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May Thy grace, peace and blessings rest on Muhammad, our Master, who opens that which is closed, and closes that which is preceded, who helps truth with truth, and who guided mankind to Thy straight path.

Actually, this Durood Shareef is in the Holy Quran; but then it was kept a secret.

19درود و سلام

The great Saints also say that Durood-e-Fath is actual and real light. In fact, this Durood Shareef brings prosperity and favour and solves all the complex problems by the Grace of Allah. When a man recites this Durood Shareef, the Angels of Allah surround him, mercy covers him and peace starts descending on him. This Durood Shareef is of a very great significance. It brings tremendous prosperity, health, happiness and success in this and the next world.

Hadrat Imam Muzni radi Allahu anhu has also narrated exactly the same story. It brings tremendous prosperity, health and happiness and success in this world and the Aakirah.

This Durood Shareef is of a very great value. If it is recited only once, it amounts to all the rewards of all the Duroods.

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By reciting this Durood, one gets peace of mind and success in this world as well as in the next. After reciting this Durood Shareef, the reciter can claim that he has recited almost all the Duroods which are in this world known to the people. During days of upheavals, this Durood Shareef brings relief, success and true happiness.

It is mostly the Saints and very pious people who recite this Durood after every prayer.

They also recommended this Durood Shareef to all the needy. Shower blessings on Muhammad, our Master, and his Family such blessings by means of which Thou may relieve us of all anxieties and calamities. Thou may satisfy all our needs. This Durood Shareef is always a cure for all calamities in the world of worldly affairs. It was taught by Sayyiduna Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam himself. To recite this Durood Shareef 70 times during days of calamity, turmoil and trouble, is a must.

It works wonders.

He embarked on a voyage by ship. Due to a heavy storm, the ship started sinking.

Hadith about excellence and miracles of durood sharif

All the passengers on board started crying and clamouring, but Sheikh Moosa Zareer radi Allahu anhu went to sleep.

He saw the Holy Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam in his dream and the Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam directed him and the passengers to recite Durood-e-Tunajjina 1 times. Sheikh Moosa Zareer radi Allahu anhu got up and started the recitation.When Hadrat Abi Sulaiman radi Allahu anhu inquired about that great reward, his father told him that it was all due to the recitations of Durood Shareef over the name of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam at a time when the name was written in the books.

Muhammad Aslam Samo Says: Not long thereafter, the elder brother had squandered and exhausted all his wealth, while the younger one became very wealthy. January 16, at 9: It works wonders. Bushra Shamim Says:

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