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Tamil Nadu 12th Class School Textbooks Online: Studyguideindia provides Class 12th Tamil Nadu Bio Chemistry1 (Tamil Medium) · Bio Zoology (Tamil Medium) · Business maths (Tamil Medium) State Wise School Text Books Download. Tamilnadu 12th Standard Books to TN HSC Samacheer Kalvi Books pdf Download for Free. The equal weightage of marks is Class 12th Tamil Medium New Books - Free Download pdf Available Soon. Bio- Zoology. Text book published by Government of Tamil Nadu.

12th Std Zoology Book

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TEXT-BOOKS OF ANIMAL BIOLOGY A General Zoology of the Invertebrates Vertebrate Zoology. Syllabus for XI Standard. ZOOLOGY - Textbooks Online. 10th, 11th and 12th Standard Text Books Download, 12th New Syllabus 12th Zoology Text Book (NEW SYLLABUS ) - English Medium; 12th Bio. SURA`S 12th Standard Bio-Botany and Botany Short and Long Version Exam Guide in English Medium (Based on New Textbook Edition).

And what are the processes, which are widely adopted to keep it safe? These are few such questions, which are part of awareness and knowledge can only be understood after reading about it in details. In this chapter of classth, students can significantly raise their awareness by reading about sexually transmitted diseases, about the cause of infertility, when pregnancy is medically terminated, how to prevent unlimited population and birth control, health care of a child at the stage of pre and post pregnancy, key reasons for maternal and infant mortality, etc.

Chapter 5: Principles of Inheritance and Variation A quite interesting chapter in class 12th bio. As we all know that heredity is a process, which deals with the transferring of traits and genetic information from parents to offspring. And this process keeps running from generation to generation.

Chapter 6: Molecular Basis of Inheritance This chapter is considered extremely important in the biology of classth and 12th. The whole chapter is kept very clear with the help of related diagrams, figures and flow charts are explained, gives students a chance of clear learning with understanding. Chapter 7: Evolution Evolution is simply the study related to the formation of life on earth.

Biology (Tamil Medium) for 12th Standard as per TN State Board

This chapter gives knowledge about the evolution of every existing flora and fauna on earth. This chapter consists of topics like the process of biological evolution, mechanism of evolution, about Adaptive Radiation, Hardy-Weinberg principle, the origin of life, the theory of the evolution of life forms, the evidence of evolution, the origin and evolution of humans, a short account of Evolution, etc.

For a more clear understanding of this chapter, important diagrams, flowchart, exercises, figures, and sample papers are significantly added in the textbook. Chapter 8: Human Health and Disease The chapter of Human Health and Diseases is such a topic that will significantly offer the student a great help in gaining appropriate knowledge about health and diseases.

The chapter will provide students detail learning about different types of diseases, their preventions, and treatments, about common diseases in human, general inner immunity, active and passive immunity, drugs and alcohol abuse, vaccination and immunization, effects of drugs and alcohol, how to prevent and control their intake, about the fatal life-taking diseases like AIDS and Cancer etc. The whole chapter is equipped with a clear explanation based diagrams, flow charts, and figures for a comprehensive understanding of the concepts during learning.

These topics are very clearly explained with related diagrams, figures, flowcharts and important question and answer containing exercises for better understanding of the concepts for students. These are specifically protozoa, fungi, bacteria, plants viruses, viroids, and prions, etc.

ZOOLOGY - Text Books Online

Students so far have learned about microbes in brief in all previous classes but in class 12 they will learn the diversity of good and bad microbes, microbes in household and industrial products, in sewage treatments, in biofertilization and biocontrol agents, in production of biogas, in antibiotics, chemicals, fermented beverages, about enzymes and its types, etc. These all are explained in details with the help of flowcharts, diagrams, and illustration for clear and easy understanding of students.

Chapter Biotechnology Principles and Processes Biotechnology Principles and Processes, this chapter is quite interesting and informative. This chapter in classth biology is described as much as possible in details.

For an easy and clear understanding of all the topics, significant diagrams, flow charts, and the illustration are added in the chapter. Chapter Biotechnology and its Application This chapter is quite valuable in classth bio.

It is related to the development of biological technology and the application of biological organisms for human welfare. It gives knowledge about those technologies and techniques are made of living organisms such as by plants, animals, and microbes. The chapter includes the topics: Biotechnological applications in agriculture, in medicines, animals and their metabolic machinery, transgenic animals, how biotechnology has helped humans by the products made of microbes, animals, plants and the metabolic machinery, etc.

The whole chapter is very clearly summarized with the adding of related diagrams, flowcharts, figures, and illustration, etc. Chapter Organisms and Population To learn this chapter is considered quite important from exam point of view to gain better marks in the examination.

This chapter includes topics such as organism and its environment, niche, big abiotic factors affecting the development of organism and its environment these factors are water, soil, light, etc.

For the understanding of the students with clarity, many important diagrams, figures, illustrations, and flow charts are added up with paragraphs. Chapter Ecosystem The topic ecosystem is about all the plants, animals and microbes living on earth interacting with each other and also with their surrounding environments such as soil, air, and water.

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Have any questions? You are here: Chemistry Vol. Botany Vol. Zoology Vol. History Download 7.Geography Download 8. What are allopatric species?

SURA's 12th Standard Bio - Botany Guide 2019

In transduction, a bacteriophages acts as a vector, transfering a portion of DNA from one bacterium donor to another recepient. Shiva April 28, at 8: Conjugation involves the transfer of some DNA from one bacterial cell to another followed by the separation of the mating pair of cells.

Books are low cost and generally accessible. It gives knowledge about those technologies and techniques are made of living organisms such as by plants, animals, and microbes. This disease is deadly and more infective than AIDS. They may die at a much earlier age and may have short life span.

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