millisecond iv. High voltage needed up to volts. VLSI and micro processer are used ii.

Transistor were used iv. Input and output device were faster incomplete… i. Easy human computing i. ICs were used in place of transistor iii.

They have artificial intelligence. Applications Of Computer: Now a days, it is difficult to find the field or the criteria in which there is no use of computer.

Directly or indirectly there is vast use of computer.


When it is pressed on it gives capital alphabets and when it is off it gives small alphabets. In case of Nepali font it shows half character, when it is on. Enter: - It is used to break the lines, paragraph or columns. Shift: - it is used to display capital and small alphabets by holding shift we can bring changes in the character.

Tab: - It is used to give long space between two character and words Space bar: - It is used to give space between two character and word. Back space: - It is used to remove character at the back of the cursor. Delete: - It is used to remove character at the right of the cursor. End: - It is used to move the cursor at the end of the line. Home: - It is used to move the cursor at the beginning of the line.

Page up: - It is used to move the cursor one page up. Page down: - It is used to move the cursor one page down. Esc: - It is used to cancel any job function. Num lock: - It is used to lock and unlock the numeric pad. When you click the start button, you will see a menu, which contains everything you need to begin using windows. Desktop icons are those icons, which remains on the desktop. It is especially used for switching between opened programs and folders.

Here: Themes: Changes the current theme on desktop Desktop: Changes the wallpapers or fill color on background of desktop Screen Saver: Apply screen saver using photo slideshow, text, flag, ribbons, etc. On the file menu, Select New Folder press enter key. Type the name of the folder and then press It consists of the deleted item for recovery.

It is a popular operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation.

Basic Computer course book download

Click on start button. Choose program. Choose accessories.

Choose paint and click on it, or, 1. Click on start Button.

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Click on Run. Type Mspaint inside the box. Click on Ok. To show hide Tools, Color box, Status bar: 1.

Go to View menu. Enable or disable required options by clicking at once. Saving your work: To close and exit from Wordpad After finishing your work, After finishing your work, 1. Go to file menu. Click on save. Then, click on yes, if you want to save and click on No, if you don't want to save. Then, Open dialog box will appear.

Basic Computer Skills

Click on open. Click on new. Then, New dialog box will appear. Choose required document type. Click on ok. Go to view menu. Put or remove the tick mark from required above items. Click on either or save As. Then, save as dialog box will appear. Give required file name. Required text: Click the left mouse button either in initial or final point of the text and drag it up to destination and release it. Or, go to edit menu and click on select all. First select required text.

Then press either Delete or, Backspace key. Or, Direct click on save icon on the toolbar. Click on close. Or, Direct click on close button of the program. Type the required file name at file name box or, direct choose the required file, which you want to open. Or, direct click on new button at standard toolbar. Then, new dialog box will appear.

Choose required document type either Word 6 document or Rich text document or, text document. Then click on dropdown arrow of Font size and Font color tool on the format bar. Select required font, size, and Color from the dropdown list. Select the required text. Go to Format menu. Click on font. Then Font dialog box appear: 4.

Choose required font, font size and font color. First select the required text. Then direct click on B, I, U icon on the format bar as per required. Or, 3.

Free Computer Tutorials in PDF

Click on Font. But, in case of Underline, put the tick mark on Underline. There are 3 types of alignment in WordPad.

Left Alignment. Center Alignment. Right Alignment. Methods: 1. Direct click on alignment icon on format bar. Go to Format menu 2. Click on paragraph. Click on dropdown arrow of alignment. Choose required one.

Go to Edit menu. Then type the required word, which you want you want to replace at find what box. Click on replace all.

Click on insert 2. Some Basic Terminology: o http: hypertext markup language o www: world wide web o Kbps: Kilobyte per second o Mbps: Megabyte per second o Server: main computer in the network o Client: sub-computer that are networked to server.

Now days, internet is so popular that it becomes basic need of human beings. You can exchange any massage with people around the world by using e-mail.Keep the cell pointer in required place Go to insert menu Click on function Choose any types of formula Select required formula Click on OK Comment :- This command is used to add comments about particular cell object.

Select your text line Go to format menu Click on change case Choose any one case Click on OK Background :- This command is used to change background color of pages. Receiving mail 3. Click on paragraph. So no data will remain when the power is switched off. Go to Format menu 2. But, in case of Underline, put the tick mark on Underline.

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