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Introducing Sexy Illusions by Victoria's Secret Strapless Download Media Kit PDF . This V-Day Me-Day Download Media Kit PDF. Behati Prinsloo Photos - Model Behati Prinsloo walks the runway wearing Bolero using Swarovski Crystals at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at. racks full of lingerie with every size, Victoria's Secret featured single Victoria's Secret Direct includes the company catalogue and website. .. edu/bitstream/handle///pdf?sequence.

Victoria Secret Catalog Pdf

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Shop our New Arrivals collection to find your sexiest look. Only at Victoria's Secret. Shop women's clothing at Victoria's Secret to find sexy and comfortable styles. Find clothes for all your needs from streetwear to sports apparel and loungewear, . We don't have plans to print or mail catalogs in the near future. However, we recommend signing up for Store Offers & Events which keep you up-to-date on.

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2014 Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog with Candice, Alessandra, Behati + More!

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KIINI bikini. Removable padding for no show-through Halter hooks at neck Back hook closure. KIINI https: KIINI swimsuits are a combi high tech fabrics. KIINIs are for the most secure fit and a sea. Click Image to Enlarge Removable padding for no show-through.

Trade Dress, using confusingly similar color blocking, pattern, texture, marketing, and overall look and feel. At the time of filing this Complaint, Defendants willfully, deliberately, and intentionally. Defendants conduct, unless preliminarily and permantly enjoined, will continue unabated causing further irreparable harm The artwork represented in the "Bathing Suit Art 1" is a tangible fixed medium of original.

Pursuant to 17 U.

Defendants have boldly appropriated. Based on the foregoing conduct, this is an exceptional case within the meaning of 15 U.

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Lanham Act, 15 U. KIINI has been and will be damaged in at least the following ways, in amounts as yet unknown but to be proven at trial: Pursuant to 15 U.

Defendants affixed and portrayed their virtually identical infringing trade dress on the Code Section As a result, these consumers may be confused into believing that. KIINIs remedy at law is not itself adequate to compensate it for injury inflicted and threatened by Defendants.

Zachar, Esq. Kiini v. Victoria's Secret - bikinis. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Bean Appeal to Muench v. Houghton Mifflin Case - Copyright Office. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Removable padding for no show-through Halter hooks at neck 26 27 Back hook closure Adjustable straps 3. Defendants will continue their illegal conduct and will succeed in exploiting at no cost to them the valuable investment KIINI has made in the KIINI Design and its other intellectual property assets, as described in more detail below.

Accordingly, KIINI seeks preliminary and permanent injunctive relief against the 10 11 12 ongoing infringement of its legal rights, and damages, both actual and statutory, for the violations of KIINIs rights to date. This is a civil action seeking damages and injunctive relief for federal 16 claims including direct copyright infringement in violation of the Copyright Act of 17 , 17 U.

The jurisdiction of this Court over the federal claims is proper pursuant to 28 U. This Court has personal jurisdiction over Defendants because, on information and belief, Defendants: Moreover, this Court has personal jurisdiction over Defendants 18 19 because they committed intentional acts aimed at the Central District of California 20 including, inter alia, use of the infringed design and offering infringing goods for 21 sale in stores located in the Central District of California and for sale on their 22 23 interactive VICTORIAS SECRET Site , have otherwise purposefully availed 24 themselves of the privilege of doing business in the Central District of California, 25 and have made or established contacts within the Central District of California and 26 27 28 the State of California, sufficient to permit the exercise of personal jurisdiction.

Plaintiff is ignorant of the true names and capacities of the Defendants sued herein as Does , inclusive, and sues said Defendants by such fictitious 16 names.

Plaintiff will amend this Complaint to allege the true names and capacities 17 when they are ascertained. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and alleges theron, 18 19 that each fictitiously named Defendant is responsible in some matter for the 20 occurrences herein alleged, and that Plaintiffs damages as herein alleged were 21 proximately caused by their conduct.

Each of the Defendants acted as an agent for each of the other 24 Defendants in doing the acts alleged, and each Defendant ratified and otherwise 25 adopted the acts and statements performed, made or carried out by the other 26 27 28 Defendants so as to make them directly and vicariously liable to Plaintiff for the conduct complained of herein.

On or before early , Ms. The KIINI Design includes, without limitation, the selection, coordination, compilation and arrangement of lines, 10 11 curves, loops, stitch, crochet, embroidery and elastic elements and their respective 12 shapes and patterns.

The decorative patterned relief of the KIINI Design may be 13 incorporated onto the surface of a number of different styles and designs of 14 15 apparel and accessories.

VA hereinafter 20 Copyright Registration.

An image of the deposit 22 23 material, which was made part of the Copyright Registration, is below. Irgit assigned all of her rights in and to the 13 copyright in the KIINI Design, along with all accrued causes of action, past, 14 15 present and future, related to the copyright, to KIINI, and KIINI is the sole and 16 exclusive owner to all right, title, and interest in and to the copyright to the KIINI 17 Design, including the right to sue for past, present, and future infringements.

The 18 19 Copyright Assignment complies with 17 U.

On or about January 24, , Ms. KIINI has garnered overwhelming media attention 17 due to its eye-catching and distinct design, its unbeatable quality, and its 18 19 popularity among fashion leaders. For example: Marie Claire UK has described 20 the brand, stating, Kiini: Below are images of various press.

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Victoria secrets catalogue pdf

Like Comment Share 11 people like this. Write a comment The combination of elements comprising the KIINI Trade Dress is nonfunctional, in that it is not essential to the use or purpose of KIINI swimwear, 12 it does not reduce the cost or improve the performance of the swimwear, and its 13 use by KIINI does not put competitors at any significant non-reputation-related 14 15 disadvantage.

Indeed, competitors have available a multitude of alternative 16 swimwear designs they could use; the only reason to copy the KIINI Trade Dress 17 is to attempt to trade off its goodwill and draw sales away from KIINI. This is 18 19 20 21 22 23 exactly what Defendants have unfairly and unlawfully done here. Upon information and belief, prior to the time Defendants committed the unlawful acts alleged herein, Defendants had access to the KIINI Design, which 24 has been widely marketed and sold across the global marketplace, including the 25 internet and social media.

Upon information and belief, on or around the Summer of , many fashion seasons after Ms. Defendants have ignored the consumer comments chiding it for stealing 13 the KIINI Design, and they continue to intentionally market and sell their 14 15 16 17 18 19 imitations. Defendants infringement was accomplished with the intent to reap the 24 benefits of KIINIs original design and trade dress, while free-riding on the good 25 will of the exclusive rights which inhere in the copyright protected work and the 26 27 28 protected trademarks and trade dress.

Plaintiff incorporates by reference Paragraphs 1 through 43 above, as through fully set forth herein. The artwork represented in the "Bathing Suit Art 1" is a tangible fixed medium of original 12 expression, which is further protected by U. Certificate of Registration, VA 1- 13 , issued December 18, , which constitutes prima facie evidence 14 15 16 17 18 19 pursuant to 17 U. At all relevant times, KIINI was authorized by and acted under the permission of the rightful copyright owner, and is now the rightful owner of all of 20 the exclusive rights in and to the copyright to the KIINI Design, including the 21 rights to display, reproduction, prepare derivative works, and offer for sale and 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 distribution, and the right to sue for past, present, and future infringements of the KIINI Design.

Defendants have no license or any other form of permission to copy, duplicate, or claim copyright ownership in the KIINI Design, or to sell or distribute any portion of the KIINI Design, or any derivatives thereof, and all of 24 Defendants infringing acts were without the permission, license or consent of 25 Plaintiff or Plaintiffs assignor, and taken in violation of Plaintiffs exclusive 26 27 28 rights.

The four-month hell of being turned into a Victoria's Secret angel

Such actions and conduct constitute direct copyright infringement under 17 U. As a direct and proximate result of the direct copyright infringement described above, KIINI has been damaged and will continue to be damaged by Defendants infringing conduct, and Plaintiff is entitled to relief including, but not 12 limited to, actual damages, statutory damages, profits of the Defendants, statutory 13 costs and attorneys fees, and prejudgment interest.

KIINI is further entitled to an 14 15 order impounding all unlawful copies and all products, articles, negatives, 16 patterns, designs, scans, and other means and media by which such copies have 17 been and may be reproduced, and to an order for the destruction of such materials. KIINI has no adequate remedy at law for, and is being irreparably 20 harmed by, Defendants infringement of its copyright and exclusive rights under 21 copyright as set forth above, and such harm will continue unless the Court enjoins 22 23 24 Defendants.

Defendants have unlawfully used, and continue to use, depictions of KIINIs unique designs, marks, products and trade dress as its own designations in commerce and in competition with KIINI. By reason of the foregoing, Defendants have created a false designation of origin and a false or misleading representation of fact which is likely to cause confusion, mistake, and deceive the public as to an affiliation, connection or 10 11 association between Defendants and KIINI, and is likely to cause confusion, 12 mistake, or deception as to the origin, sponsorship or approval by KIINI of 13 Defendants VICTORIAS SECRET Site, its business and all of its products, all in 14 15 16 17 18 19 continual violation of 15 U.

In fact, there is no affiliation, endorsement or other relationship of any kind between Plaintiff and Defendants.

Plaintiff is entitled to and requests an injunction restraining Defendants and their respective officers, agents and employees, and all persons acting in concert with them, from engaging in any further acts in violation of 15 U.

Upon information and belief, Defendants conduct has been knowing, deliberate, willful, intended to cause mistake or to deceive, and in disregard of 16 KIINIs rights and to trade on KIINI's goodwill to its great and irreparable 17 damage. The foregoing actions by Defendants constitute false designation of 20 origin, false misrepresentation, and unfair competition in violation of Section 21 43 a of the Lanham Act, 15 U.

Defendants wrongful acts, as alleged above, have permitted or will 24 permit them to make substantial sales and profits on the strength of KIINIs 25 nationwide and international marketing, advertising, sales and customer 26 27 28 recognition in an amount not presently known but to be proven at trial.

As a direct and proximate result of Defendants violations of the Lanham Act, 15 U. As a direct and proximate result of Defendants wrongful conduct, KIINI has been and will be damaged in at least the following ways, in amounts as yet unknown but to be proven at trial: KIINI has no adequate remedy at law for, and is being irreparably harmed by Defendants continuing violation of its rights as set forth above, and such harm will continue unless Defendants are enjoined by this Court.

Plaintiff incorporates by reference Paragraphs 1 through 68, above, as though fully set forth herein. KIINI Trade Dress 16 is inherently distinctive, non-functional, and has acquired secondary meaning in 17 the marketplace. Defendants infringing use of KIINIs Trade Dress and Design has confused and is likely to continue to confuse or cause mistake or to deceive the 12 consuming public into believing that Defendants unauthorized products are 13 authorized, sponsored, or approved by Plaintiff.

There is no affiliation, endorsement or other relationship of any kind between Plaintiff and Defendants, or any of them.Why Victoria's Secret catalog keeps coming?

Where do you buy your clothes? Murphy - Susan Fowler Amicus Brief. By Ying Huang. Go To Topic Listing. Analysis from past studies shows that sexual content was becoming increasingly prevalent, and the increase in sexual explicitness was most evident in the gendered publications.

Retrieved October 2, I'm sure she will be. VLG Real Estate, et al.

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