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Author: Banks Maya Secrets to Seducing a Scot · Read more · Never Seduce a Scoundrel (The School for Heiresses, Book 1). Read more. A remarkable woman whose rare gift teaches a gruff Scottish warrior how to listen with his heart. Eveline Armstrong is fiercely loved and protected by her. Never Seduce a Scot The Montgomerys and Armstrongs Eveline Armstrong is fiercely loved and protected by her powerful clan but Author: Maya Banks.

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Never seduce a Scot [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / Maya Banks. Eveline Armstrong is fiercely loved and protected by her powerful clan, but outsiders. Never Seduce a Scot book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Eveline Armstrong is fiercely loved and protected by her pow. Maya Banks, the New York Times bestselling author of romance and romantic suspense has captivated readers with her steamy Scottish historical novels.

Brodie tugged again, and this time he led her away more forcefully. She had a thousand questions she wanted to put to her brother, but she had no idea how to formulate them. No way to make him understand that she craved information. Then she lifted her eyebrows in clear question. Brodie pursed his lips and blew air out, his cheeks puffing slightly. He glanced away, ran a hand through his hair and then finally directed his gaze back to her.

There was deep sorrow in his eyes. He wants to meet you. She put a finger to his lips and then shook her head in a negative motion. Then she smiled because she wanted him not to look so sad. If there was ever a time she wished she had the courage to try to speak it was now. She opened her mouth, willing to try, not even knowing what would come out, but before she could issue those guttural sounds that she hoped formed words, her brother turned sharply and then held up a fist in the air.

When she looked in the direction he was staring, she saw that Aiden was in the distance motioning them toward the keep. Brodie put a hand to the middle of her back and nudged her forward.

She was sure he spoke, but she was too focused on the keep as they drew near to try to discern what it was he said. Not that Aiden was ever mean. He was just less patient than Brodie.

And he worried for her. That she had died. As soon as she entered the hall, she came to an abrupt halt, her gaze automatically finding the man who commanded the most authority.

It was obvious—at least to her—who the chieftain of the Montgomery clan was. She swallowed nervously and her palms grew damp. He was big. Really big. Taller than even her brothers. He was broad-shouldered with an equally broad chest, more narrow at the waist, and his legs were solid masses of muscle, as big around as she was.

Maybe her first impression was a wee bit exaggerated, but he looked like a mountain to her. His medium brown hair was unruly. It hung to just below the base of his neck and curled at the ends, flipping this way and that. Unlike his brothers—or at least she assumed the two men with him were his brothers—he wore his hair shorter. One of the men with him was beautiful. It seemed odd to describe a man with such a feminine term—and there was nothing remotely feminine about him. It was a certainty that Eveline had never seen his equal when it came to fairness of face.

It was hard to look away from him. The lines of his face. The strength in his deceptively casual pose. Something that intrigued her and drew her to look at him again and again. And then the most amazing thing happened. As she stood there gaping, nearly hidden behind her brothers, an odd vibration echoed through her ears.

But no, there it was again. A deep timbre—a voice! She pushed around her brothers so she could more squarely see the room and she searched for the source of that sound. That beautiful sound. It was him she was hearing! Uncaring of how forward or discourteous she might appear, she rushed forward, eager to be closer, wanting more of this delicious sensation in her ears.

But his lips stopped moving the moment she halted in front of him. They turned down into a frown as he stared back at her, almost as if he found her lacking. Color suffused her cheeks and she lowered her gaze, suddenly shamed.

He would have heard the stories and here she came boldly rushing forward, not even refreshed or appropriately dressed to greet her prospective husband. He must think her extremely disrespectful. She took a step back, her hands shaking at her sides, and then she chanced another glance up at him, hoping that he would speak again, even if it was to voice his displeasure.

She craved that sensation in her ears, something to break the endless, suffocating silence she lived in. Graeme stared down at the tiny slip of a lass in front of him, taking in her heightened color and the sudden shame that had crept into her eyes.

Breathtakingly beautiful. She was tiny, almost fragile in appearance. He could likely break her bones with a simple squeeze.

Her hair was like a wash of sunshine, only a little paler. And they were fringed by dark lashes, long, making her eyes seem even larger against her small face.

Perhaps even someone who resembled a child. So freaking good! This HR is about two rival clans in ye old Scotland that are forced by the king to join one of the chieftains to the other chieftain's daughter in marriage.

The hope is that this will stop all of the crazy killing between the clans. Neither clan is happy about it at all. These were some unhappy clams clans. But then, oh it was so awesome! The hero, Graem, is a total sweetie pie. Yes, an alpha sweetie pie, but still.

And, the heroine, Eveline, is so amazing. The cute-o-meter So freaking good! The cute-o-meter goes through the roof!

I think the damn thing broke! Yes, this much cuteness! And, best of all: No idiotic reasons they have to break-up and get back together.

The sex was actually reasonable. He even waited a few days after she lost her virginity to give her time to heal, like a considerate guy.

Even the bad guy, who could have been considered a bit over the top, had a good plan as to why he does what he does. It made sense. I actually have no complaints about anything that happened in this book. My only complaint is that I don't get to complain. It was just too awesome. I guess I'll always have that Great start to this Highlander series! Beautiful story about two feuding families brought together by through a mandated arranged marriage.

Eveline, Graeme and their families are resolved to their fate, not necessarily pleased by the king's order, but they obey to keep peace among the clans. Eveline was one of the sweetest, bravest heroines I've ever read about, I adored her.

Graeme was charming, kind, and even though this union was not what he sought or dreamed about for his marriage or in a wife, he did his best to make Eveline feel at home. What he didn't expect was to fall in love with this beautiful determined girl, that carried the name of his sworn enemy.

It was heartbreaking to watch Eveline, who was already afflicted with a disability, overcome the odds, as she tried to win acceptance of Graeme's clan. They humiliate, berate and try to break her, but her iron will and love for Graeme give her the strength she needs to forge ahead. Graeme initially feels pity for her, but her sweet personality, beauty, and sheer tenacity to become an accepted member of the clan, has him thinking that instead of being cursed, he's been blessed.

Rorie, Graeme's sister was a delight, and her friendship with Eveline was quick to form, as was her protective nature. Bowen and Teague, Graeme's brothers, angry that Eveline has taken the family name, eventually soften to this woman, who puts herself in harm's way to protect their brother. The ending was somewhat abrupt and I was disappointed that there was no epilogue, but I'm hoping future books in the series will involve both the Armstrong's and the Montgomery's.

I enjoy when books feature a couple, but center around the family, giving us a chance to follow the lives of the couples that came before. There are some heated love scenes, but they are few.

However, what I enjoyed the most in this book, were the moments were Graeme and Eveline connected through their hearts, and they both realize that the heritage you're born into, doesn't define you as a person. It was really lovely! View all 39 comments. Jul 08, Kristin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Eveline has thought to be daft since her spill on a horse years ago.

So when the king forms a marriage between two enemy clans regarding Eveline's hand in marriage, her family is outraged. However, to refuse the marriage would be defying the king, but, they do not let her go to their enemies hands lightly and are quick to inform Graeme of Eveline's condition.

When she happens upon Graeme and her father speaking, she is instantly taken with him. He is the first person she has ever been able to he Eveline has thought to be daft since her spill on a horse years ago. He is the first person she has ever been able to hear.

Granted, she can't make out words but she can feel the vibration from his deep timber voice and the fact that that is the first voice she's noticed excites her. Graeme is not too thrilled with this arranged marriage but like the Armstrongs, there is naught he can do about it without gaining the wrath of the king.

So he goes along onto enemy land to marry a daft girl. A girl who will most assuredly, due to her condition, never produce an heir, thus ending his line. What he wasn't expecting was a beautiful woman who not only seems taken with him but shows great intellect and awareness as well. He is instantly protective of her and when problems arise back on Montgomery land with his clan not accepting her, he is quick to squash the problem and make an example of those whom are harassing her.

This was a great historical romance. I admit that this is the first Maya Banks novel that I have read and I can honestly say that it won't be my last. In fact, I look forward to more from this series. Banks has a great way of telling a story and painting the picture of the grassy green hills of Scotland. I instantly fell in love with the characters and look forward to catching up with them in the next novel. The romance between Eveline and Graeme didn't by any means feel rushed since for a good portion of the book, Graeme thinks her daft and tries to respect her as an innocent woman.

I even enjoyed the secondary characters and am quite pleased to find out that this is part of a series. Favorite part Once arriving on Montgomery land after the marriage Eveline is taking to her chamber. Note the "her" and not the "their" chamber. She is not pleased at all that unlike a normal marriage, her husband has placed her in a separate room to his own. So she sets out to rectify this immediately and is caught by Graeme's sister Rorie when she's trying, unsuccessfully I might add, to move her trunks to which ever room might be his.

So she asks Rorie to help her not only find Graeme's room but to assist her in moving all of her belongings there. Her sister-in-law wasn't happy over her accommodations and she wanted to move into Graeme's chamber.

She should be loyal and sternly inform her brother's new bride that is Graeme had wanted her in his chamber he would have put her there.

But the devil on her shoulder told her it could be quite fun to aid Eveline in her endeavor and give Graeme a shock when he retired later. View 2 comments. Apr 21, Carmen rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Romance fans.

He liked kissing. Many a man didn't have much patience for it. His men jested about kissing being a waste of time and was only for wooing the unwilling lasses. But if a lass was willing, they'd much rather move to the more rudimentary elements of coupling. But to Graeme, kissing was almost as intimate as the act of lovemaking itself. It wasn't something to be hurried or to be offered as a token to woo a reluctant lass. It was an expression of regard. Welp, there you have it. Okay, bye. Oh, you're still here?

You want more details about the book? A hero who loves kissing isn't enough for you? For tons of reasons: The Armstrongs and the Montgomerys hate each other. Their clans have been feuding for generations. So the king orders a marriage to unite the two clans. Eveline Armstrong is touched.

Never Seduce a Scot

Not right in the head. Her clan is outraged at the thought of her being forced into a marriage with the hated laird Graeme Montgomery. Anyone can see that she is unfit to carry out her wifely duties. Why, she hasn't spoken a single word in three years, not since "the accident. Getting married to a woman who is afflicted means that he will be unable to consummate the marriage and unable to have any heirs.

And when he finds himself very attracted to the tiny blonde lass, he is ashamed. Only a slime would think lustful thoughts about a dimwit. And Eveline is most certainly addled Isn't she? Having faked mental problems for three years, Eveline is tired of pretending that she's touched. In fact, nothing is wrong with her brain at all. She's simply deaf. But in a desperate move to avoid marriage to a wife-beating rapist piece of shit, she used her deafness as a tool to fake intellectual disability.

Now, forced by marriage into a clan who hates her family, can she confess the truth and find an ally in her kind and patient husband? This book is so cute and delicious and it also will make your heart explode with feelings. Sweet, kind, patient, loves kissing!!!!! He is so honorable. Sometimes historical heroes can be forceful, possessive, and a bit brutal, so I'm happy to report that Graeme is a complete mensch.

Your heart will be melting from the cuteness. He acts so correct, it is so attractive, OMG. Patient men who love kissing are the best in life. O I was excited. He's so good with consent. He has a really deep voice and Eveline loves it because she can feel the vibrations from his voice.

I'm with you, girl. What else? Oh yeah. NOT a man who has slept with women. He's actually just slept with about 4 or 5. That is so amazing for this genre you have no idea. OMG so sweet. Sweet, kind, good-hearted, earnest, hard-working, sincere, smart, and brave.


My heart was being torn out every time someone was mean to her because she was deaf or because they thought she was daft. She was always trying to do the right thing and she was so brave. There's bad guys and betrayal and some bad stuff happens but no rape, thank you, Banks. This book will really put you through the wringer. I loved every minute of this book. View all 8 comments. Jun 16, Kathleen rated it it was amazing.

This book grabbed me early on and had me loving every moment. The heroine, Eveline was such a special character. She went into a marriage with her clans most hated enemy and by the end she brought them to her knees with her beautiful smile and her kind forgiving and gentle heart.

Eveline was very smart, brave and courageous. Time and time again she did what she thought would help her ease her way into the enemy clan, never once complaining. It was not an easy task and she had many of clan members do offal things to her.

The hero, Grarme was also a fantastic hero. I loved watching this fierce warrior fall for Eveline even though she came from the enemy's clan. I loved that we have a hero who had not slept around with every lass.

When he finally decided that Eveline was ready to consummate the marriage, he did so very gentle and put her every pleasure above his first.

Let me tell you that the love scenes were really written well. This book brought out many emotions for me. I felt, sadness, joy, anger and of course love. I sighed, smiled, cried and got the chill bumps through out this book. By the end of the book, you got to see just how fiercely these two cared and loved each other. I really could feel the love leaping off of the pages. There are plenty of secondary characters in this book also. Graeme has two brothers and a sister.

Eveline has 2 brother also. I tell you February 26, can't come fast enough for me. I'm going to go absolutely crazy waiting on this next installment. View all 13 comments. Mar 12, Vishous rated it it was amazing Shelves: One word: Mar 30, xrysa rated it it was amazing. Graeme Eveline Years now the Armstrong and the Montgomery clans are sworn enemies and they are fighting each other.

The king cant stand this anymore and the solution is not just a treaty but a marriage , an unwanted one. The marriage of Eveline and Graeme is supposed to stop their clans warring.

However, no one wants this marriage but unfortunatelly they cant oppose to the royal orders. After the marriage she has to go to the enemies land and live with them.

As the laird's wife she should be treate Graeme Eveline Years now the Armstrong and the Montgomery clans are sworn enemies and they are fighting each other. As the laird's wife she should be treated with respect but people cant forget the past or the rumors.

In his clan she feels alone and terrified because people are not hostile and they arent willing to change their horrible attitude either. They make her feel picked apart and unworthy because she is an Armstrong. Things between Graeme and Eveline are so awkward in the beginning. I believe that they are forced to love each other but their relationship is very beautiful. He wants to protect her from everyone but he is not able to. I loved her!

She is so smart and sweet. Eveline is not responsible for her father's actions but still people treat her badly. She managed to embrace a marriage that was forced on her and she finally found the love she deserved.

Her past haunts her but Graeme is there to make her forget everything and move on. Without her, I am nothing. I have nothing. He is so swoon worthy! I have to admit that in the beginning of the book he scared me but he started showing us his real face I fell in love with him. He is so protective and he cant stand the idea of losing her. View all 41 comments. May 18, Gi's Spot Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: From first thought to last single line that came from his mouth.

That's right, he's THAT good! View all 16 comments. Ugh, just some evidence of my tiny, hard, shriveled heart. I had some issues with this book, and none of them were necessarily the issues you'd expect from this type of set up.

Everything was just so perfect After decades long feud or more you come to realize these fighting clans are just made up of the best people. Without the mean girls, there'd be no conflict. Absolutely none. Because the hero is a perfect patient man who says all the r Ugh, just some evidence of my tiny, hard, shriveled heart. Because the hero is a perfect patient man who says all the right things, repeatedly and is astounded by just how sweet and beautiful the heroine is.

And she's astounded that she can hear his vocalizations and just how sweet, patient, and loyal he is.

Never Seduce a Scot (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs #1)

It's just so happy. And they are just so perfect. And just so beautiful. It was SO repetitive between discussions on their beauty, the conflict between the clans, the fact that Eveline tried so hard and Graeme did too, and then that we'd repeat that within the same page in just a different order I feel like the author missed putting any depth or content and just went straight for word count I could handle this better in audio cause I could kind of space here and there It was beyond sentimental.

Between the repetition and the sentimentality, I wish I could show you a video of how many times I scoffed. Graeme declares his love to Eveline's dad. Then he repeats it to her mom. Almost the exact same phrasing. And it was, like, so sticky. Complicated family drama just brushed aside in favor of this beautiful beautiful love. I was so disappointed for what could have been.

Maybe just a tiny bit more reluctance between characters and their families. Plot devices, all. At first, I couldn't believe this was the same author that I weirdly stumbled across that wrote about the woman savior for the Colter Brothers and yak, don't get me started with that one.

Turns out, this is about another woman savior. Everyone just loves her so damn much that nothing else, Nothing Else, matters. It was an easy read. The beginning was really promising. Then it went rapidly to pot. View all 12 comments. This was a great love story. It features one of the best Heros I have ever read. I cannot imagine a hero as caring and intuitive as Graeme, all the while being a badass highland laird.

He saw something in Eveline that even her family, that loved and adored her, did not see. He gets a million stars! I really liked Eveline as well, she has a tough time of it but I felt she put up with a bit too much. Reading about a deaf he 4. Reading about a deaf heroine is a first for me and I admired her in so many ways. I smile when I think about her learning to regulate her speech. I think it could be funny! And their first meeting was hilarious and sweet. I knew it would be a good story the minute she took his hand because even I, as a reader, was shocked.

And I loved how she went a bit crazy when he was hurt, kicking everyone out of the room! The women of the Montgomery clan were a bunch of nasty, lazy, spiteful bitches. Good thing Eveline was so sweet, because I would have gone postal on their asses!

I did love how Graeme stuck up for her and could not fault him for the actions he took. I think he handled everything exactly when and how he best could. Well except for you know who Loved the little sister Rorie. She is a trip! Maybe one day she will get her own book So why not 5 stars?

I remember being frustrated by how long Eveline played the deaf, mute. I disliked how she did not trust her family even after her first betrothal was called off. I get why she did what she did, but lying is a hot button for me and I felt she took it too far for too long. It was funny how freaking relieved Graeme was that she was not mentally deficient so that he did not care she had been lying all this time.

I totally understood that too. Yea - basically Graeme can do no wrong! I thought the story was put together flawlessly. The action towards the end was perfectly placed and was just the right amount of time. I loved the resolution with her family. There is so much to love about this story.

Anyone with even a minor tolerance for historical romances should read this book! I know I will reread this book. Safety gang safe Loved that Graeme was not a manwhore and there were zero OW issues to deal with!!!! For someone who usually doesn't like Historical Romance nor anything by Maya Banks so far , I found this book to be surprisingly enjoyable. Amazing characters, sweet romance, great plot. Thumbs up! View all 3 comments. Feb 19, Joanna Loves Reading rated it it was amazing Shelves: In lieu of a better review: Never Seduce a Scot was amazing and epic with a romance that turned me into a puddle of goo!

I listened to the audio version, and the performer, Kirsten Potter, was perfection!! I was up until 2am to finish. Being the largest and the most powerful clans in Scotland, the ki Never Seduce a Scot was amazing and epic with a romance that turned me into a puddle of goo! Being the largest and the most powerful clans in Scotland, the king forms a plan to unite them and stop their feud from weakening the kingdom. For three long years Eveline has been carrying on a deception with her family.

After a grave horse riding accident left her with a severe fever and unconscious for two weeks, she came out of it deaf but mentally sound. This story captivated and mesmerized me! I was on the edge of my seat, eager to find out how everything would work out! Both Graeme and Eveline captured my heart in their own way. Each is an advocate for the other right from the beginning. I loved the fact there was zero frustration from either character, they made rational and reasonable decisions.

There are so many swoon-worthy moments and also enough spice make your insides zing! Highlander Most Wanted. View all 21 comments.

Feb 20, Sheryl C. Nash rated it it was amazing Shelves: The love and emotion I haven't read a historical romance in quite a long time. I think it has been close to a year. I don't know why I stopped, but then I decided I wanted to go back to it. The Montgomerys and Armstrongs are enemy clans that blame each other for the death of their loved ones.

As time passed, their hatred and thirst for revenge grew, but the king was not willing to let them feud any longer. He decides that Eveline Armstrong and G I haven't read a historical romance in quite a long time.

He decides that Eveline Armstrong and Graeme Montgomery must marry in hopes that the war between them ends. They have no choice but to obey the King's orders.

Eveline Armstrong is the only daughter of Tavis Armstrong, cheiftan of the Armstrong clan. She suffered an accident years before that resulted in Eveline never speaking again. Everyone thinks she is touched and daft but the truth is, she has lost her hearing and doesn't mind what people are saying about her.

This is because at the time of her accident, she was set to marry Ian McHugh, a man that had everyone believing he was a very good man when he was not.

Many times he came to Eveline and spoke of all the ways she would suffer once they were married. So Eveline pretended to be what people called her in order to get out of the marriage. Eveline was such a great character. She knew that she wouldn't be able to get out of her marriage with Graeme like she did with Ian, but she would do it for her family. When she arrives at the Montgomery keep, she is hated instantly because of who she is.

There are glares everywhere she looks and obscene words said to her, but she is determined to find a place in the Montgomery clan and to be accepted. The women of the clan were the worst towards her and I loved that she never lost that goodness inside, even when they were downright cruel to her. She did show her anger but she never became vengeful towards them. It was at those times that she showed how strong of a woman she really was.

She was also an intelligent and sweet person. But neither of them had been given a choice in the matter and in Eveline's mind it was better to make the best of a bad situation. She liked Graeme. The more time she spent in his presence, the more she grew to like and even respect the man he was. He'd been kind to her and he'd shown her understanding. Any man who could do that with the daughter of his most hated enemy was not an evil man.

Live a Reply

He has had nothing but hatred for the Armstrongs since he blames them for the death of his father. He can't believe that he has to marry Tavis's crazy daughter. When he sees Eveline for the first time, he is struck by her beauty and finds that he can't blame her for the sins of her kin. He later sees the intelligence in her eyes when he speaks to her for the first time and starts to realize that the rumours may not be true. He is determined to protect and to care for her as she deserves.

He slowly starts to fall for her and is disapponted and angry that his clan is treating Eveline so badly and that he can't control it. By his side. In his bed every night. In his arms She was a ray of sunshine on the dreariest of days. She filled a hole he hadn't even thought occupied his heart.

He couldn't let her go. Graeme was a super swoony highlander. He was a fair, kind, caring, and protective man. I really loved seeing them fall in love and not caring about which clan they came from.

The pacing was just perfect, and all of the moments they shared were truly heart warming, that it actually had me melting. It was really beautiful! The plot was also very interesting and never had me feeling bored. Now, I can't wait to dive into Bowen's story! If you are looking for a good highlander book, I really recommend this one! View all 29 comments.

Bestselling Series

I seriously loved this book! I liked Maya Banks's McCabes highlander trilogy a lot, but her talent really shines in this book and it's become my favourite book by this author. We have a truly lovely heroine, who is deaf after an accident she had three years ago.

Everyone thinks she's daft though and that the accident affected her mental faculties, and she allows this deception to continue in order to avoid a very bleak fate. Let's face it, it's always cute and touching to have a hero or heroine w I seriously loved this book! Let's face it, it's always cute and touching to have a hero or heroine with a disability, but I honestly don't believe the reason this book is so good is solely because of that.

Though I didn't agree with everything Eveline did, it is a fact that she's a wonderful heroine, with a positive attitude, a big heart and great inner strength.

Graeme is such a sexy Highlander! I have a soft spot for the Scots. I love everything about them; from their accent and kilts to their typical warrior persona, the possessiveness and their hard exterior contrasted to their soft interior at least in romances: Give me a Scot and chances are I'm going to like the book. But Graeme was definitely one of the best I've read about so far. I liked how accepting and kind he was towards Eveline.

But I loved that, after he found out that her only "defect" is that she's deaf, he was so fast to love her and he wasn't stubborn at all about it. He wasn't the type of hero who refused to accept his feelings until the very end.

Instead, he fell in love so fast, he never tried to hide it from anyone and he did all that was in his power to protect Eveline and to keep her by his side, even defying and going against his own clan when necessary. In fact, what I loved the most about him was that he was was his wife's greatest champion.

Forced marriage may be a typical theme for romances, especially for the medieval variety, but more often than not it works quite well.

Here it was simply amazing! The Montgomerys and Armstrongs were the biggest enemies and when the king forced both clans to make a treaty through the marriage of Graeme Montgomery and Eveline Armstrong, both families had no option but to grudgingly accept.

I appreciate and respect the maturity of both MCs and their willingness to make the most out of a difficult situation. All in all, this is a wonderful book. I just wish Maya Banks would go back to writing HRs. It's not fair to keep the readers waiting for so long. Never Seduce a Scot 7 39 May 16, Buddy Read:To those who always fear failure but face the inevitable head on anyway..

But her family doesn't know that. I totally understood that too. Never Seduce a Scot. All in all, this is a wonderful book.

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