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Building on the core works of The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine presents a poignant outline of the phases of maturity and the most commonly predictable. Hello, does someone have a digital version of this book. I wanted to buy it on amazon, but it is currently unavailable (due to some quality. Posts about Preventive Medicine written by Rollo Tomassi.

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If the red pill and Game-awareness have a lasting effect of any future significance , my hope is that the red pill becomes preventative medicine. I'm prefacing this week's continuation of Preventative Medicine with this graph because it will be an integral element to understanding the. Building on the core works of The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine presents a poignant outline of the phases of maturity and the most.

They want a mantra to repeat or a set of steps to follow that will shift them from Beta virgin into Alpha cad. Most guys still cling to their Blue Pill hopes and attempt to see what the Red Pill presents to them as a key to getting to their Dream Girls. However, real change takes time.

The previous goal state that was defined for him by Blue Pill ideals is no longer the end he wished to achieve when he started his transformation. Anger at oneself for wasting so much time and so much potential for not grasping the truth sooner is part of that process. There was a time when I was and I first began playing in the Hollywood metal scene of the late 80s that I had one such transformation.

It took me about a year to shift from that mental state to one of making myself my Mental Point of Origin.

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I figured out what worked for me. I played clubs every Friday or Saturday night between the ages of 21 and But with that new identity came a new access to sex with women I could only fantasize about in a Hustler or a Penthouse magazine. The pivotal point came when one of my girlfriends I had a rotation of about was a bonafide swimsuit model. But my mindset was still mired in my Blue Pill ideals. According to those ideals she was the goal. And she was, until I managed to pull a centerfold who happened to live near me in Southern California.

Ask me about it sometime. I had transitioned from one personality to another and I liked it. Later in my twenties I made the dangerous decision to involve myself with a woman who was clinically, psychologically disturbed. People who ride hard on the Personal Responsibility belief love to think that something so damaging must be self apparent.

The Book Of Pook.

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Roosh V. Product details File Size: Unlimited Publication Date: March 7, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention rational male must read red pill preventive medicine every man rollo tomassi required reading gender relations years ago highly recommend wish i had read second book men and women stages of life much needed rollo for your work original rational thanks rollo life changing good book.

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Paperback Verified Purchase. Back when I was a teenager living with my parents, there was an old paperback from the 70's called Passages gathering dust on one of the bookshelves. I browsed through it once or twice, and while I couldn't really relate to most of the stuff, I did think it was neat how it laid out a road map for how men and women change in their personalities and goals as they age.

Well now, Rollo Tomassi has taken this one step further, and written the definitive life-stage guide for a masculine man living in a feminized 21st century world.

Let me be clear: The first one was a great book in its own right and maybe had more important fundamental concepts but it had no clear organizational structure and read more like a series of loosely related blog posts. This one knows where it is going.

The book focuses on the life stages of women and how they go from being crazy for hawt guys but somewhat unaware of their power in their teen years to the party years of the 20's to the panic that sets in around 30 to the epiphany where they rationalize that they finally realize how much they appreciate the comfort and provider aspects of men.

Although the focus is on women, men are included indirectly since many of their decisions are based of optimization of intimate encounters with said women. The later chapters do, in fact, go into greater detail about how men should respond to all of this in their outlook and important decisions. No matter what your stage in life, you can benefit by knowing women's "angle" and not falling into their frame and thereby making decisions that will continue to haunt you down the road.

To sum this book up, it made me recall an experience from a couple years back.

I was in my hometown for Christmas and paid a visit to an old high school friend at his law firm. He married a tall stunning blonde southern belle right out of college, has a high-paying attorney job, is in the process of building a big new house in the right neighborhood, and has two bright young sons.

Meanwhile, I was invisible to desirable women through college and all my 20's.

I have an ok job but not particularly lucrative or prestigious, and I fill a lot of my time with reading, team sports, and other hobbies to fill the lack of a family life. Strangely enough, though, there was a slight tinge of regret in my friend's voice as he told me that he envied my freedom.

The Rational Male.pdf

At the time, I thought he was just being nice so as to not draw attention to our relative social status, but after reading this book, I realize he was probably serious. It's not that he doesn't love his family and success but it is all he has ever known. The wife will continue to make demands on his time and energy and even in a best case scenario, she will never be as sexy or amorous as she was at Meanwhile, while some aspects of my life have, frankly, sucked so far especially when it comes to women they are likely to improve a great deal, and I now have this book to thank in part for that.

As another reviewer said I will give copies of this book to my sons as manditory reading when they are of age to understand it. Truths your subconscious already knows and some that it doesn't are brought to light.

Most likely you will receive many epiphany moments as you read through this. Many of the things that have happened to you in your life may become suddenly clear and you will find yourself shaking your head at times in awe. If you are looking for a book to navigate the relationships in your life then look no farther this is the last stop.

Edit- I actually meant to write this review for the first edition rational male. It actually applies to this book as well I suggest reading both cover to cover and also buying the audiobook. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. If you want tricks and tactics for successfully meeting girls, this probably isn't your book. But if you want to finally understand that most befuddling of all creatures: You are what you do.

And this is what women do. For years I was a successful hedge fund manager working at some of the world's largest and most prestigious firms. This is a fantasy of Blue Pill idealism meant to, again, keep one in a state of helplessness and hypoagency.

The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine

Women use this garbage as a convenient rationale meant to excuse their past bad decisions. I wrote this essay to encourage you, but also to warn you that this building takes time, and you will meet all manner of resistance to the masculine project that is you. I came across another familiar story on the TRP Reddit this week.

An update, for those asking for it. Believe it or not, I read every response. As I was waking up, he was walking in the front door with two coffees. He sat me down at our kitchen table and finally opened up to me.

Nothing I could do or say could convince him that these were past mistakes and not reflective of who I am today. Never once raised his voice.

It felt like I was being laid off from a job. And like a good business owner he plays the confrontation calmly and collectedly. We are getting divorced. My supposed life-partner turning his back on me without a second thought.

Knowing him, there is absolutely no changing his mind. Well, he had the fucking document with him this morning. While I appreciate that, I am going to meet with my lawyer this week and see if the agreement can be challenged in court. The thing is, even as I wrote the original post, in the back of my mind I knew he was through with me.

In Preventive Medicine I go into a bit of detail about men in this increasingly common circumstance. That is the message the Feminine Imperative used to subtly and indirectly imply to Betas-in-waiting. Now with the comfort of Open Hypergamy this message is published in best selling books by influential women:. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner.

Someone who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home. These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier. Roosh had a tweet this week with what would likely have been the attitude of our subject wife ten odd years ago:.

However, I thought it was entertaining when the counter-comments on Saving the Best questioned how common this situation really was or else thought it was trolling. Even women on the down-slide of their SMV like to encourage the idea that their post-Epiphany decision to marry the Plan B Beta provider long term orbiter is evidence of their newly self-discovered maturity.

Long term sexual and intimate deprivation i. Thirst will predispose men to convincing themselves of the part they believe they should play in the social conventions of the Feminine Imperative. What inspired me to this post was reading a cutesy photo-meme on Facebook.

Building on the core works of The Rational Male — Preventive Medicine presents a poignant outline of the phases of maturity and the most commonly predictable experiences men can expect from women as they progress through various stages of life. If you prefer the digital format the Kindle version is also available now on Amazon. It was your input and insight, and the questions we put to each other that made this book possible. My purpose with this book is to formalize the work I did in the Preventive Medicine series as well as provide some support material.

Preventive Medicine is intended to be a complement to The Rational Male core works — an important supplement, not an extension. This is intentional.

The Rational Male will always be the starting point for any new work. Once again, my hope is that readers will share this book with the men they feel would need it the most.Will order paperback — will write German review. Skip to content. My apologies for not having dropped this post sooner, but I held off until September because I wanted to post the most accurate numbers I could for August.

Tilikum Offline. Thank you. Meanwhile, while some aspects of my life have, frankly, sucked so far especially when it comes to women they are likely to improve a great deal, and I now have this book to thank in part for that. StringsofCoins Yeah, I know. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. There was a time when I was and I first began playing in the Hollywood metal scene of the late 80s that I had one such transformation.

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