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Christine May Just, download a pdf file from google site. I seldom read books like this but since I like Alex Gonzaga, I tried reading her book to see what she. Download pdf book by Alex Gonzaga - Free eBooks. Best Book Deals & Free PDF Download Dear Alex, Break Na Kami. Date of release. I just bought this book kasi sumunod sa uso lang hehehe, I heard kasi its a good book daw and of course I like Alex Gonzaga and I'm.

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Dear Alex, We're Dating. Love, Catherine [Alex Gonzaga] on Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction. Last month, I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the team behind the book of Alex Gonzaga, “Dear Alex, Break na Kami. Pano?!. CATHERINE. GONZAGA. PDF File: Dear Alex Break Na Kami Paano Love Catherine Gonzaga. 1 Laser SurgeryPill Book Guide To Natural MedicinesPirate.

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Somewhere out there someone is also waiting and praying for your arrival. Guys want women who can handle themselves with or without them.


How will you regain your self-worth? Get out of the relationship. This is exactly what happened to my friend. Finally, naging sila for about 4 years.

Imposible, Cathy. Mahal niya ako.

She really regrets doing that. This story speaks a lot. I hope that girls will learn their lesson from this story because I know many can relate into it — to be stupid out of love. If you say move on, then move on, no more, no less.

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The examples I have given are just 7 paragraphs out of pages. It means that these are just free taste and you still miss a lot from the book. Break na kayo.

It's funny to realize I had to go through six 6 heart aches before I've learned the lesson. How I wish Alex Gonzaga wrote this book way earlier.

Should you buy this book? Even if you're not heart broken and you have great relationship, I know you'll need this book.

Maybe not for yourself but for someone who might need it like your sister or cousin sister, your friend or even just a Facebook friend always ranting how much it hurts.

Lend them this book so they'll be able to find encouragement. Let's admit it, most heart broken people are hard headed.

They would listen but they won't follow your advises. I believe that lending them this book and allowing them to read it alone for them to absorb all that Alex Gonzaga wrote here would eventually help them; would eventually lessen the burden. Besides, it's just Php in National Bookstores. What I learned from the book?

It was like I was reminded of what I have done in the past to become who I am today - strong, happy and independent lady. I know a lot of people had experience or experiencing this kind of feeling, even I!

So, I know how painful it is to be in this situation. The title catches me.

Dear Alex, Break Na Kami. Paano?! Love, Catherine

But as I started reading the book after buying it, the words of Alex Gonzaga catches me even more. I must say that I can see the light of hope when I finished the book.

It really helps, especially for those who are brokenhearted. The title says it all. Just like the author, the book is so cool with these topics, not just informative.

There are couple of lines that touched me in so many ways. And I know that it will also tap your heart. Do you want me to give some examples?

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Let go of your fears.This is exactly what happened to my friend. It really helps, especially for those who are brokenhearted.

Get A Copy. Besides, it's just Php in National Bookstores. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Make the best out of it. Kaya mong maging single! Kasi magkakasugat ka lang.

This is the question that bothers the minds of brokenhearted people.

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