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The 50th Law 50 Cent and Robert Greene Contents Foreword Introduction Chapter 1 See Things for What They Are-Intense Realism Chapter 2 Make Everything. I first met 50 Cent in the winter of He had been a fan of my book The 48 Laws of Power, and he was interested in col- laborating on a book project. In the . The 50th Law PDF Summary by Robert Greene & 50 Cent is an amazing book that focuses on exploiting your full potential and putting your.

50 Cent 50th Law Pdf

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The 50th Law is written by Robert Greene in conjunction with 50 Cent. There's a little bit of 50 Cent life here, but mostly it's a Robert Greene's. In The 50th Law, hip hop and pop culture icon 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) joins forces with Robert Greene, bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, to wr. In The 50th Law, hip hop and pop culture icon 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) joins forces with Robert Greene, bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, to write.

The 50th Law

Do you know that every office has a micromanager who wants to supervise almost every little detail? So, take notes, and get the big picture.

Less open-minded personalities are struggling when on the lookout for favorable circumstances. Life rarely has a natural flow, it is filled with storms, sunshine, and rainbows, and you got to take all into account. Strange but true, some people envy you, and they try to obstruct the ascend regarding your personal and professional life.

One of the best ways to overcome the fear of confrontation is to perceive it another way.

Rather than seeing it as an unnecessary activity, get the message that life is all about challenges. These forces combined with strings of manipulation cannot harm you unless you give the go-ahead.

Morality is sidestepped, and self-interest is up-and-running! Alexander the Great on numerous occasions proved its greatness on the battlefield because he led with an example, not with words. Shouting and pressuring your employees to work harder is not only ineffective but counter-productive as well.

If you perform better than they are, they will instinctively follow your lead, and rely on your absolute authority. Many business plans kick in the minute a person devises a plan to launch its idea. The trends are changing in a flash, and your business must create value. After that, when you define what the audience wants, you can begin forging a plan and mastermind a great product.

Learn how to make a better move by anticipating what comes next in the process. Your job is not to witness a periodical success that swings around without proper foundation for stability.

You, as a self-motivated individual, must withstand the pressure of being in the spotlight and make your customers addicted to your service for a long time. How often do you push yourself over the edge, and do something that you never thought possible? Aim for the stars and trust in yourself! Nonetheless, the mental assets are only one part of the game.

Improve your chances of success by enhancing your knowledge and prowess on a daily basis. No one can consider you worthy of anything unless you take full responsibility for your actions and methods.

The 50th Law: Summary + PDF

If people are willingly following you, it means that your aura radiates self-esteem and boldness. In truth there are only two options: The first one allows you to get as far away as possible from every thought that signalizes death. Option 2 indicates that this inevitable truth actually works in your favor.

Take full control over yourself 2. Become a great leader 3. If you continue to impose your will because of such privileges, people will come to disdain and despise you. Instead only your actions can prove your worth. They tell people who you are.

You must imagine that you are continually being challenged to show that you deserve the position you occupy. In a culture full of fakery and hype, you will stand out as someone authentic and worthy of respect. You remain the bold and enterprising knight. You force yourself to initiate new projects and domains to conquer; you take proactive measures against possible dangers on the horizon; you seize the initiative against your rivals.

You keep your group marching and on the offensive. This will excite them and give them a feeling of movement. You are not taking unnecessary risks, but simply adding a dash of aggression to your normally staid group.

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They become used to seeing you out in front and grow addicted to the excitement you bring with each new campaign. Work then is experienced as something boring—slow and repetitive. If we go far enough in this direction, we find it increasingly difficult to muster the patience to endure the hard work that is required for mastering any kind of craft.

It becomes harder to spend time alone. Life becomes divided between what is necessary time at work and what is pleasurable distractions and entertainment.

You must learn the various steps and procedures involved, proceeding to higher and higher levels of proficiency. This requires discipline and tenacity—the ability to withstand repetitive activity, slowness, and the anxiety that comes with such a challenge.

Second, as you become better at this task or craft, it becomes increasingly pleasurable. He solved problem after problem, his enthusiasm and momentum quickening as he realized the powers he was unleashing in himself.

While the others were paralyzed with fear and boredom, he passed the entire twenty months without a thought of the plague or any worries for the future.

And in that time, he essentially created modern mathematics, mechanics, and optics.

It is generally considered the most prolific, concentrated period of scientific thinking in the history of mankind. Of course, Isaac Newton possessed a rare mind, but at Cambridge nobody had suspected him of such mental powers. It took this period of forced isolation and repetitive labor to transform him into a genius.

If we are disciplined and patient, we proceed. At each higher level, new pleasures and insights await us—ones not even suspected when we started out. We can take this as far as we want—in any human activity there is always a higher level to which we can aspire. It is not sexy or seductive at first glance, but this truth is based on something real and substantial—an age-old wisdom that will never be overturned.

The 50th Law by Robert Greene

The key is the level of your desire. If you are really after power and mastery, then you will absorb this idea deeply and engrave it in your mind: there are no shortcuts.

You will distrust anything that is fast and easy. You will be able to endure the initial months of dull, repetitive labor, because you have an overall goal.

This will prevent you from short-circuiting, knowing many things but mastering none of them. In the end, what you really will be doing is mastering yourself—your impatience, your fear of boredom and empty time, your need for constant fun and amusement.

You tend to think first of what you want to accomplish, imagining the glory and money it will bring you if it succeeds. You then proceed to make this concept come to life. But as you go forward you often lose patience, because the small steps to get there are not nearly as exciting as the ambitious visions in your head. You must try instead the opposite approach, which can lead to very different results. You have a project you wish to bring to life, but you begin by immersing yourself in the details of the subject or field.

You look at the materials you have to work with, the tastes of your target audience, and the latest technical advances in the field. You take pleasure in going deeper and deeper into these fine points—your research is intense. From this knowledge, you shape the project itself, grounding it in reality rather than in airy concepts in your head. Operating this way helps you slow your mind down and develop patience for detailed work, an essential skill for mastering any craft.

But we are creatures who find it very hard to manage such long periods.

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We are immersed in the day-to-day; our emotions fluctuate with each encounter. We have immediate desires we are constantly working to satisfy. In that long period of time that we need to reach a goal, we are assailed by a thousand distractions and temptations that seem more interesting. We lose sight of our objectives and end up following some detour. This is the source of so many of the failures in our lives. To force yourself past any obstacle or temptation, you must be persistent.

As children we all had this quality because we were single-minded; you must simply rediscover and redevelop this character trait. First, you must understand the role that your energy level plays in mastering a process and bringing something to completion.

If you take on added goals or new tasks, your focus will be broken up and you will never attain what you wanted in the first place. You cannot persist on two or three paths, so avoid that temptation. Second, try breaking things up into smaller blocks of time. You have a large goal, but there are steps along the way, and steps within the steps. These steps represent months instead of years.

Reaching these smaller goals gives you a sense of tangible reward and progress. This will make it easier for you to resist any diversions along the way and fearlessly push ahead.

Remember: anything will give way to a sustained, persistent attack on your part. To feel inspired you must first experience a moment of emptiness. Use such moments to assess the day that went by, to measure where you are headed.

It begins by untying yourself from the opinions of others. This is not as easy as it sounds. You are breaking a lifelong habit of continually referring to other people when measuring your value. You must experiment and feel the sensation of not concerning yourself with what others think or expect of you.

You do not advance or retreat with their opinions in mind. You drown out their voices that often translate into doubts inside you. Instead of focusing on the limits you have internalized, you think of the potential you have for new and different behavior. Your personality can be altered and shaped by your conscious decision to do so.

We barely understand the role that willpower plays in our actions. When you raise your opinion of yourself and what you are capable of it has a decided influence on what you do.What we feared is not so bad. Instead of dull labor, it was now an exciting challenge.

But crack was so easy to manufacture and the demand was so high, that anyone—no matter how young—could get in on the game without any startup capital. We do not accept what we accepted in the past. Fifty was the first to hear this, and after contemplat- ing what to do next… …he decided it was finalLy time to shake up the dynamic. They all had suffered downturns in fortune—violence, prison time, etc.

It is at such moments that we get a glimpse of that potential mental power within us that generally lies untapped.

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